Thursday, November 29, 2007

President Museveni takes a nap during Chogm

New evidence would suggest you don’t need a pillow and duvet to get some zzz’s.
And I’m sure President Museveni can also testify on this.
At first I thought that the sandman had invaded Speke Resort Munyonyo during the Chogm closing ceremonies as the country’s top-man zipped his peepers.
In fact, Museveni started dozing midway of the ceremony and he looked like he was nodding off to dream land (oba what was he dreaming about?). Anyways, he looked quite weary and he was found dozing whenever the MC turned to him for a presentation.
But I think it is understandable because the gentleman had spent more than three days and nights without a single dose of doze.
So, now you can guess what he did most just after the Chogm – zzz!

Who does Juliana love?

Hands up anyone who would love to go out with Juliana Kanyomozi.
Well, well…I know you are so many, but unfortunately her heart still belongs to US-based boxer Kassim Ouma.
Her closest pal has told Rafshizzle that Juliana’s feelings for Ouma will “always be there” despite one tabloid stating that the pair had split “following pressure from Ouma’s training camp who think Juliana has contributed to Ouma’s recent poor performance in the ring.”
“They love each other so much,” said the source.
And Ouma just confirmed that while appearing on UBC TV’s Sports Galore on Monday.
At the end of the show, Ouma said: “I love you Ugandan girl, I love you Ugandan boy…and for you Juliana, don’t forget I love you so much, baby. Catch me when I get out of here.”
There was no better way of saying adieu to the viewers who had already asked Ouma about Juliana and so Rafshizzle is crediting Ouma with three full points for passing that tricky test.

Who is it gonna be for Apprentice Africa?

The Apprentice Africa final auditions are on today at Serena Hotel and I have been wondering who could go for the reality TV show.
However, a reliable source has revealed to Rafshizzle that Eddie Okila has emerged the frontrunner to represent Uganda in the newest reality show.
Okila, Uncle Mich’s bosom-buddy whom they are planning to open several pool-table arcades in town with, that is.
The reality series will be the first Africa-wide version of the popular American TV format with 16 week job interview, where contestants will compete in a series of rigorous business tasks, many of which include major companies and require street smarts and intelligence to conquer, in order to show the CEO that they are the best candidate for the job.
The Apprentice Africa will gather 18 contestants from across Africa and the Diaspora who will compete for a lucrative corporate job with befitting perks and an annual salary of US$200,000 and a luxury car.
Oh boy, come wind, rain or sunshine, Okila puts his head where the money is…

Kasumba’s accent amuses the Queen

When I’m not typing out words to entertain you, I’m listening to someone for news (can call it gossip).
It’s actually the reason why I paid so much attention to UBC’s Jane Kasumba who was a co-MC at the Chogm opening ceremony.
But boy, I almost failed to grasp what the Ugandan lady was saying.
Oh dear, even the Queen herself needed to listen carefully to pick a word.
Not that she was inaudible but, actually, Kasumba launched an accent which is rarely found in Uganda – she sounded like someone who dwells in Brooklyn and the Queen was visibly amused.
The Queen wore a smile whenever Kasumba spoke. But it was not only Her Majesty who was amused as were other dignitaries and fellow Ugandans especially about how Kasumba pronounced some local words.
So, Your Majesty, could she be your next choice to emcee at a Buckingham Palace party?

Lutaaya's Shs700m hotel

Here was us thinking that artistes were all about singing and shaking booties.
But in actual fact, some of them really have a business mind...
Take the example of Geoffrey Lutaaya.
The Eagles Production band member has set up a multi-million hotel in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road.
Rafshizzle had a chance to enter this new 31-bedroom structure which is valued at Shs700 million.
Lutaaya has already equipped the hotel with “all the required furnishings” and he told us that he is mostly targeting travelling guests.
He is set to officially open it on December 6.
So, if you get an invite from Lutaaya indicating a ‘launch’ one of these days, please wait to assume that it’s an album launch…

