Friday, March 21, 2008

New reality TV show starts in June

There is a group of Ugandans who believe that most of the items in the Big Brother Africa house are not “African” and therefore it is not really “Big Brother Africa”, but essentially just a Big Brother-style show with African contestants.
But what have they done to change that?
Well, they have come up with a similar show but more Africanised.
Hanifah Hernandez, Grace Nakate and Xena Bantariza under the umbrella of Cultural Education Organisation are set to start a reality TV show called Muvabulaaya.
12 Ugandans (six from abroad and six living here) will have to live in the Muvabulaaya House for 31 days with cameras watching them 24/7.
However, unlike BBA, in Muvabulaaya housemates will also be involved in tasks outside the house, like fishing and hunting.
Housemates will be given cultural-based tasks and the public will have the final say on who leaves the house.
The Muvabulaaya House is under construction in Gulu and the show is set to hit the airwaves in June. And very soon auditions will start, so watch this space.

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