Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chameleone, MTN fall out after Akon UG concert

BIG IS BIG: As you can see, Chameleone was smitten with Akon and there was no way he was going to say no to sharing the same stage with world's number one, moreover with Shs5 million bonus from Celtel

That’s right folks, MTN Uganda has officially dumped Jose Chameleone.
And the lanky star is “not heartbroken,” so he told us.
It happened like this...
Chameleone claims that he has been going to MTN for his allowance of four months but in vain. So when other telecommunication companies offered him cash to perform he had no choice. Therefore he ended up performing at the Celtel-sponsored Rock with Akon concert where many MTN staff members were in attendance at Lugogo. Then all of a sudden, Chameleone was singing praises for Celtel and even asked the audience to wave their Celtel bandanas as he performed.
One of the MTN staff who was near us was mad at Chameleone’s stunt and even added, “That one is finished, we made the decision (to chuck him) long time ago and now he has just hit the final nail in his own coffin…”
But Chameleone told Rafshizzle that he has no regrets because he will be a free agent who can perform for anybody at any time with no strings attached.
Whatever happens, folks, we shall be availing you with the full break-up drama as it comes in.

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