Female fan slates Chameleone

Oh, Jose Chameleone, you just can’t seem to escape criticism.
And this latest pop is from some female (Allen Kizza) staying in Netherlands.
Rafshizzle received an e-mail from Kizza accusing Chameleone of accepting money from different promoters around the world and yet not showing up for the concerts. Kizza said that Chameleone has so far dodged concerts in Belgium, Canada and Netherlands after getting deposits.
She wrote: “Please we like your music but you should work on your personality we are tired of no show but if as planned goes well this will be your last time to eat peoples’ money and do not fulfil your promises, enough is enough…We wish you the best in your music.”
Oh, Kizza, don’t sugar the pill before Chameleone chews it like this: “Those self-proclaimed promoters are so frustrating. They just advertise without confirming with me and then organise visas at the last moment, which sometimes hinders my travel. They should plan ahead of time than fumbling at the final hours.”
Well, Rafshizzle reserves his comments because Chameleone is even currently in Canada for a concert.

I ain’t a paedophile – Straka

Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of Straka’s life.
And our tongues started wagging when she strutted the Pam awards red carpet hand-in-hand with a young boy though she told Rafshizzle; “I’m not and will never be a paedophile.”
But a US-based artiste called Andrew Bbosa contacted Rafshizzle and said he was infuriated by Straka for “forcing my young brother called Cyrus Sooka into sleeping with her.”
Bbosa said that Sooka (18) was spending oodles of time with Straka “after she promised to promote his music on TV and radios.”
When Rafshizzle contacted Sooka three weeks ago, he first denied saying that Straka was “just my promoter” only to change his statement last week saying, “Actually she’s furious that I’ve refused to sleep with her.”
However, Straka has rubbished the claims saying that someone is trying to taint her name.
“Those are boys I promote,” she said, “That boy (Sooka) has a girlfriend, and I’m not that daft to sleep with a kid.”

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hakeem’s Capital Comeback Causes A Stir

We have been waiting almost a whole year for this moment...
And now the boy is back to take back his show and the girl…
I don’t want to cause another stir here so I would avoid love issues and tackle the work issues only – you know, I’m talking about Hakeem Saga and the reason why he left Capital FM.
Yes, we all know the girl is still there and so…but why am I still harping on.
Well, back to ‘unserious’ businessmen, the former AM-to-PM show host Hakeem returned on the airwaves on November 10. He presented the morning show from 6a.m. to 10 a.m. – and he sounded as good as ever.
Some listeners called and wanted to know where he had been for all that long but do you think Hakeem had an honest answer for them?
And that’s not all...
There’s also another panic since Hakeem’s arrival.
Think JKazoora and the guy, who is dating Flavia…oops I said the name!
Showbiz angel that I am, I get you the breaking news: Kazoora could be nearing his exit at Capital following improper comment that he would leave the station and start working at WBS for “charity.”
An insider said the Capital management is “willing to help Kazoora’s dream come true by firing him and it’s actually the reason why Hakeem is back.”
Now you are waiting to hear about the love triangle?
No way, bye!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Richard considers marrying Tatiana

Mrs. Ricki Bezuidenhout’s angst over her hubby “sleeping” with Tatiana is about to get a whole lot worse.
The BBA2 winner, Richard Bezuidenhout admitted to have fallen in love with the Angolan housemate…
And now, the 24-year-old has said he won’t beg for his wife to return to him.
While appearing on Channel O’s O-Boma show of November 13, Richard said he will ask his wife (to return) for one more time and “if she refuses I won’t force things…I will move on with life. I know I messed up and it’s almost certain that she will divorce me but I won’t be begging because I’ve so much to do now.”
When the show host Kabelo, who also hosted BBA2, asked Richard if he would consider marrying Tatiana in case Ricki calls it a day, the Richard said, “Take it easy dawg (friend)…I said I would make the best decision for everybody. I love Tatiana but for now, it’s still Ricki in the picture.”Meanwhile, a source has told 24-Seven that Richard’s elder sister Linda is pushing Richard to divorce Ricki and marry Tatiana.

