Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mesach survives gunshots

We always think of celebrities as always happy people but it seems they’re as prone to problems as we are.
Look at Mesach Semakula who was attacked by gunmen last week.
Poor Mesach was returning home at past midnight on Thursday when a gang of three waved at his car in Namasuba, Kikajjo.
He told 24/7 that he first stopped but when he realised they were having guns he decided to restart the car.
“They kept shouting ordering me to get out of the car and one shot in the air,” he said, “But then my heart told me ‘if they’ve come to kill you they will whether you stop or not’ so I decided to speed off.”
Semakula said that the thugs tried to chase him but lost way because they were on foot.
“What helped me is that I was driving a four wheel drive car and I could pass anywhere,” he added.

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