Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boyz II Men Not Coming!!!


Get a seat everybody because we’re sure this will shock some of you to your very core.
But the truth is that Boyz II Men won’t be coming to Uganda as expected.
The group sent a disappointing message to Ugandan promoters telling them that one of the singers is sick and they can’t travel.
The highly-hyped show scheduled to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday, will go on though.
Joe Thomas arrived in the country on Tuesday and Jamaicans Tanya Stephens, Tanto Metro and Devonte are also already in the country and set to go.
The details of whether Boyz II Men will come to perform on a later date is still being kept under the rag so we’ve got to be patient and we will keep you posted.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rafshizzle to become website


Attention, ladies and gentlemen...
Your beloved blog, Rafshizzle, is soon becoming a formal website with variety of entertainment info to share. It's anticipated to become a top entertainment site but as per now, Im not allowed to say a lot so simply watch this space!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ugandan girl in Alicia Keys’ video

Feminism is what Alicia Keys’ latest single Superwoman is all about, but what is more interesting about the video?
Well, there’s a face of a Ugandan in the video of Superwoman.
If you’ve watched this video then you must have seen, towards the end, when a young African girl/student Nassanga Galabuzi comes on screen wearing a uniform.
To jog your brains a bit: Keys visited Uganda and went to Masaka where she met several children who had lost their parents to HIV/Aids. Some of them were looking after their siblings and yet still they had to go to school. However, we’re not quite sure of where Keys met Nassanga.
The Superwoman video was filmed on June 9 and 10 at Quixote Studios and Centre Studios in Los Angeles. And Keys plays many roles of women at their best strength and effort. Throughout the course of the video, she embodies a young mother applying to a university, an African woman, a businesswoman, a Cleopatra-like pharaoh and an astronaut.
Nassanga’s appearance is a sign that Keys has never forgotten about Uganda.
What a pride!

Chameleone at the beach!

CAPTION: Chameleone with wife Daniella and their son Abba at Lido Beach

His ankles are still swollen, his face looks pained, and sometimes he appears to be fighting to catch his breath, poor Jose Chameleone.
But folks, try not to fret too much, as the singer seems to be improving.
In fact, Chameleone has already resumed going out to have fun with his family and friends.
Well, we also felt the same after stumbling on Chameleone at Lido Beach over the weekend.
The singer who was being wheeled around by his friends shared a great time with his people at the beach. They even had a barbeque as he played with his son Abba.
It still seems funny to see a chap, known for being vigorous on stage, simply being wheeled but we’ve been informed he could soon get back on his feet.
You see, even when he needs to pick money from the bank, they drive him there and he’s wheeled into the bank or ATM.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Game in Kenya

Gangsta rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as The Game, is coming to Kenya on November 15.
The Game is to headline the debut edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (Mama) scheduled for November 22 in Nigeria; however, he will first perform at the pre-awards event to be held at Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.
The West Coast rapper, who is also nominated in the Best Hip Hop category at the awards, will also perform in the DRC, South Africa and Nigeria in the run-up to the Awards.
In Kenya, The Game will be supported by Uganda’s Bebe Cool, Nigeria’s 2Face, Kenya’s Jua Cali, Wahu, Wyre and Nazizi.
The MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) main ceremony is set for November 22 but with four weeks to go, MTV and sponsors Zain are kick-starting the celebrations with what they have dubbed The Road To Mama.
Tickets for the Road to Mama concert in Nairobi are already on sale priced at KShs1,500 (around Shs360,000).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who Do We Evict This Week?

CAPTION: Whatever Morris thinks he did by saving TK, only God knows

Hi folks,

Up for eviction this week are; Ricco, Sheila, Hazel and Tawana.

Hmmmm so Morris saved TK!!!!! Juju (TK’s sweater)? Temporary insanity? Trying to revenge because Ricco took Latoya? And what was that stupid look on his face as he announced he had changed his mind? Oh lawd!!!

If he had left it as it was, maybe Africa would have pondered on the fact that Thami put his ex Hazel up for eviction or that Sheila and TK had similar voting patterns and of course TK would have been the 4th house mate to be evicted from the house. But no…home boy had to try to be funny!! Who is laughing? Arrrhhhhh*%#$@*

Ok. Now that that’s done, lets hope Africa concentrates on Granma’ Tawana’s behavior last night. Jumping on poor Munya, then crying for TK and having a ‘mini’ cat fight with Sheila over TK…please! It’s between Granma’ and Sheila.

…but we do have a bone to pick with that Kenyan girl remember?

To vote by SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE SHEILA and send to 6626.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three BBA top dawgs up for possible mchomo...

Welcome from Idd, ladies and gentlemen, even Rafshizzle your reliable BBA 3 blog is back from Idd so let's shoot!
Our girl has written some more stuff today and it goes like this:

Well done people,
As emotional as it was the girl had to go. But who could have anticipated that reaction from Uti, those crocodile tears from Ricco and that ‘ugly’ cry (as Oprah calls it) from Mimi?...the pacing up and down the corridor from Munya…priceless TV moments…
I could have paid cash dollars to see the look on Latoya’s face when she realized how loved Lucile was by her fellow housemates. Even granma’ Tawana was upset.
This week Uti, Ricco and Munya are up for possible eviction. Some viewers have registered a club to save Munya but me thinks it would be a wrong move for us to join in…Uti and Ricco = ENTERTAINMENT…Munya = ‘my reason for being in the house is gone’ ‘I miss Lucile’ whine moan whine!!!
To vote;
By SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE MUNYA and send to 6626.
Online – you can vote MUNYA out of the house for free on the official BBA website ( ).
By phone – you can also vote MUNYA out by dialing +27839000000 and selecting the number that corresponds to MUNYA.
Don’t forget that every time you vote, you increase your chances of winning a Sony Playstation 3 gaming console or a Digital Mobile Television handset, courtesy of DStv Mobile.
Grant Munya’s wish…let him go meet Lucile while the feelings are still ‘fresh’…

During the second eviction on Big Brother Africa on Sunday September 28 (last week), Namibia’s Lucille Naobes became the second person to depart the house. She got only one nomination during the normal nomination, however, she hit the final nominees' list when Zambia’s TK (who was nominated) used his Head of House powers to save himself from the nightmare instead replacing himself with the 21-year-old beauty from Windhoek - to hell with her beautigulness, this is a game anways. She was so sad and heartbroken and so was Munya and some viewers but life goes on. Now, it seems the whole world hates TK and Africa is waiting for him to passby the nominees' list. Big Brother Africa is screened on M-Net and 24/7 on DStv channel 198. For more information on the series, log on to

Monday, September 29, 2008


To my friend antipop - sorry for the mix-up! The fact is that I meant so say that a similar story happened in western Uganda just like what happened in Kenya.
I'm sorry and I think now you can enjoy a redone article, otherwise thanks for the correction - I'm glad!

Pastor wipes off sweat with panties

Today I saw a story about Pastor Kiweweesi in the papers , then I remembered the other day I read a story about another pastor in western Uganda who does the same. This whole circus keeps me wondering what's gone wrong with our pastors and to make matters worse, it seems the problem is with pastors world over. I read a story from Kenya and it goes like this:

A pastor caused a stir when he removed a woman’s panties from his pocket and used it to wipe sweat from his face in the middle of a sermon.
Apparently the man of the cloth thought he was wiping out a handkerchief to clear his forehead of sweat as he preached under a blazing sun.
The incident, which occurred during a lunch hour sermon at a popular open-air church in Kisii town, confounded worshippers who were later seen discussing their pastor in groups.
It later emerged that the pastor, who is married with one child, had spent the previous night with a member of his congregation after lying to his wife that he was attending nightlong prayers popularly known as kesha in the town and would, therefore, be away from home.
The woman is married and her husband works in Nairobi.
It is suspected that after spending the night in the woman’s house, the pastor was leaving hurriedly in the wee hours when he pocketed his lover’s underwear thinking it was his handkerchief.
But his adulterous adventures caught up with him while delivering the lunchtime sermon before a huge gathering when he wiped out the ‘handkerchief’ to the utter shock of believers.
"One of the faithful walked straight to the pulpit and alerted him about the mistake upon which he quickly returned the underwear into his pocket. But it was too late as his wife was in attendance and had seen everything," Mr Martin Okoyo, who attended the session, told this reporter.
The pastor cut short his sermon and retreated into the church building with his wife in tow. It was not immediately established what transpired between the two.
One of the churchgoers, Gladys Monyangi, a hawker in town said they are still waiting for word from the pastor over the issue.
The incident has been the talk of the town with bar patrons having a field day castigating religious leaders who preach water and drink wine.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your reliable BBA3 Blog...

