Monday, July 21, 2008

Juliana still rocking in USA

KANYIMBEEEEEE...:Juliana performs in Chicago recently

Call us sagacious mites who have seen the best of performers world over but we just can’t get enough of Juliana Kanyomozi, here at the Rafshizzle shed.
Some of us watch purely to observe her stage technique, while the rest of you are checking out her toned body and what her mama gave her, you know...
So, how fortunate for those, then, who are in the US where the Kibaluma star is on a music tour. In fact, reports from USA state that Juliana has brought down the house in Buffalo, New York, Chicago & Minnesota so far. She wasn’t alone though – she was joined by Chagga and she told Rafshizzle that together they steamed the ball up in Chicago with their dance tunes – concisely they set the roof on fire!
But just when the fire brigade were about to be called, Juliana cooled the crowds down with some easy listening love ballads. What a running order, eh?
And trust Juliana to be a go-getter because she also went to one of Chicago’s most-happening clubs Wild Hare, where she met with the place’s popular band Gizzae and she revealed to us that she will be doing a collabo with them.
Hmmm, go girl…

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