Wedding bells for Ragga Dee

LUCRATIVE DEAL: Ragga Dee poses for a photo with children his fiance Mariam has given him so far

And that’s all, boys.
At least in the bachelordom for Ragga Dee, it is.
Because the “simple man with a simple profile” sent us a message reading: “The organising committee of Mr & Mrs Dan Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) invites U 2 their 1st wedding meeting 2moro Thursday 8th, 5 p.m. at the new Totos Club, Nasser Road.”
Well, we also first thought Ragga Dee was doing his usual jokes but Ragga has said, “The wedding is for real. Everybody can do their own assumptions but the truth is that I’m marrying my fiancĂ© Mariam soon,” said Ragga Dee, “I have been busy with preparations.”
Ragga Dee said he would go for introductions next month before the wedding in January.
Hmmm, so much bells for Ragga Dee – Jingle bells in December and then Wedding bells, all in just a two-month period.
He deserves a song – Empeta can work.

Mad Ice Plays at Finnish Live Aid concert

Mad Ice is big in his own right and his music story outside Uganda is an epic itself...
Well, with his hit Wange having climbed to number nine on the top30 play list of Radio Laser France (95.9 FM), Mad Ice was the only African artiste who was invited to perform at the Finnish Live Aid charity concert held at Tavastia Club in Helsinki on November 1.
The concert’s proceeds would go to the Finnish Red Cross, to held aids-orphans in Africa.
Mad Ice is recognised as a Tanzanian in Tanzania though he was recognised as a Finish rock-band singer at the concert.
However, he is actually a Ugandan model and singer who spends most of his time in Finland and Tanzania.

Angry Bebe Cool off for US tour

CAPTION: Bebe Cool leaves the Pam awards ceremony with Zuena

Bebe Cool is off to the US for a month-long music tour.
He left on November 8 and he would perform in Minnesota, Boston, Texas, Washington DC and Atlanta among other states. He told 24-Seven that he would use the money collected from the concerts to pay-off the balance for his Hummer.
“I’m remaining with $10,000,” he said, “But I expect to have my Hummer running on Kampala roads in less than two months from now because I’m being paid $3,000 per concert in the US and yet I’m to do more than six concerts.” But let not the tour and Hummer news make you think that Bebe Cool is a happy chap - at least not with the Pam awards results.
The Best Male Artiste award-winner said he would never respect the Pam awards after he lost the Artiste of the Year award to Ronald Mayinja.
“Pam awards should be embarrassed, how can you say that Mayinja is better than Bebe Cool,” he said, “I have my music loved across but what about him.”

Uncle Mich, buddy Eddie in pool table business

Uncle Mich is a smoking hot emcee in fact he beat many on the continent to hosting Deal or No Deal Africa.
And he bowled us over with his humour at the Pam awards last Saturday but for what will he use the Pam awards earnings? That he will use the money to start a pool table arcade in town with his best friend Eddie Okila of Glitzy Events.
Mich was overheard saying that him and Okila want to open several pool table joints in Kampala. Moreover the pair already has three pool tables at Steak Out and Okila told 24-Seven that they are making “good cash” in the business.
“We do a lot of things from organising weddings to concerts,” Okila said, “And now we’re focussed on the pool table business because we prefer playing pool to drinking.”
The pair has also just completed signing a deal with MTN Uganda to organise the MTN Kampala Marathon scheduled for December 9.
Okila has been managing the marathon but he needed a new convincing proposal to continue organising the event and he succeeded.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Paris Hilton Chooses Beauty Over Charity

Can you imagine we have been eager to receive Paris Hilton only to learn that she is actually in Japan and not ready to come to Rwanda now...
Socialite Paris Hilton may not be ready to head off to Rwanda to do good deeds, but she was up to judging a beauty contest in Tokyo on Tuesday. Hilton and her younger sister, Nicky, played judges for the Miss Universe Japan contest, each selecting one finalist.
Hilton has vowed since she got out of jail for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case that she will try to improve her bad-girl image. She had announced plans to do charity work in Rwanda this month for The Playing for Good Foundation, but later decided to postpone that trip.
Her appearance at a Tokyo fashion boutique to judge the contest packed the room with photographers and TV cameras, and gawking bystanders lined the street outside.
Well, we still wait to see how it will be in Kigali…

The Pam Awards Gossip You Can't Miss!!!

