Friday, June 27, 2008

Guess my celeb mum…

Pictures Exclusive:
Some children don’t need to find fame - it finds them.
When it does, it’s in the form of their celebrity parentage.
And this cupid is part of that brood of famous kiddies because he has kept us talking.
So, just who is his mummy?
Well, at one stage in her career she won the Best Female Artist of the Year award and she is always on and off the plane.
Got it yet?
Well, let’s help, she is artist Iryn Namubiru – we know why some of you never thought of her as this baby’s mother. Some tabloids reported that Namubiru’s baby is as black as “charcoal” hence insinuating that her French boyfriend is not the father of her baby but we now hope that the speculation ends with the picture of this light-skinned cherub. And his name is Al Molaire.
Welcome to the world of showbiz, boy.

And here is the picture of the boy and, what a lovely pair, umm


Okunga said...

well, thnx for the update!!!
hey, how are u doing?
By the way, I will smooch you tomoro, now that u heeded the flush!!
Listen out tomoro for ya smooch.

Okunga said...

Rafshizzle, that means u don't check the comments left on your blog!!!
Wow, anyway, thanks for the lugambo.