CAPTION: Uganda housemate Morris Mugisha. We've got to protech him
Folks, starting today you will be getting the best of Big Brother Africa 3 from here at Rafshizzle
Today we have a story written by one of the ladies who watch the game show on the clock and she has got something to say about this week’s evictions; read on:

Hi folks,
The time has come for us to permanently evict yet another housemate. Uti, Ricco and Lucile are up for possible eviction. I personally can’t believe Mimi survived that list…even harder to believe is that TK won H.O.H. the dude does everything in slow motion how could he beat anyone at anything!!!
So whose it gonna be? Uti is totally off limits for us as Ugandans. Not only is he the most cheeky, honest, in your face, take it or leave it character in the house, he is also the only friend Morris has. (Déjà vu? Remember the Ofunneka and Maureen connection?) With people like Sheila the liar, Morris needs all the back up he can get.
So that leaves Ricco and Lucile. Ricco is a gossip, a snake, a two timer, a hot light skinned brother. Lucile is a hottie that comes alive when she’s got alcohol in her system. If she leaves, Ricco will swiftly and promptly move on to Mimi or Hazel (boy doesn’t discriminate). He is however not happy about Tawana’s return as he knows she has not only been watching them, she spent time with Latoya who gave her info on him. So we know she will be off limits for him. Plus Sheila and TK seem to have a thing. Why? No one can tell you.
But then again if he leaves, we watch to see if Lucile lets her guard down and lets Munya in or will she shock us and shack up with Morris? Stranger things have happened – TK is Head Of House – I rest my case. And how will Mimi react with no Ricco to gossip with?
All scenarios of course leave TK with enemies. I leave it up to you…UG…Lucile or Ricco…
To vote;
By SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE LUCILE and send to 6626.
Online – you can vote LUCILE out of the house for free on the official BBA website ( ).
By phone – you can also vote LUCILE out by dialing +27839000000 and selecting the number that corresponds to LUCILE.
Let us face it…she is not as entertaining as Ricco

Lil Wayne in Kenya, T.I. coming...

CAPTION: T.I. kisses the forehead of lady Tiny after a performance

Here at Rafshizzle, we break most of the biggest news - no doubt about that so hear this:
Rapper Lil Wayne of the Lollipop fame will be headlining a concert in Nairobi late this year and a Ugandan promoter is in talks with the Kenya guys, bringing Lil Wayne, to see if the King of Bling Bling can extend his stay in East Africa and performs in Uganda. If the deal goes through, Lil Wayne's concert will be held in the Sheraton Hotel Gardens. For more details and developments about this story, please keep it right here. Meanwhile, there is also another developing story about the coming of hardcore rapper T.I. of the Do It fame to Uganda at the end of the year. T.I.'s latest single Whatever You Like was number one on the Billboard Charts until last week when it dropped to number two. And if he comes, he will be the second artist to come to Uganda when he has song in the top ten on the Billboard - you know, such things matter as in how hot is the artist and so it increases his demand world over. Born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., T.I. is celebrating his 28th birthday today - Happy Birthday to you, boy!
Well, we all know, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukuduzi, Kevin Lyttle, PJ Powers, Regina Belle, Sean Kingston, Soweto String Quartet, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Joe and Boys II Men are on their way to Uganda and yet this year alone we've witnessed Akon, UB40, Shaggy, Kevin Lyttle, K-Ci & Jojo, Kirk Franklin, Collie Buddz, Mr Vegas and Brick & Lace perform. Banange!
Uganda, this is our year!!!

Reason for Maureen's joy...

Some people like their eggs scrambled, some like them poached or just plain easy over.
But former Big Brother Africa housemate, Maureen Namatovu’s eggs have been whipped up a little differently.
In fact, they’ve been fertilised.
That’s right folks, our Sherlocks have confirmed Namatovu and her Mzungu fiancée are expecting their first child.
A source, who is also a close pal of Namatovu, said: “Maureen is expecting and the couple is delighted and excited. She’s pregnant with the Mzungu’s baby and not Moses like some press guys have always stated.”
Namatovu fell out with boyfriend Moses after her stint in the BBA 2 house and she eventually decided to move on and recently she introduced her white fiancée to her parents.
Earlier this year Namatovu was overheard saying: “I love kids and I would love to have mine but my first is taking longer than I thought.”
Maybe her wish will soon be granted...

Mesach survives gunshots

We always think of celebrities as always happy people but it seems they’re as prone to problems as we are.
Look at Mesach Semakula who was attacked by gunmen last week.
Poor Mesach was returning home at past midnight on Thursday when a gang of three waved at his car in Namasuba, Kikajjo.
He told 24/7 that he first stopped but when he realised they were having guns he decided to restart the car.
“They kept shouting ordering me to get out of the car and one shot in the air,” he said, “But then my heart told me ‘if they’ve come to kill you they will whether you stop or not’ so I decided to speed off.”
Semakula said that the thugs tried to chase him but lost way because they were on foot.
“What helped me is that I was driving a four wheel drive car and I could pass anywhere,” he added.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daniella’s bump over-time


Chameleone's wife Daniella Atim has given birth to a bouncing baby boy at Kololo Hospital. They have named the baby Alfa (not Alpha) Joseph Mayanja Junior. In fact, Daniella was in labour on Tuesday night and delivered the tot on Wednesday morning at 4 a.m.
For more details please stay right here and we also have good photos of the baby, the mother and Chameleone himself at the hospital, only that we're still loading them, so hang on, people!

Miss Uganda!!!!!!!!

The Miss Uganda organisers are still at war with last year’s winner Monica Kansiime who says she was side-stepped and mistreated though they also think she didn’t perform her duties accordingly; hence why they didn't give her the $3,000 she was supposed to get at the end of her reign. The main sponsors, Uganda Telecom pulled out of the event and the organisers, MKM are yet to clear a food bill standing at Shs16m – the meals were served by Kampala Serena Hotel at the finals held at the hotel.
Utl say MKM should clear the bill and MKM also say utl is supposed to do so, on grounds that the telecommunication company released “inadequate money” for organising the event. ”utl only provided Shs50m for the finals yet they signed a one-year-rolling contract worth Shs120m annually,” reads a statement from MKM.
Basically there is just a lot we can tell you about Miss Uganda but the latest news from there is of tycoon Bob Kabonero’s intent to buy the Miss Uganda franchise.
MKM Limited, the Miss Uganda franchise holders in Uganda, confirmed the Kabonero story but said they’re not willing to sell. In fact, they said they are currently talking to different companies over a possible sponsorship deal.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something has hit TPF’s Steven

It’s the type of thing that gets your tummy a-twirling and your heart a-pumping.
Yes, we’re talking love, because according to Kenyan newest newspaper Daily Metro, former Tusker Project Fame contestant Steven Oundo has been cruising on the love boat with an unidentified girl in Mombasa. Daily Metro, which is under the Nation Media Group of Companies (NMG) and one of our sister papers in Kenya, reported that Steven and his mysterious girl were spotted on an intimate date at Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa last week.
Now, we’ve been spying him ever since he told us, in an interview, that he is “single but not searching” and there we were thinking it was just friends and the like with the girls we’ve seen him with!
But it seems Steven has now changed his status from single to in a relationship, moreover, Daily Metro also reported that he is set to hold a secret wedding very soon.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who’s Zhang Zilin?

WHO IS SHE: One doesn't know the other or both don't know each other?

Who knows who Zhang Zilin is?
Fine, whoever has put their hands up should leave the classroom as this lesson is for only those who don’t know this lady.
Huh, we’re surprised that it is only Miss Uganda Dora Mwima left in the classroom and surely we cannot enjoy teaching somebody about something they should know better than us but what’ve we got to do to avoid embarrassment.
Folks, we were flabbergasted when the new Miss Uganda Mwima told us, during an interview, that she doesn’t know Zhang Zilin.
“Zhang Zilin, what is that, I’ve never heard of it…is it a beach in Thailand,” Mwima thought.
Well, Mwima, this Zhang is the reigning Miss World, representing the People’s Republic of China as Miss China World 2007. She is the first Miss World of East Asian origin.
But maybe you know sports: Zhang lent her voice for the recently concluded Summer Olympics soundtrack and also appeared in the music video for the same song entitled Beijing Welcomes You.
Don’t tell us that you’ve clicked as yet?

