Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chameleone, MTN fall out after Akon UG concert

BIG IS BIG: As you can see, Chameleone was smitten with Akon and there was no way he was going to say no to sharing the same stage with world's number one, moreover with Shs5 million bonus from Celtel

That’s right folks, MTN Uganda has officially dumped Jose Chameleone.
And the lanky star is “not heartbroken,” so he told us.
It happened like this...
Chameleone claims that he has been going to MTN for his allowance of four months but in vain. So when other telecommunication companies offered him cash to perform he had no choice. Therefore he ended up performing at the Celtel-sponsored Rock with Akon concert where many MTN staff members were in attendance at Lugogo. Then all of a sudden, Chameleone was singing praises for Celtel and even asked the audience to wave their Celtel bandanas as he performed.
One of the MTN staff who was near us was mad at Chameleone’s stunt and even added, “That one is finished, we made the decision (to chuck him) long time ago and now he has just hit the final nail in his own coffin…”
But Chameleone told Rafshizzle that he has no regrets because he will be a free agent who can perform for anybody at any time with no strings attached.
Whatever happens, folks, we shall be availing you with the full break-up drama as it comes in.

Obama gets a Boulevard in Masaka

Give us an O! Give us a B! Give us an A! Give us an M! Give us an A!
Who have you got? Obama, that’s who.
Surely, you must have seen many cars in Kampala with a sticker bearing this name on their windscreens and you could also know that he is an American presidential aspirant.
But Masaka people value Barrack Obama more than you could think.
Actually, they have decided to name one of their roads after him.
Our sources in the central district told us that residents of Kitigondo in Masaka, led by Kampala businessman Frank Gashumba, have named one of the roads in the area after the democrat and now the road is called Barrack Obama Boulevard.
The road leads to Gashumba’s farm in the area and he said, “Obama has shown us all that someone can come from nowhere and give the entire world hope. He makes you proud to be black and instead of naming our roads with funny names we should learn appreciating our own heroes as blacks.”
So, Mr Obama, you have a vote in Masaka although it doesn't count.

Akon in Kenya this month

ON HIS WAY THERE: Akon promised to perform in Kenya very soon

Akon, finally, performed in Ugandan but is there any chance that our brothers and sisters in Kenya will ever see him?
We’ll soon find out because Akon said so and he even met with the Kenyan promoters at Serena Hotel in Kampala.
A source told Rafshizzle that the Senegalese songster held a 20-minute meeting with the organisers of the Akon Kenya concert on Friday morning and the result was positive.
Even during a press conference at Celtel House Akon said he had suggested to fly straight to Kenya after Uganda but “those guys (Kenyan promoters) said they could not put together the show in time so I’ll find another time. We’ll go to Kenya very soon, why not.”
Is there a better way than hearing it from the horse’s mouth, Kenyans?
Moreover, a source has told us that Akon is set to perform in Kenya on May 22, which will be a Thursday.
“But that date could still change,” said the source.
The source added that Akon told the Kenyan promoters that he will be busy on weekends of May so the only option was to hold the concert on a weekday.
Good luck, Kenyans!

Divizionz now on CNN

When we switched on our TV sets, last week, we were in for a surprise.
Yes, we’d heard Divizionz was at the Berlin film festivals early this year and that even Don Mugisha was interviewed on DWTV.
But it turns out the feature film has a little something more and it’s bigger than we probably thought.
Yes, the Divizionz’s director/co-producer Don Mugisha and co-producer James Tayler were interviewed by CNN as well. The first part of the two-part interview was aired last week with both producers explaining the storyline of the film.
The interview was screened on CNN’s Screening Room show and the final part will air early next month.
Divizionz, which just won two awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, stars local singers Bobi Wine and Buchaman.
And as soon as we saw this interview on CNN we simply said: “It’s 100% bad news…”

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Akooooooooooooonnnn: He Is Here...

When Rafshizzle says, he means it...
Look, lads and lasses, we told you the man is coming for real and if you doubt please just make it a point to return to this blog after 10 p.m. tonight for the pictures of his arrival.
He hasn't touched down at Entebbe Airport as yet but I've just been talking to Celtel's Fred Masadde who's travellig with him and he says they are on jet en-route to Uganda.
Actually, even Akon himself and his manager Robert Carnes were on phone to prove they are coming. The jet will land at the airport at exactly 9 p.m. tonight and Akon will be driven straight to Serena Hotel where he will stay for some hours before joining Kampala party-animals at Club Sway at around midnight. He will be at Sway for less than 30 minutes and he will return to the hotel to wait until Friday for next action, including going to Nakivubo Primary School to give out Celtel books in the morning. However, the bigger action will come in evening at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Akon coming for real!

READY FOR THIS: Under 18s won't be allowed at Akon concert on Friday to avoid a similar incident

How we love it when we break the news. Huh! It’s really fun-tastic to hear that Akon is, this time around, coming for real.
Folks, you have always trusted Rafshizzle at this Showbiz shed so just sit, relax and watch us do the game we do best – unearthing the latest goss.
Hope you remember that one time I went and visited Akon and even entered his house with Tanzanian promoter Joseph Kusagga who brought him for the Tanzanian Fiesta two years ago. If you doubt just make it a point to ask him when he comes down here (don’t say he won’t come). I’m not a PRO for Celtel but the truth is that I talked to the chap myself and exchanged texts with Jah Robert Carnes, his manager and they confirmed to me that the chart-bursting star will perform in Kampala on Friday. These are people I talk to on personal level. However, Carnes was hesitant on if they would arrive here by Wednesday evening.
Then I got a chance to speak to 50 Cent’s manager who was in Tanzania with the G-Unit lead-singer (Fiddy himself) and he also confirmed that actually Akon had told them he was coming to Uganda this week.
“He (Akon) said he was coming to perform this week in Uganda, a country neighbouring where we’re performing this week,” he told Rafshizzle, “Akon is coming to Uganda, am sure about that.” 50 Cent performed in Tanzania on Sunday and according to popular events organiser and Clouds FM owner Joseph Kusagga, “the concert was remarkable. Cent is such a big entertainer and I want to tell you that he rocked big time, man.”

Well, we hope that something good happens in Uganda too this Friday.