The Pam awards have more swings and roundabouts than this Kampala, I swear!Well, I know you could have seen most of the things but well hear this

Boobs don’t lie
Some breasts just won’t stay put and Sylvia Owori can tell you that it has something to do with size. The fashion designer’s ‘massive’ boobs were on a rebellious streak at the Pam awards.
Think of it as a battle of wills - the newly mother wanted her (honestly beautiful) boobs under wraps, but the boobs had ideas above their station. Owori looked comfortable while arriving but when she sat down, her bra budged a bit and the boobs, probably tired of being repressed, attempted a bid for freedom. She was struggling to put them in place time and again. I wish she had moved with her tot to reduce the amount of milk in the bulging boobs.
Henry Tigan covered his face with the award. Then came his performance and the lad was evidently panicking – it was like he would, anytime, escape from stage. He sang a happy-go song (Pretty Girl) but his face illustrated someone singing about an ugly woman.

Sugar baby with the sugar mummy
Hold the front page, newspapers.
Straka Mwezi has some truly groundbreaking news...
After months of wandering about with her boy Tom, a dancer, Straka’s finally come forward to say, “yes we are dating and that’s all.”
She said all this at the Pam awards and they say photos don’t lie, check this…
Amarula Family mocks Mayor Sebaggala
They first welcomed him and then said:
Paddy: Mayor is very interesting. He doesn’t say things like some of us. Well, let’s imagine he is here with us.
Paddy: You are so very smart.
Amooti as Sebaggala: Oh, I are I?

So let’s say a prayer!
Like I said while starting this story; Pam awards had a mixture of emotions and incidents and what else would fit better than a prayer. So, let’s join the Pam awards chairman, Isaac Mulindwa to say a prayer and hope for a better ceremony next year.

Naked girl
Somebody had better call the naked police...
We have a suspect at the Pam awards and she is seated next to former Obsessions’ dancer Macrine – actually they resemble and are bosom -buddies.
Think you can identify her and make the arrest yourself? Here is her photo…

Rocky Kiss
Who knew Rocky Giant had it in him?
Kissing skills, that is.
Maybe he thought most of us doubted a “bad boy” like him would be smooth on women and he wanted to prove us wrong – the fella kissed his girlfriend on stage as they came to collect his Best Hip-Hop Artiste award.
Walukagga taunts Ssebbaale
Best Kadongo Kamu Artiste award winner Mathias Walukagga hurried to attack losing nominee Fred Ssebbaale calling him the “fluker in the category.”
He has no new music and his Abasitamira Emmere (nominated for Best Kadongo Kamu Single) is of 2003,” said Walukagga, “I was going to protest if he had won.”

Shut your dirty bums girl
For the love of God, somebody pass Henry Tigan’s dancer a longer skirt.
This bum is most unsightly.
You might think, I have issues with Henry Tigan but what can’t you see?
No, this performance has been planned and I expected Tigan to be as much prepared as his dancers.
And then she shows her dirty bum to very respected people of this country – ah, would any of you Adam and Eve it with her – maybe in the name of comedy.

What’s up with Jackie Chan?
She is Jackie Chandiru! Don’t argue…she is the one. We were also arguing like you until we moved up-close…
We weren’t also aware that the Blu*3 crooner wanted to be the next Straka Mwezi.
Yes, at this rate of bulging and loss of the fashion sense, Rafshizzle is sure Straka faces a stiff competition from Jackie. What’s the dealio girl?

Bebe Cool’s winning or losing colours?
At last year’s Pam awards, Bebe Cool put on a red shirt. He wore a similar red shirt throughout his Bafudde concerts in Kampala and Jinja recently and it’s the same shirt he came wearing at the Pam awards this year. Well, he lost the top award last year and this year though he made good money during the Bafudde concerts. So, now we are confused whether to say red is his lucky or unlucky colour. That’s a lot of superstition from Rafshizzle and I would be comfortable to settle in God’s path because it’s what most of us understand better.