Hullo, Morris…

Morris Mugisha needs lots of support at this time…
And luckily, we’re giving him enough of it but the BBA III Ugandan housemate is rather demanding for some more.
Mugisha wants our prayers, votes and some calls?
Yes, he wants to be called on phone!
We too wonder how that will happen but, well, that is what he demanded as he bid farewell to his parents before entering the house on Sunday.
He said the words in Luganda and softly so for those who don’t know Luganda or who couldn’t hear him well, 24/7 has offered some assistance.
As he hugged his mother, Mugisha said, “Mummy njagala mikisa,” literally meaning, “I want your blessings, mother.”He then said, “Bwemuba munjagala munkubirangako ku kasimu,” meaning, “Please call me whenever you miss me.”
Surely, we all know whoever enters the BBA house is disconnected from the outside world and last year’s contestants talked to their relatives on phone once.
So, we’re not exactly sure of how Mugisha will cope up with life without talking to his people, especially his four-year-old daughter Hailey Abigail Mugisha.

Mega Dee slates Bell Lager

MAYBE A SOFT DRINK: Mega Dee is at war with Bell Lager management

The last time we checked on the list of people beefing we also managed to spot a company and it’s against an individual or vice-versa.
Well, it’s Gen Mega Dee and Bell Lager at war and the whole battle started from sponsorship switching.
We understand that Bell Lager had signed to sponsor Mega Dee’s launch when Bebe Cool moved in hence swaying them to sponsor him instead. Moreover both artistes are holding their concerts on the same day and they have the same target audience.
And now our Sherlocks have discovered that Mega Dee has been exchanging hot words with Bebe Cool and the Bell Lager people.
Of course, you know who can win such a war because who has the money rules but Mega Dee has pushed the company all the way.
We’ve also been told that Mega Dee has been frequenting the Old Port Bell-based company demanding his Shs3m he performed for at the Bell Pam awards launch in Mbale.
Ever wondered why people tend to demand for what belongs to them when they break up?
We’ve no comment for this!

Bebe for BBA show

FLYING: Bebe is set to perform at BBA 3 eviction party in South Africa

We at the 24/7 Shed are devoted local music fans.
So it’s music to our ears to hear one of our local stars is set to hit the Big Brother Africa stage.
Please join us in congratulating Bebe Cool for clinching a deal to perform at the first BBAfrica III eviction party.
The first evictee will leave the house on September 7 and insiders have informed us that Bebe Cool will be the entertainer of the night.
The reggae maestro, who won three awards at last year’s Channel O music video awards, will leave Uganda on September 5 and return three days later.
“I have prepared myself very well for this show,” said Bebe Cool, “I want to make my people proud so expect a rare Bebe Cool on stage.”
For sure, we can’t wait to see you perform and we will be glad to receive you, Bebe, as long as you return alone – without Morris, we mean.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Know about our BBAfrica III housemate


Of course everybody know that we break the news on most issues in this town so it's really needless to say whoever has written about Morris Mugisha as the Uganda representative in the BBAfrica III house picked it from us.

But then, what are we left to do?

Well, below is the little profile of our housemate just to make sure that by the time Mnet, officially, announces the chap you will be knowing a thing about him:

Age: 29
Gender: MALE
Date of Birth: November 1978

Height: 6FT
Marital/Relationship Status: SINGLE PARENT, daughter called MUGISHA HAILEY ABIGAIL, Four years old.

His dad is a professional athletics trainer/professional videographer and mum is a professional banker.

He’s currently working as photographer at Shutter Speed on Rainbow Arcade along Kampala Road and also lead male model for Sylvia Owori’s Ziper Models agency. He is also an actor and features in the local soap Hand in Hand, which was about craftsmanship.
He is also a professional TV commercial/billboard adverts design and model, in fact, he appears on billboards for Warid Telecom and Air Uganda TV commercial.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the BBA3 Ugandan housemate is

BBAfrica News:

Well, well, all of you know very well that Multi-choice will be baying for my blood if I revealed the person who's going to represent Uganda in the Big Brother Africa III house before Sunday when the show officially starts.
But, hey, do you think I give a damn?
Nope, just watch this space and tomorrow I will be giving you the details of this model who has also featured in Hand in Hand soap...I mean, I don't want to go very far today but tomorrow you will be seeing even the picture of the lad on this blog. In fact, he is a hunk and his face is among the handsomes gracing the billboards in town.
No more clues, Thanks

Monday, August 18, 2008

BBA’s Maureen is preggie!

CAPTION: God has answered Maureen's prayers

It’s the type of thing that gets your tummy gain some extra weight and your heart gets a faster pumping.
Yes, it’s the P thang.
We’re talking PREGNANCY, because according to our Sherlocks, former Big Brother Africa housemate Maureen Namatovu and her once-estranged boyfriend Moses of National Drug Authority have blessed their reunion with a bun. In fact, this bun (or rather baby) is being cooked (read kept) in Momo’s oven (sorry) tummy and very soon she will be delivering it.
We’ve been spying on the couple and that is how we landed on some email where Maureen was telling a friend about the great news she has for her hubby-to-be. She is so excited about the pregnancy and even told a friend, in the mail, that it has always been her prayer that she gets pregnant.
Momo, we also know it and we’ve ordered for that Cool & The Gang song that talks about merrymaking…

Mariam Ndagire completes second film

Surely, we all know Mariam Ndagire is a one greatly talented lady (actress). And recently she switched from stage acting to filmmaking hence making most people wonder if she can maintain her big screen role like she has done on stage over the years.
Well, sit down folks and we bring you up to speed – Ndagire has bounced back onto the movie scene following a successful release of her debut movie Down This Road I Walk last year.
This time around, Ndagire’s movie is sounding something political but she says it’s rather socially, economically and politically motivated.
Well, the movie titled The Strength Of A Stranger revolves around a land dispute story, basically explaining how a “squatter” can turn into an owner because they have stayed in some place for some time. I can see the direction where your minds are running towards but please just save us, because the lady said the movie is not political! Thank you.
Well, the final set of the movie will be shot tomorrow (Tuesday August 19) and Ndagire will then focus on editing the movie, which is set for release come December this year.
The director Mariam Ndagire herself, Abbey Mukiibi and Patricko Mujuuka are part of the cast and so, think now you can picture the stuff you should expect on your screen in December…

Da Twinz are coming home

CAPTION: Da Twinz are set to board a plane heading to Kampala

Dennis Mugagga, one of Da Twinz rang Rafshizzle last week and said they are in talks with a local promoter to start publicizing their concert scheduled for Easter weekend in Kampala. Mugagga said they would stage two shows in Kampala and Jinja during their stay. He also rebuffed reports that the pair can’t return to Uganda because they don’t have proper documents supporting their stay in the UK. In fact, he said, they would return to UK after the concerts.
He also promised to launch new songs while in Uganda and he promised a “super live concert.”
Well, our job is to inform the public about every development so, hope we’ve done this perfectly and now Denis and Dan, the ball is in your court to deliver…

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Developing Stories

Maureen Namatovu, who represented Uganda in Big Brother Africa II (last year), has candidly spoken to Rafshizzle and confirmed that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Moses' son. It is official, however, stick right here for the details.

And UK-based singing duo of Denis and Dan, commonly known as Da Twinz are on their way to Kampala for a concert. It should be on the next Easter Sunday but we're following the developements so keep around this blog again for a detailed story.

Why did Irish leave Sanyu FM?

When Irish Kyebandula left Sanyu FM, we were reeling from the shock.
But we were never exactly clear on why the comedian left the station.
Kyebandula, himself, told us that he left for “personal” reasons that he cannot disclose to the public.
But now a Sanyu FM insider has stepped forward, and says he knows the answer.
He told Rafshizzle: “The Sanyu bosses thought his demands were unreasonable. From a financial point of view, it was absolutely right to say there was no more money despite the fact that he’s talented and they wanted him to stay on.”
According to the source, Kyebandula was reportedly on a salary of Shs300,000 per month and was apparently holding out on a salary rise of Shs800,000.
He first held talks with his bosses and when they failed to agree the comedian tendered his resignation which took effect from August 1 2008.
Kyebandula told us that he will now focus on acting as he waits for another radio opportunity.
Wish you luck!

Musumbas’ daughter joins singing

The saying, “Like mother/father like daughter/son…” has lost meaning – in the family of Isaac and Salam Musumba, at least!
Well, the daughter of these two politicians has told us she hates politics, which is her estranged parents’ favourite game.
Isaac and his wife Salam belong to NRM and FDC respectively and they have gone head-to-head several times.
But their daughter Norah Musumba, who is a Senior Six leaver, has instead chosen to do music and we’re glad to have listened to her debut single – it sounds good.
In her plans, Norah wants to release her first album next year though she is also set to join a university abroad.
And on the interesting side, Norah told us she will never become a politician because she believes “it’s a dirty game” which can turn friends into enemies.
Ya-right Norah, see even mummy and daddy were once friends but now...

