Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bebe Cool’s starship demands

We all know Bebe Cool is the Artiste of the Year this year.
But he wants to make sure we all know how laudable his win is.
Speaking to us through a web chat the self-imposed Titanic Big Size took time out from talking about Zuena’s beauty to the fact that he is number one in Ugandan music. “I’m a Ugandan hero, and I was man y years ago,” he exclaimed. “If you think I’m wrong, look back at the things I have done for Ugandan music.”
Well, yeah, we’re not debating that.
But then the contentious issue here is Bebe asking for a hero’s reception as he returns from the US ahead of his December 4 concert.
He returns on November 22 and he wants as many people to pour by the roadside as he drives from Entebbe to Kampala this Sunday.
“When I think about people like Inzikuru, Gaetano and Kipsiro, I just see my name in the middle there,” added Bebe, “I should be welcomed the same way.”
Good to know, Bebe, good to know.

Chilli gets Orange deal

Big congratulations to Chilli Galz.
They have gone and landed themselves a lucrative performance deal with Orange Telecom which will see them do gigs with different other artistes countrywide.
Sure, that doesn’t sound like huge since many artistes have got it before but have you got one?
That is exactly what we’re talking about.
Well, the all-girl group has so far accomplished part of the contract by performing for Orange in Gulu, Arua and four other northern towns and they will soon move to the west and central. The amount paid to them is something our Sherlock at Orange is still looking for but the rumour is that it is big enough.
Congs once again!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bebe, Zuena in nasty accident

CAPTIONS: Bebe Cool and Zuena's car and the couple peforming in Lira hours before the accident.

Bebe Cool’s recovery from gunshots was yesterday jeopardized after the singer was involved in a nasty accident in Kakooge, Nakasongola on the Kampala–Gulu highway. According to fellow artiste Jose Chameleone, who was driving behind his colleague, Bebe Cool’s car veered off the road after its rear tyre bust. The car was damaged substantially, said Nakasongola Police Station boss Peter Magezi. They were returning from a show in Lira.
“I was driving in front of him but when I branched off to refuel my car, he passed me,” said Chameleone. “Shortly somebody came to our car and told us that our friend had ‘finished off his car’ but I didn’t think it was Bebe Cool. When we rushed to the scene of the accident I found that it was Zuena’s car in accident but we found when they had been taken to a clinic.”
Chameleone told Daily Monitor that Bebe Cool, who was with his wife Zuena Kirema and three other people in the car, was not badly hurt. Zuena, however, was unconscious when they were taken to a local clinic for first aid. “Zuena and Bebe’s bouncer were seriously hurt,” said Chameleone. The car, a Honda CRV that Bebe bought Zuena as a present when she returned to his home recently, was smashed beyond repair.
Bebe Cool said, after the accident, that he was not injured but needed to see doctors first.
One of the guys who were in the car with Bebe only identified as Ssiwa told Rafshizzle that the car was not moving fast.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bobi answers Bebe in Kataala

CAPTION: Bebe with wife Zuena and daughter Beata in front of his Hummer

The person who cares most about Bebe Cool believes the Bogolako singer desperately needs help, but he (Bebe) refuses to listen.
Bobi Wine is that person - at least, according to the Ghetto President himself.
Bobi says he has been trying to render some help to his musical brother but he instead gets insults in return - and now Bobi Wine has put the story in a new song called Kataala.
Actually, the Ghetto Gladiator attacks Big Size in the song on different things.
In the partly crude song, Bobi claims that it was his song Wesotinge which helped Bebe get Zuena back but he never got an appreciation message. He also attacks Bebe for using Zuena in the video of Kasepiki saying that people who "use their brain don't do such a thing."
He also advises Bebe Cool to go back to school and get some "more knowledge" to help him "through this world."
Over to you, Bebe.

Chameleone outs Basiima Ogenze remix

Just before launching his Basiima Ogenze album a few weeks ago, Chameleone was in the news for reportedly meeting with some State House officials who wanted him to redo the song in two different languages.
It was reported that Chameleone had been asked, with orders from President Museveni, to redo Basiima Ogenze in Runyankore and Swahili. The song hits at people who appreciate someone after he/she has died or left.
And now the latest from Leone Island indicates that the sick singer is back in studio working on Basiima Ogenze the Swahili version.
"Basiima Ogenze in Swahili should be ready for distribution this week," said an insider."He (Chameleone) will then turn to another version which is in vernacular."
Given that the original version is in Luganda (vernacular) we would like to anticipate that it's the Runyankore version next though Chameleone has since declined to comment about his connection with State House.
He recently told Sqoop that he is not political and doesn't favour any political party or politician but he simply sings to make his fans happy and making money.
With the presidential campaigns around the corner, Chameleone might want to make some 'political money' - just thinking.

