Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama gets a Boulevard in Masaka

Give us an O! Give us a B! Give us an A! Give us an M! Give us an A!
Who have you got? Obama, that’s who.
Surely, you must have seen many cars in Kampala with a sticker bearing this name on their windscreens and you could also know that he is an American presidential aspirant.
But Masaka people value Barrack Obama more than you could think.
Actually, they have decided to name one of their roads after him.
Our sources in the central district told us that residents of Kitigondo in Masaka, led by Kampala businessman Frank Gashumba, have named one of the roads in the area after the democrat and now the road is called Barrack Obama Boulevard.
The road leads to Gashumba’s farm in the area and he said, “Obama has shown us all that someone can come from nowhere and give the entire world hope. He makes you proud to be black and instead of naming our roads with funny names we should learn appreciating our own heroes as blacks.”
So, Mr Obama, you have a vote in Masaka although it doesn't count.

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