Lugogo fee goes up to Shs40m

There’s a shock development in the concert world in Uganda.
And it’s not a very nice one.
Lugogo Cricket Oval hire rates have gone up once again in just a short time.
Back in the days the oval used to be hired at Shs2 million for a concert; when the Pam awards made it popular it went up to Shs3m around 2006 then Shs4m in 2007. But the price has risen thrice in 2008, amazingly climbing from Shs6m to Shs34m and now it’s Shs40m to host a concert there.
The development follows an investment by MTN Uganda who have renovated the place that has become the home of big events holding the biggest concerts of the year including UB40, Akon, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy.
Is there any local artist who would like to hire Lugogo Cricket Oval?
Maybe for an album launch?
We know very few could afford that but those sponsored by MTN should count themselves into the deal.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Which Vanessa Williams...

We didn’t think it was fools day just yet...
So what’s the excuse for the super lie going on here, Mr Anatoli Kamugisha?
Folks, we were very upset when we found out that the Vanessa Williams who is in Uganda is not the “right” one we all know. In fact, we're sorry for the first story when we reported that she is the one but it's because Akright Projects, who organised the event, told us so. They assured us that it was the right one but then our worry grew after we went for the golf event and they told us we couldn't speak to her because she was still busy at the hotel. But then we heard one of them calling another lady the name Vanessa Williams, and guess what...
The Vanessa Lynn Williams who sings, models and acts in movies? Nope! This was chubby and less brown than the celeb.
What made us even more uneasy is the fact that Akright Uganda had repeatedly advertised Vanessa Williams the singer-songwriter and actress as the one coming yet they had a totally different Vanessa Williams who is, in fact, a businesswoman according to reliable sources.
And to make matters even worse, none of the Akright guys was willing to comment about the story when Rafshizzle contacted them during the week. One of them had told us that it’s her “but she has just grown fat.”
But where on earth could someone bulge like that in a day? Do planes make people grow bigger?
Well, this is not new to Vanessa Lynn Williams because there is occasionally confusion with similarly-named actress Vanessa A. Williams, who first came to notice when she appeared in the first season of Melrose Place.
The two once bickered over the name but later came to an agreement and both starred in versions of the drama Soul Food (VLW in the film version, and VAW in its TV series adaptation).
But there is also another singer named Vanessa Williams, a gospel vocalist and then a businesswoman.
So, Mr Kamugisha, are you sure of what Vanessa Williams you brought?
And we remember you telling us that you are set to bring here R&B sensation Usher Raymond but do you expect us to believe you anymore? We hear, mbu, he is your friend.
Save us, please!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pastor Simeon Kayiwa opens own university

CAPTION: Pastor Kayiwa with some of the members of the Latin University he's working with

Here at Rafshizzle headquarters we break the news as others do follow-ups, isn’t so?
Well, now hear this: Pastor Simeon Kayiwa of Namirembe Christian Fellowship is to set up his own university.
Now, folks, relax and we bring you up to speed: After reading a multitude of books to the tune of becoming a professor and topping Uganda’s religious leaders in academia, Pastor Simeon Kayiwa will open a university to teach theology alongside other traditional courses leading to the awards from Bachelors to PHD levels.
In fact, the man who is commonly known as the “grand father of pastors” has finalised plans of the project and he confirmed to Rafshizzle.
If all goes according to plan, the university will be one of the institutions that will inculcate morality into the public through God fearing, an element that seems to be lacking in today’s University lecture rooms.
The University whose location will be at Namirembe will also teach countrymen the relevancy of fearing God in executing their private and public duties.
We have seen some officials from a Latin university frequent Kayiwa’s pastoral ministry headquarters and our Sherlocks can confirm that they are here on issues to do with the university in question.
Pastor, don’t forget us, we gossip a lot!

We played golf with Vanessa Williams

Well, you all now know that Vanessa Williams is in Uganda…
In fact the lady who was the first black Miss America title winner arrived on Friday and Rafshizzle was at Entebbe as she touched down with a number of black mayors from the US.
Then on Saturday she turned up at the Gold Course but she didn’t sing – to our regret.
However, there is a slight chance that the Save the Best for Last singer was doing what she preaches in her hit single and maybe she will perform at last before leaving Uganda.
The singer-songwriter and actress, who starred in Eraser alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, would return to the US on July 30 after doing some charity work including treating people for free. She would also tour the beautiful motherland and she has been upbeat about visiting Jinja.
However, tomorrow (July 22) Williams will be among the guests at the Paint the Music dinner concert at Serena Kampala Hotel.
Maybe we expect some acapella when Ms Williams touches the microphone tomorrow…
Lucky, are us, who will be there!
Williams was born in Tarrytown, New York, the daughter of music teachers Helen and Milton Augustine Williams Jr.
Prophetically, her parents put “Here she is: Miss America” on her birth announcement and so, Rafshizzle would like to welcome the beauty using the same phrase. And for the guys, she’s currently single and resides in Beverly Hills, California and Chappaqua, New York.
Think you can get in there?

M7, the wedding hopper

AS EASY AS HERE TO THERE: Museveni seems to explain his movement

Most of us ordinary folks attend one wedding at ago because of several reasons – transport being one of them.
But President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ain’t no regular person.
The country’s top man pulled out all the stops all in the name of attending two weddings involving his top ministers.
Let’s bring you up to speed folks: Security Minister Amama Mbabazi’s son Mao Mbabazi was wedding his Argentina fiancé at Serena Kampala Hotel on Saturday (last week) the same day ex-MP and Museveni’s friend Elly Karuhanga’s daughter was introducing her hubby-to-be in Kiruhura district near Mbarara in western Uganda. The connection of both weddings is that Museveni was invited to attend both as the chief guest yet they were taking place at the same time but not same place – in fact from Serena to Kiruhura is something like a four-hour drive but do you think Museveni was ever gonna allow the traffic problems trouble him? Nope, nothing would stop the main man fulfilling his special promises because he simply used a chopper from Kampala to Kiruhura and then returned to Kampala in a blink of an eye for the wedding at Serena. Mind you, Serena is near State House so the idea of starting in Kiruhura and winding up with Serena was that brilliant – the man indeed has a vision.
Please, don’t tell us you too could that if you had…eh!

Juliana still rocking in USA

KANYIMBEEEEEE...:Juliana performs in Chicago recently

Call us sagacious mites who have seen the best of performers world over but we just can’t get enough of Juliana Kanyomozi, here at the Rafshizzle shed.
Some of us watch purely to observe her stage technique, while the rest of you are checking out her toned body and what her mama gave her, you know...
So, how fortunate for those, then, who are in the US where the Kibaluma star is on a music tour. In fact, reports from USA state that Juliana has brought down the house in Buffalo, New York, Chicago & Minnesota so far. She wasn’t alone though – she was joined by Chagga and she told Rafshizzle that together they steamed the ball up in Chicago with their dance tunes – concisely they set the roof on fire!
But just when the fire brigade were about to be called, Juliana cooled the crowds down with some easy listening love ballads. What a running order, eh?
And trust Juliana to be a go-getter because she also went to one of Chicago’s most-happening clubs Wild Hare, where she met with the place’s popular band Gizzae and she revealed to us that she will be doing a collabo with them.
Hmmm, go girl…

Uhuru sponsors Loketo Lee

Ever heard of a quote relating: “Those who have the power to do good, have the responsibility to do good…”
Well, we are at least sure that celebrated chef Salim Uhuru has a clue on that for he is now into humanitarian after managing to make some dime from his two restaurants.
Although he is not like the big donors, the popular pilawo cook has embarked on a mission to help local artists sound out the plight of the people living in the war-ravaged areas of northern and eastern Uganda.
Actually, Uhuru started his project by sponsoring former northern Artiste of the Year and karate maestro Loketo Lee.
Loketo Lee received Shs1.5m from Uhuru on Tuesday to go to the studio and record a peace song. However, Uhuru has vowed to help even more artists who are willing to help divulge the war problem through their music.
Eh, Uhuru, we also have a peace song, so can we…

Friday, June 27, 2008

Guess my celeb mum…

Pictures Exclusive:
Some children don’t need to find fame - it finds them.
When it does, it’s in the form of their celebrity parentage.
And this cupid is part of that brood of famous kiddies because he has kept us talking.
So, just who is his mummy?
Well, at one stage in her career she won the Best Female Artist of the Year award and she is always on and off the plane.
Got it yet?
Well, let’s help, she is artist Iryn Namubiru – we know why some of you never thought of her as this baby’s mother. Some tabloids reported that Namubiru’s baby is as black as “charcoal” hence insinuating that her French boyfriend is not the father of her baby but we now hope that the speculation ends with the picture of this light-skinned cherub. And his name is Al Molaire.
Welcome to the world of showbiz, boy.