Wanyoto starts music group

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the money in the music.
True, ZK advertising company boss Anthony Wanyoto is into music promotion now.
Not that Wanyoto has left ZK, but he has started a music group as his other business.
The music group is called Extreme Gang and it's going through the music tutorship of prolific songwriter Mr Saxess. He has invested in around Shs10 million so far in getting them a residential and recording their first song which features Mickie Wine - and it was recorded at Dream Studios.
Extreme Gang is made up of four boys but Wanyoto is also looking for some girls to add in.
We're also told, Wanyoto is considering setting up a music studio for the group besides putting a healthy club and other recreational stuff at their residence.
Sounds like extreme pamper.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joel Isabirye marries --- again

But why, why...why do all good things come to an end? Things like marriage, really!
We were there as Capital/Beat FM programs director Joel Isabirye wedded Grace Naisamura about four years ago. It was a lavish reception in Bbunga; we ate, drank and celebrated with them upon making a big step in their lives. They were so much in love and all along we thought it was bliss until last week when Joel got introduced by another girl, Sharon Nagadya. And we hear Joel and Sharon, who also works for Beat FM, will be tying the knot in two months time.
Sharon introduced Joel to her parents in Zirobwe, Luwero last week and the introduction ceremony was attended by a host of Kampalans and the village folks.
We're also told that, actually, Joel broke up with Grace over two years ago. Joel then drew massive reaction on his Facebook page when he changed his status from married to single about four months ago.
We thought he was joking but he's confirmed it with an introduction.
Joel was not picking our calls but we'll be open to his comments after this story.
Come on, Joel.

When Nation Media Uganda visisted Bududa...

On Tuesday, March 23 2010, NMG staff represented by Monitor Publications, NTV , The East African together with staff from partner organizations such as SPEDAG, AON, UCHUMI and KPI travelled to Bulucheke Camp to deliver relief items to the mud slide survivors.
20 metric tons of assorted items were donated, including blankets, clothes, mosquito nets, food stuffs, family tents, jerricans, basins and plates. The people of Bududa were so grateful to NMG for the support (Moral and Financial)extended.
Rafshizzle was part of the contributors - I believe many of you out there can still do something about this.
Keep donating, Bududa needs us.

D'Banj falls in love - with Genevieve

D'Banj says he and Genevieve Naji have great chemistry and that it's full steam on the love boat between the singer and the actress.
We obtained an interview that the Koko Master did with Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko-Korkus and the reigning MTV Africa best singer revealed that he is in love with Nigeria's top actress.
"It's been long I felt this way about anyone," said D'Banj of Genevieve.
Actually, D'Banj has used Genevieve as the vixen in the video of his hit Fall In Love, which is well-known in Kampala and he added, "I don't know what other words to use to qualify my feelings but when you see the video, you'll know that it's not just a video, it was me talking to my girl for real."
Publicity stunt?
D'Banji had this to say; "I don't care what people say. Right now, we want to be together and we don't want to hide it anymore. I want to be able to take her out."
About marriage, D’Banj told Dimoko-Korkus: "Like I just told you now, Genevieve is my girlfriend, in fact I don't like using that word, she's my baby, she’s my everything and I love her. We are both very mature people and we are also very private people. There’s a big difference between our public lives and our private lives. We would like to take it one step at a time right now and would appreciate it if people will respect our need for privacy at this time."
Let's stop here, D'Banj wants privacy.

Bebe gets State House security

A few months ago we doubt - today we're convinced he is big. Or rather his shooting with a blessing in disguise of kind.
Because, now, Bebe Cool moves with two security guards provided to him by the state.
They are armed and move in uniforms.
They open the car door when he is entering and when he is getting out.
One walks in front of him and another from behind. They even escort his wife when he is home and she wants to go to town.
We were part of the overwhelmed group at Nakumatti Supermarket when Big Size came with his family and the guards.
A reliable source, then, told us that the issue of guarding Bebe Cool came from the top.
How we wish...

MTN's Sheila under Lionel fire

MTN is highly focused on the World Cup and don't even think of bringing any big artiste to Uganda soon.
That is how it is, at least according to the MTN Uganda publicist Ms Sheila Kangwagye.
Sheila contacted us complaining about the number of calls --- including his father's --- asking her to secure them a ticket to the legend's concert.
"People think MTN is bringing Lionel Richie," she said. "I'm tired of answering calls about Lionel Richie. We're not bringing him."
However, Sheila says she has also heard about the American R&B sensation coming to Uganda.
"True, I have a few people talk about Lionel Richie coming but like I said, it's not MTN bringing him," she added. "I hope he comes but people shouldn't connect his coming to us because not even a single person has contacted us about sponsoring that show."
We're getting nervous!