And here is the picture of the boy and, what a lovely pair, umm

Rasta Rob is back on radio

NB: this story has been extracted from

For some reason, it didn't hit us when we saw him enter Crane chambers and go up the stairs to Sudhir Ruparelia's office for a meeting. It could have been something to do with opening a Crane Bank account, or maybe asking for a place for his 9 year old daughter at Kabira International School. For some reason we didn't think Sanyu. Now seems like it included all of those.
Rasta Rob, who just recently returned from kyeyo in the UK was serious when he said he was here to stay. As if to prove it, he has got a lucrative job at Sanyu FM. After discussions with Sudhir himself and the Betsy Mugamba, the General Manager, Rasta Rob (now actually Master Rob) signed on to join the onair staff and will be joining Krystal (Angela Newman) on the evening drive show 5-8pm week days, the slot that catapulted the former rastaman to stardom both at Sanyu and later at CBS.
And it wasn't easy signing him on. The beefy bait that hooked Rob didn't just stop at a fat paycheck but also included a few juicy bits from Sudhir's other business ventures.
What happens to the fish when the water dries up? Most people don't care but we are concerned for Amarula funny man Irish Kyebandula who has been doing the show with Krystal. We are not sure what his fate will be after Rob's entry. Whether he's to stay (and on what show) or is to be shown the exit remains in the balance but he's been spotted at another radio station. Asking for a job or just visiting friends, we quite can't say.

Bertha’s secret visit

If we went for Big Brother we would make sure we do some showbiz and we would publicise our every visit on this continent.
But former BBA housemate Bertha from Zimbabwe thinks otherwise. And that is probably why she sneaked into Uganda and left without our knowledge.
Bertha was in Kenya and even told EATV that she was coming to Kampala after Nairobi but she didn’t give details of her visit on air. In fact, we even contacted the Multi-choice offices in Uganda and they told us they were unaware of Bertha’s coming.
Then on Monday, last week, someone coincidentally called us saying that he had seen someone who “resembles” Bertha at Hotel Africana but we arrived after she had left.
Multi-choice publicist Helena Mayanja said: “If she came here it was on her own but we don’t know anything about her visit.”
So, if you know you’re the one who brought Bertha, please talk to us.

Uganda Movie Awards set for November

Dream of hitting the red carpet and collect a film accolade?
Uganda Federation of Movie Industry can help but only if you have ever contributed to the big screen.
You see, the Uganda Federation of Movie Industry has launched the Uganda Movie Awards.
The launching took place yesterday at Hotel Africana but the main award-giving event is salted for November this year.
According to the chairman organising committee of the project Prince Jackson Ndawula, the awards are here to appreciate the work of Ugandan filmmakers.
Prince Ndawula also said that the awards have come to encourage quality in filmmaking in Uganda because only the best will be recognised.
So, folks, don’t just make a movie for the sake of having one on your credit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Straka flaunts another “fiancé”

Today let’s forget about Straka Mwezi’s hair and focus on one area of her life – the love stuff.
Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of her life.
However, are the tides turning?
Because tongues are wagging – just who is this chiselled chap Straka’s been spending oodles of time with?
Is he the boyfriend? Bodyguard? Or a wee bit of both?
Well, actions speak louder than words and we have seen the actions suggest they are in love.
In fact the twosome has been on some public nights out together. One such eve was a trip to Mbale where the Pam awards were taking place over the weekend.
And before we asked her who the chap was, Straka herself took the courage to introduce him as her “fiancé.”
We hope that they remain as loved-up as they are now, otherwise a split will mean the young man joins Straka’s eclectic list of ex-boyfriends.

Who needs a second dress?

It’s hard out there on the high street.
The shops get so busy, it can be tempting to just pick up the same dress everyday regardless of what event you’re going for.
Folks, that’s the excuse we’re passing on to songstress Sophie Gombya to use, to help explain away her same dress act.
If anyone asks why you put on the same dress at Chameleone’s wedding on Saturday and at Ekitoobero on Sunday, tell them you didn’t have time to go shopping for another one yet you needed to put on a new dress.
You might also want to just tell them that you got dressed in the dark, with a blindfold on.
If you deviate from our ready-made story, people might start to think your style isn’t up to standard because we saw you in this dress at three different events over the weekend.
We won’t call in the fashion but hope you learn next time that our eyes are always open to see everything on our celebs.

NB: Sorry my readers, there is a problem with my internet so I can't upload photos at the moment, moreover sometimes when I delay to post stories it's because of interruption in my internet but I promise to do everything possible and keep this as the best showbiz blog in the land.

Where have you gone, Kalembe?

We’re not ashamed to admit it – we’re Nancy Kalembe addicts.
Yes, we love watching beautiful people with brilliant brains on TV.
But this latest storyline has had us all confounded.
The former UBC TV news anchor has headed for the bright lights of London after failing to make a mark on the Apprentice Africa show.
A source told us that the heartthrob, who also starred in TV series Hand In Hand, believes that she is now too big for the Ugandan market and so she has decided to look for greener pastures overseas.
And the latest from the Queen’s land states that Kalembe is on the street searching for a job. The source also told us that she is targeting a job at one of the radio stations in north London.
We will miss you but all the same all our prayers for you, dear.

Steak Out DJs arrested

Remember when police made a stern warning to noisy hangouts in Kampala?
Um, in case you need your memories jogging, they vowed to arrest whoever makes noise in the city.
And it seems those people at Steak Out didn’t hear it well because they went ahead and broke that rule and last week they faced the music.
Police raided the popular hangout and arrested all the DJs at place.
They were arrested on Saturday and Monday being a public holiday it meant that they had to stay in the cells for a good three days.
On Tuesday they were granted bail and they would face the judge early next week.
We pray that the magistrate judges them with kindness because they entertain us but it should also be a lesson for them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chameleone, MTN fall out after Akon UG concert

BIG IS BIG: As you can see, Chameleone was smitten with Akon and there was no way he was going to say no to sharing the same stage with world's number one, moreover with Shs5 million bonus from Celtel

That’s right folks, MTN Uganda has officially dumped Jose Chameleone.
And the lanky star is “not heartbroken,” so he told us.
It happened like this...
Chameleone claims that he has been going to MTN for his allowance of four months but in vain. So when other telecommunication companies offered him cash to perform he had no choice. Therefore he ended up performing at the Celtel-sponsored Rock with Akon concert where many MTN staff members were in attendance at Lugogo. Then all of a sudden, Chameleone was singing praises for Celtel and even asked the audience to wave their Celtel bandanas as he performed.
One of the MTN staff who was near us was mad at Chameleone’s stunt and even added, “That one is finished, we made the decision (to chuck him) long time ago and now he has just hit the final nail in his own coffin…”
But Chameleone told Rafshizzle that he has no regrets because he will be a free agent who can perform for anybody at any time with no strings attached.
Whatever happens, folks, we shall be availing you with the full break-up drama as it comes in.

Obama gets a Boulevard in Masaka

Give us an O! Give us a B! Give us an A! Give us an M! Give us an A!
Who have you got? Obama, that’s who.
Surely, you must have seen many cars in Kampala with a sticker bearing this name on their windscreens and you could also know that he is an American presidential aspirant.
But Masaka people value Barrack Obama more than you could think.
Actually, they have decided to name one of their roads after him.
Our sources in the central district told us that residents of Kitigondo in Masaka, led by Kampala businessman Frank Gashumba, have named one of the roads in the area after the democrat and now the road is called Barrack Obama Boulevard.
The road leads to Gashumba’s farm in the area and he said, “Obama has shown us all that someone can come from nowhere and give the entire world hope. He makes you proud to be black and instead of naming our roads with funny names we should learn appreciating our own heroes as blacks.”
So, Mr Obama, you have a vote in Masaka although it doesn't count.

Akon in Kenya this month

ON HIS WAY THERE: Akon promised to perform in Kenya very soon

Akon, finally, performed in Ugandan but is there any chance that our brothers and sisters in Kenya will ever see him?
We’ll soon find out because Akon said so and he even met with the Kenyan promoters at Serena Hotel in Kampala.
A source told Rafshizzle that the Senegalese songster held a 20-minute meeting with the organisers of the Akon Kenya concert on Friday morning and the result was positive.
Even during a press conference at Celtel House Akon said he had suggested to fly straight to Kenya after Uganda but “those guys (Kenyan promoters) said they could not put together the show in time so I’ll find another time. We’ll go to Kenya very soon, why not.”
Is there a better way than hearing it from the horse’s mouth, Kenyans?
Moreover, a source has told us that Akon is set to perform in Kenya on May 22, which will be a Thursday.
“But that date could still change,” said the source.
The source added that Akon told the Kenyan promoters that he will be busy on weekends of May so the only option was to hold the concert on a weekday.
Good luck, Kenyans!

Divizionz now on CNN

When we switched on our TV sets, last week, we were in for a surprise.
Yes, we’d heard Divizionz was at the Berlin film festivals early this year and that even Don Mugisha was interviewed on DWTV.
But it turns out the feature film has a little something more and it’s bigger than we probably thought.
Yes, the Divizionz’s director/co-producer Don Mugisha and co-producer James Tayler were interviewed by CNN as well. The first part of the two-part interview was aired last week with both producers explaining the storyline of the film.
The interview was screened on CNN’s Screening Room show and the final part will air early next month.
Divizionz, which just won two awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, stars local singers Bobi Wine and Buchaman.
And as soon as we saw this interview on CNN we simply said: “It’s 100% bad news…”

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Akooooooooooooonnnn: He Is Here...

When Rafshizzle says, he means it...
Look, lads and lasses, we told you the man is coming for real and if you doubt please just make it a point to return to this blog after 10 p.m. tonight for the pictures of his arrival.
He hasn't touched down at Entebbe Airport as yet but I've just been talking to Celtel's Fred Masadde who's travellig with him and he says they are on jet en-route to Uganda.
Actually, even Akon himself and his manager Robert Carnes were on phone to prove they are coming. The jet will land at the airport at exactly 9 p.m. tonight and Akon will be driven straight to Serena Hotel where he will stay for some hours before joining Kampala party-animals at Club Sway at around midnight. He will be at Sway for less than 30 minutes and he will return to the hotel to wait until Friday for next action, including going to Nakivubo Primary School to give out Celtel books in the morning. However, the bigger action will come in evening at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Akon coming for real!

READY FOR THIS: Under 18s won't be allowed at Akon concert on Friday to avoid a similar incident

How we love it when we break the news. Huh! It’s really fun-tastic to hear that Akon is, this time around, coming for real.
Folks, you have always trusted Rafshizzle at this Showbiz shed so just sit, relax and watch us do the game we do best – unearthing the latest goss.
Hope you remember that one time I went and visited Akon and even entered his house with Tanzanian promoter Joseph Kusagga who brought him for the Tanzanian Fiesta two years ago. If you doubt just make it a point to ask him when he comes down here (don’t say he won’t come). I’m not a PRO for Celtel but the truth is that I talked to the chap myself and exchanged texts with Jah Robert Carnes, his manager and they confirmed to me that the chart-bursting star will perform in Kampala on Friday. These are people I talk to on personal level. However, Carnes was hesitant on if they would arrive here by Wednesday evening.
Then I got a chance to speak to 50 Cent’s manager who was in Tanzania with the G-Unit lead-singer (Fiddy himself) and he also confirmed that actually Akon had told them he was coming to Uganda this week.
“He (Akon) said he was coming to perform this week in Uganda, a country neighbouring where we’re performing this week,” he told Rafshizzle, “Akon is coming to Uganda, am sure about that.” 50 Cent performed in Tanzania on Sunday and according to popular events organiser and Clouds FM owner Joseph Kusagga, “the concert was remarkable. Cent is such a big entertainer and I want to tell you that he rocked big time, man.”

Well, we hope that something good happens in Uganda too this Friday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moze does Zuena a symphony

Celebrity fights may have dropped out of the paparazzi spotlight recently...
But that doesn’t mean they are not happening – quite the opposite in fact.
It’s hardly two weeks when Moze Radio was sent to the coolers for assaulting Bebe Cool.
And there has been a cold war between the two but at this rate, the whole country is bound to know about it.
When Moze left the police cells he went straight to the studios and did a song which is doubtlessly targeting Bebe Cool.
We all know Zuena Kirema is Bebe Cool’s best thing in life and he has said it several times. So, what do you expect when his nemesis does a song praising her beauty?
“Zuena put me on the scale and see who loves you…On my heart count down, Zuena, you’re number one…” sings Moze.
And when Rafshizzle asked Moze if he had sent Bebe Cool a copy of the song, he replied, “No, I don’t need to, he will get it himself. The song is about another Zuena but I know he’ll be mad.”
Huh, we’re keeping ours ears to the ground.

Akon arrives next week

You can always count on us to bring you the latest from the showbiz shed.
Surely, how many people know that Akon will touch down at Entebbe Airport on the evening of April 30?
Right, we’re the ones to tell you this and we want to add that he is coming with an entourage of around 20 people, mostly men.
Girls, have you heard that?
Well, while here, Akon will visit babies’ homes and Celtel will host a party for him and his fans.
And a reliable source told us that the Africa-American hip-hopper will be staying at Serena Hotel until May 3 when he will leave for South Africa where he is set to perform alongside the likes of Fat Joe.
Meanwhile, five scribes were, on Tuesday, flown around Kampala and Entebbe for them to have a feeling of how the Celtel Live Like A Star promotion winners will be treated when Akon comes to town.
Celtel have also introduced a hotline for all people who have queries about the Akon concert and it’s 0752600222.
And they have also introduced the platinum tickets, each going for Shs250,000.

Collie Buddz for Obsessions anniversary

If you love a sing-along, let’s go: “She rock slow she dip slow, she only dance to reggae and calypso, look how she move fast and a do it slow, My Bonita, My Mamacita…”
Well, well, surely you all know the song, and the artiste is called Collie Buddz, who is a Jamaican-born based in the US.
But the big news is that he will be coming to Uganda for two concerts at KCC Grounds Lugogo and Aero Beach in Entebbe on May 30 and June 1 respectively.
Buddz will feature at the Obsessions’ ninth anniversary where they will also unveil their latest album Beegonza.
At Lugogo, VIPs will part with Shs50,000 whilst the ordinary seating will go for half of that.
MTN Uganda, Silk Events & Fanta Berry, Club Pilsner are the main sponsors whilst Rafshizzle will do the gossip…
Besides Mamacita, Buddz was a hot item on the Billboard charts with his 2007 hit Come Around. He has also featured the likes of Beyonce Knowles and Shaggy.
So, even if the Obsessions missed out on Beenie Man, surely Buddz is a perfect replacement.

Tindatiine is back with Hussein

If Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy Cole can get her “cheating” hubby football star Ashley Cole back into her life then so can local songstress Lady Mariam Tindatiine!
This is no rumour, folks, because we have seen Mariam and once-estranged hubby cum manager Hussein romancing again.
The couple bitterly broke up a few months ago on basis of “infidelity” and they both publicly vowed not to forgive each other but like they say, “Never say never…” the end has been the opposite.
We have even seen them cuddle in public and they are once again staying together.
Actually, Mariam and Hussein went together to Budo to visit the burnt school and he opened the door of the car for her before driving her home.
And they looked like they are having an enjoyable time.
Hmm, this love!

Jaga-Jaga, Goloco singers coming

There’ll be no more carving up the ice for the White Angels.
They are not the original singers of that popular song we love; Kpolongo or rather what we call Goloco.
And after taking us for a ride for all that long, the good news is that the song’s real singers Danfo Travel are coming to town courtesy of Paragon Promotions.
Danfo Travel is made up of Mad Melon and Mountain Black, and according to Paragons chairman Emma Onuoha, the duo are coming here with another Nigeria music heavyweight Eedris Abdulkareem.
In the US Abdulkareem is known for his fight with 50 Cent on a plane two years ago while as in Uganda the Nigerian chap is identified with his hit Nigeria Jaga-Jaga.
Onuoha told us that Eedris will perform in Kampala on June 25 whilst the Danfo Travel duo will be here in September.
For more details, just keep it locked to Rafshizzle.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ex-Obsessions Helen, Brenda start group

Welcome to the HB Toxic…
Well, it sounds like a bomb but wait don't run, instead pass by Club Rouge on Friday and trust me you will get what exactly those two big words stand for.
Well, Rafshizzle can reveal to you that after leaving the Obsessions, Brenda Nabi and Helen Lukoma couldn’t leave their singing and dancing career go to the dogs.
And yes, they are the two ladies behind the new singing-duo called HB Toxic duo and they are set for their first performance at Club Rouge on Friday.
The gorgeous pair has called themselves HB Toxic because they believe the name reflects their “amazing and intoxicating personalities.”
HB stands for the initials of their first names- Helen & Brenda, while they added “toxic” because they believe they are going to “intoxicate all Ugandans, Africans, and music lovers the world over” with their dancing and singing skills.
Well, Brenda also says they will mainly sing in English, Luganda and Swahili.
And the lithe cuties have already recorded three songs, namely, Lovely, All I Need featuring Tanzanian Rapper A-Y and Kyenninawo featuring Gen. Mega Dee.

Mesach starts a music crew

Jose Chameleone owns a singing-crew and Bobi Wine also has one…
So, which previous Artiste of the Year award winner has been left out of this crew-forming fad?
We actually can’t find any because even Mesach Semakula, who was artiste of the year in 2005, has started one.
His is called Kann Crew and unlike Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew and Bobi’s Firebase Crew, Mesach’s is made up of only girls.
However, he told 24-Seven that he would consider recruiting boys in the near future.
“My girls (Kann crew) have finished recording three songs and we are planning to release the first album before June,” he said.
That he also has plans of starting a music academy very soon.
But don’t get taken for a ride that Semakula has left Eagles Productions Band because he, actually, simply owns the crew but doesn’t sing with them.
Huh, Mesach, Kann we get enrolled too?

Nick replaces Katongole on Beat FM

It’s the big boy gone small…
Yep, we’re talking about you, Dennis Katongole Omutongole.
Folks, it’s either that Beat FM is in panic to maintain standards or it’s true of the saying, “No one is indispensable in life…”
Well, Katongole Omutongole who is known for boasting as the “best thing in radio-presenting business” has lost his slot on Beat FM’s breakfast show to Nicholas Nyombi a.k.a Prince Nick.
A source told us that when changes rung at the Kamwokya-based station, the stations programs director Joel Isabirye, targeted the trio of Katongole, Rebecca Jjingo and Kasadda who used to host the breakfast show.
Nick used to host only the weekend morning shows but he has since swapped shows with Katongole.
“Katongole was demoted due to insubordination and the show was not competing well with other breakfast shows on other stations,” said a source.
Jingo and Kasadda were given a second chance but they must please their boss lest they face the knife too.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Naava has been dumped!

CAPTION: Suzan Naava seated with David Obua's brother Eric Obua at the USPA gala last week. On the extreme right is her Ex-boyfriend boxer Justin Juuko.

That’s right folks, we have officially decided to dump our girlfriend, Suzan Naava.
And we are heartbroken.
You know, we heard that she was dating quite a few chaps including footballer David Obua so we decided to call her some time last month. And to our delight, she denied and told Rafshizzle, “Am single and seeing nobody at the moment.”
Then we started wishing for a date with her, and maybe, as you also know!
Then all of a sudden, apparently, she decided she wasn’t going to be single any more.
We mean, the hotwire has it that Naava is so smitten with David Obua that she wants him by her side all the time. That she normally flies to South Africa for some romance with him.
“When Obua is away, Naava hangs out with his brothers to show that she isn’t cheating,” a source said.
And Saturday was D-Day for us to see for ourselves as Naava attended the USPA gala with Obua’s brother and even carried Obua’s accolade to the car after the event. And another person told us she spends nights at Obua’s place and they always see her leaving his home every morning.
Whatever, Naava. It is too late. It is so over. Our poor hearts can’t withstand such.
Don’t even deny!

Akon concert is on?

This may shock some of you to your very core.
So have yourselves a seat.
But someone from MTN Uganda is organising the Akon Uganda concert and Celtel Uganda are the sponsors of the event. His name starts with an M and ends with…em…mmm…
We had promised not to say this but it’s the truth and we don’t expect anybody to call us because we won’t explain. Thanks.
Back to the safe business: word on the grape vine is that Africa-American hip-hop bigwig Akon is set to perform on April 26 at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.
Despite snubbing Kenya for the third time last week, the Ugandan organisers have told Rafshizzle that the Akon show in Uganda “is on for real.” Actually Akon concert adverts have started today and you can see a centre-spread advert of Celtel Rock With Akon in today’s Daily Monitor. Tickets will go for Shs125,000 (Gold) and Shs30,000 (standard).
A big money name is behind this concert that has been anticipated to attract 32,000 people. Akon was paid $200,000. And it’s a Kenyan agency – with a branch in Uganda – managing the event.
Well, like we said, Akon will be performing in Uganda next month but if anyone can prove us wrong it is Akon.
We can only be sure after the chap has landed at Entebbe Airport or rather after seeing him backstage lest he can heartbreak you…

Watoto to play at the Beijing Olympics

We have heard enough of self-proclaimed divas and crooners but let’s, for the first time, also crown an artiste of our own.
And we say, Watoto Children’s Choir is the highest-flying music outfit from Uganda…
Well, that swell you’re feeling in your throat isn’t breakfast that didn’t digest properly, but a lump of envy – we know most artistes thrive on beef but trust us, nobody can handle the Watoto children.
The Choir has been invited to China and they will perform at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008 at the Beijing National Stadium on August 24. The singing-children will fly the Uganda flag when they hit the stage in the morning hours of August 8 before the sportsmen take over.
A source told us that Watoto have also been slated to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympics scheduled for August 24.
This concert will be added to their CV that also includes performances for Mr Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, President Bush, American Idols and the UN.

Rwandese radio to hit airwaves next month

If Busoga, Buganda, Teso, Bunyoro and many other tribes can get radio stations then so can Banyarwanda!
The 24th tribe of Uganda – yes they’re Ugandans, see the constitution article 10 (a) – will also be listening to a radio station that broadcasts in a language they understand best and it’s all thanks to Frank Gashumba.
True, that’s the Gashumba we’re talking about; however, this time we shall avoid the Aisha Nabukeera issue and focus on the radio station he has invested in Shs420m.
Gashumba, who is a Rwandese himself, said the station to be called Citizen FM will go on air next month.
Ace producer Steve Jean has been helping him with studio set up and now they have started recruiting presenters and other employees.
The studios are situated on Kiwewa Close on Naguru Hill and Gashumba said they would first cover Kampala, Masaka, Mubende, Kiboga, Luweero, Rakai and Nakasongola before going countrywide.
“This (Citizen FM) will be the CBS of Rwandese,” said Gashumba.
The station is one of the many enterprises under Mali Group of Companies where Gashumba is the CEO.

Okello is back for M-Net Idols

Sometimes, when you fall off the horse it’s best to just get straight back in the saddle.
And that seems to be Tony Okello’s fame-seeking philosophy.
It’s been a few years now since Okello was beaten by Kefa Mwesigwa (RIP) in the Coca-Cola Real Stars competition...
But last week Rafshizzle spotted the chap auditioning for the M-Net Idols that took place in Munyonyo.
Okello came second to Kefa but he has struggled on the music scene and the likes of Sarah Zawedde who came behind him in the competition have gone on to impress the music market.
However, it seems Okello is determined to make a mark this time around.
M-Net Idols start next month and we shall be watching.

New reality TV show starts in June

There is a group of Ugandans who believe that most of the items in the Big Brother Africa house are not “African” and therefore it is not really “Big Brother Africa”, but essentially just a Big Brother-style show with African contestants.
But what have they done to change that?
Well, they have come up with a similar show but more Africanised.
Hanifah Hernandez, Grace Nakate and Xena Bantariza under the umbrella of Cultural Education Organisation are set to start a reality TV show called Muvabulaaya.
12 Ugandans (six from abroad and six living here) will have to live in the Muvabulaaya House for 31 days with cameras watching them 24/7.
However, unlike BBA, in Muvabulaaya housemates will also be involved in tasks outside the house, like fishing and hunting.
Housemates will be given cultural-based tasks and the public will have the final say on who leaves the house.
The Muvabulaaya House is under construction in Gulu and the show is set to hit the airwaves in June. And very soon auditions will start, so watch this space.

Friday, March 7, 2008

African Children’s Choir to sing for Queen

African Children’s Choir is one of the best music exports from Uganda.
Yep, take a long reflection.
One of their songs, last year, was used as the soundtrack for Hollywood movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
You still bet your life you can do what they do?
We don’t think so, because the children have got a very big honour now. They have been invited by the Queen of United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II for the second time.
A source told Rafshizzle that African Children’s Choir will sing for Her Majesty at Westminster Abbey on March 10, which is the Commonwealth Day.
The Ugandan group is one of the few who have been invited to entertain one of the world’s most-respected ladies. But this isn’t a new thing to them because they have recently visited the likes of President George W Bush on three different occasions and for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace.
So if you think you’re the best from Uganda, then just eat your heart out!

K-Ci & Jojo here on March 19

“All my life…Yes, I pray that you do love me too…”
Who could not love the R&B duo that was K-Ci & Jojo?
They came into our life and enriched it with their great hits in the 90s.
But then, like all good things, Jojo has noticeably lost his once sweet and smooth voice and has become screechy leaving K-Ci to do his difficult rifts during recent tours.
Though before you shed a tear or two in memory of Jojo’s voice, we’ve got good news for you – the duo released their fifth album titled, Love in Japan last month and they will perform at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala on March 23.
Entrance fee is Shs25,000 whilst VIP is Shs75,000.
And according to, K-Ci Hailey and Jojo Hailey will first jet into the country on March 19 for promotional appearances before flying to Tanzania and Malawi for concerts on Friday and Saturday respectively. Then they will return to Kampala for the Easter Sunday concert.
NO END is organising the show on the sponsorship card of EABL.

Helen Lukoma’s sales skills

Who knew Helen Lukoma had it in her?
Sales skills, that is.
Bustling and hustling on the busy Kampala streets all in the name of hitting market targets for a newspaper, the Obsessions dancer is showing off her talent these days.
Well, our spy boys and girls have spotted Lukoma frequenting one of the leading media houses situated in the Industrial Area.
And a source told us that, actually, she has been a marketer for this newspaper “for months now.”
And frankly it’s good to see a beautiful girl or rather a celebrity come to your office asking you to advertise with her company!
However, Lukoma is doing the marketing job as part-time as she still goes to MUBS for her studies and joins her fellow Obsessions members for what they do best.
That is super creativity, Lukoma.

Who that on our TV sets?

Welcome to the celebrity version of pin the name to the face on your TV set.
It’s called guess the celebrity who is back to reading news on TV.
You know this gentleman had left the radio and TV field for education field but he is back with a bang.
Well, the rule of the game is: keep the name male and if you guess correctly you win, well, nothing. Ready to play?
OK, this chap was a presenter on CBS FM before he started reading news on UBC TV but he left for IRO where he also left to become the publicist for Uganda Christian University.
But he is now also reading news on WBS TV as a replacement for Morris Mugisha who left for NTV.
It’s now so easy to guess his name, isn’t it?
The gentleman is... Owen Kibenge.
And we heart the cool bloke so much that recently we have been watching him on TV often.

Show me the way!

Entering and exiting a radio studio isn’t the same as entering and exiting an airport.
The airport creates a lot of tension and if you’re not careful you can get lost…
Ain’t that right, Peter Sematimba?
The Super FM boss should know as he got stranded at Entebbe Airport during the arrival of UB40 last week.
The clever man (many Ugandans believe he is) successfully entered the arrivals section but was bamboozled on his way back.
Just after passing through the security checkpoint, Sematimba realised that he had to return outside and wait at the VIP exit because UB40 were to checkout through the VIP lounge. But when Sematimba cast his eyes onto the door, it read entrance!
With his head shaking like a goat in heavy rain and a face like a plastic placed too close to a fire, Sematimba looked completely lost as he bustled from one corner to the other.
However, journalists who were rushing to the VIP exit helped show him what to do when they (wrongly) got out through the entrance.
Sematimba, sometimes urgency gives you no chance to follow directives.

Which judge needs to refuel?

Heavens to Mr. Augustine Nshimye Sebutulo.
This gentleman who has been nominated to become justice of the court of appeal gave us cheek last week.
But of how embarrassment doesn’t know senior citizens like him even if he is a former MP and minister of state for foreign affairs.
It was last Wednesday at around 11 a.m. when he faced the reality of life after his red BMW ran out of fuel as he approached Crane Bank along Kampala Road.
The gentleman in his 50s was rendered helpless by the stubborn car. And he was alone, if we may add.
So, he decided to switch on the hazard lights amidst hooting from other drivers behind him as he engaged his cell-phone apparently calling some one to run to a petrol station and get him the fuel.
Could it be that as a big man, you could not check the fuel tank before setting off as you’re used to fuel laden cars or it’s something else?
Please Mr Nshimye tell us why you run out of fuel because you can no longer give the Kenyan crisis as an excuse.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big AD

Soon Rafshizzle shall be starting an "SMS Gossip Service" where our subscribers will get updates on their mobile phones as the stories come in.
However, three organisations have also requested to include this blog on their websites so we shall be giving you all the updates.
Watch the space!
Thanks and stay well, all of you.

Ben Mwine apologises over BBA2 job

Usually the celebs love to bask in the glitz, glamour and glory of their new jobs.
But when they face it rough they’d rather keep their heads down...
Ain’t that right Ben Mwine?
The former BBA2 field presenter should know as he has hidden the news of his apology from us. But could he keep it for long?
Not really, because we already know that he was made apologise in front of a congregation at Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) because of his stint with the Big Brother show as a field presenter in Uganda.
Rafshizzle has been reliably informed that Mwine had to apologise before he could get the job at Power FM.
Now, who will you apologise to when BBA3 comes and they still need you as the presenter?
Over to you, Ben.

Bobi’s self-given B-Day present

Well, most of us ordinary folk celebrate our birthday with a cake and maybe a meal out.
But Bobi Wine ain’t no regular person.
The “bad man from Kamwokya” pulled out all the stops at his 28th birthday bash that, according to him, cost Shs10 million.
24-Seven understands that Bobi Wine had wanted to celebrate his birthday with a new Cadillac Escalade but he hadn’t cleared taxes by the time of the birthday party. So he was kind of disappointed.
However, nothing could stop him from fulfilling his special wish on a later date and as you read this, the Ghetto President is the proud owner of the black Escalade cruising on Kampala Streets. A source told Rafshizzle that Bobi Wine paid taxes of Shs50 million to URA last week.
He has put a personalised number plate written on “Ghetto.”
And on the windscreens he put the words, “Firebase Naro.”
Are we not late to say happy birthday, Mr President?

Who does Naava really love?

Bad news for footballer David Obua and tycoon’s son Yassah Matovu but good news for the rest of Kampala lads…
We had just gotten bored of speculating about the pair’s special friendship with former EATV presenter Suzan Naava.
But speaking candidly to Rafshizzle, Naava cleared things up for us.
When speaking about Matovu, who is the son of YOUMA proprietor Yusuf Matovu, she uttered the words no lad ever wants to hear: “Just very good friend.”
She even gave us his Malaysian number to call him for clarification but network issues failed us.
And about Obua she said: “I’m not dating him either.”
And when asked who the love of her life was, Naava replied that she hadn’t met him yet.
So we couldn’t even waste time asking about Eddie of Glitzy Events, another of Kampala blokes rumoured to be enjoying a date or two with Naava.
Ouch. How disappointed we are, because we don’t want to believe a beautiful, young and ambitious lass like her is not dating.
We’re keeping a roving eye on you, Naava!

Presenting the UB40 awards…

It’s a beautiful day and we are at the Great Rafshizzle Arena to mark the great end of the UB40 concert. Today we shall be awarding the outstanding revellers in different categories and here we go:

Jolly Couple of the show
Let’s call on the HIV/Aids activists to hand over the award of best jolly couple to Mr Jim Muhwezi and the lady in his company – though she’s not his wife – Mrs Kigongo. The couple was over the moon on seeing UB40 perform and they sang loudly for each throughout the show. We all saw it and they looked liberated.

Comical couple of the show
If you want a laugh, always keep around Kahinda Otafiire, he doesn’t run out of drama.
And it is not surprising that he is the one taking home the award for the comical couple. Reason? Because he and his date kept our eyes busy on them for their theatrics after gulping in a few bevies.

Bad workmen of the show
SPC might end this year with hands full of awards. After being criticised on how they handle business, Rafshizzle want to give them an award for failing to do what they were supposed to do at the UB40 concert.
First, they failed to stop people from invading the safety zone. Then some of them were behind fighting for drinks and eats as people pushed each other. And other SPCs sat and relaxed and enjoyed watching the show like it’s what brought them. The only positive thing that cut their points for the award is when they separated two whites who were fighting in the audience. But they still win it for letting in more people onto the Gold platform that was set up for 1500 but ended up carrying more than 3000 and it was about to collapse – little wonder people had named “the titanic.”

Bump of the show
Forget about UB40 meaning Unemployment Benefit 40, this time around it could have meant Underlined Bellies 40…
Seriously we’re not the type that enjoys discussing pregnant women but at UB40 show they were just so many in that we couldn’t even avoid a chat about them – more than we normally see at events.
Everywhere you looked there was a pregnant woman in the audience. Will they tell their yet-to-be-born kiddos of how they also attended the historic concert?

Worst dressed
We didn’t think it was Halloween just yet...
So what’s the excuse for the super-scary outfit going on here, young lady? Lass you have too much make-up and that dress doesn’t match, actually, you almost sent us into hiding (we hate bad fashion) but to present your award is regular winner in this category, Straka Mwezi.

Dirty dancers of the show
We didn’t see Bebe Cool at the concert but at least we saw someone else doing what he does – standing on tables. A clique of one white girl, a black chap and a white guy decided to dance atop a table in the VIP only to stop after security guys intervened.