Monday, September 29, 2008


To my friend antipop - sorry for the mix-up! The fact is that I meant so say that a similar story happened in western Uganda just like what happened in Kenya.
I'm sorry and I think now you can enjoy a redone article, otherwise thanks for the correction - I'm glad!

Pastor wipes off sweat with panties

Today I saw a story about Pastor Kiweweesi in the papers , then I remembered the other day I read a story about another pastor in western Uganda who does the same. This whole circus keeps me wondering what's gone wrong with our pastors and to make matters worse, it seems the problem is with pastors world over. I read a story from Kenya and it goes like this:

A pastor caused a stir when he removed a woman’s panties from his pocket and used it to wipe sweat from his face in the middle of a sermon.
Apparently the man of the cloth thought he was wiping out a handkerchief to clear his forehead of sweat as he preached under a blazing sun.
The incident, which occurred during a lunch hour sermon at a popular open-air church in Kisii town, confounded worshippers who were later seen discussing their pastor in groups.
It later emerged that the pastor, who is married with one child, had spent the previous night with a member of his congregation after lying to his wife that he was attending nightlong prayers popularly known as kesha in the town and would, therefore, be away from home.
The woman is married and her husband works in Nairobi.
It is suspected that after spending the night in the woman’s house, the pastor was leaving hurriedly in the wee hours when he pocketed his lover’s underwear thinking it was his handkerchief.
But his adulterous adventures caught up with him while delivering the lunchtime sermon before a huge gathering when he wiped out the ‘handkerchief’ to the utter shock of believers.
"One of the faithful walked straight to the pulpit and alerted him about the mistake upon which he quickly returned the underwear into his pocket. But it was too late as his wife was in attendance and had seen everything," Mr Martin Okoyo, who attended the session, told this reporter.
The pastor cut short his sermon and retreated into the church building with his wife in tow. It was not immediately established what transpired between the two.
One of the churchgoers, Gladys Monyangi, a hawker in town said they are still waiting for word from the pastor over the issue.
The incident has been the talk of the town with bar patrons having a field day castigating religious leaders who preach water and drink wine.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your reliable BBA3 Blog...

CAPTION: Uganda housemate Morris Mugisha. We've got to protech him
Folks, starting today you will be getting the best of Big Brother Africa 3 from here at Rafshizzle
Today we have a story written by one of the ladies who watch the game show on the clock and she has got something to say about this week’s evictions; read on:

Hi folks,
The time has come for us to permanently evict yet another housemate. Uti, Ricco and Lucile are up for possible eviction. I personally can’t believe Mimi survived that list…even harder to believe is that TK won H.O.H. the dude does everything in slow motion how could he beat anyone at anything!!!
So whose it gonna be? Uti is totally off limits for us as Ugandans. Not only is he the most cheeky, honest, in your face, take it or leave it character in the house, he is also the only friend Morris has. (Déjà vu? Remember the Ofunneka and Maureen connection?) With people like Sheila the liar, Morris needs all the back up he can get.
So that leaves Ricco and Lucile. Ricco is a gossip, a snake, a two timer, a hot light skinned brother. Lucile is a hottie that comes alive when she’s got alcohol in her system. If she leaves, Ricco will swiftly and promptly move on to Mimi or Hazel (boy doesn’t discriminate). He is however not happy about Tawana’s return as he knows she has not only been watching them, she spent time with Latoya who gave her info on him. So we know she will be off limits for him. Plus Sheila and TK seem to have a thing. Why? No one can tell you.
But then again if he leaves, we watch to see if Lucile lets her guard down and lets Munya in or will she shock us and shack up with Morris? Stranger things have happened – TK is Head Of House – I rest my case. And how will Mimi react with no Ricco to gossip with?
All scenarios of course leave TK with enemies. I leave it up to you…UG…Lucile or Ricco…
To vote;
By SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE LUCILE and send to 6626.
Online – you can vote LUCILE out of the house for free on the official BBA website ( ).
By phone – you can also vote LUCILE out by dialing +27839000000 and selecting the number that corresponds to LUCILE.
Let us face it…she is not as entertaining as Ricco

Lil Wayne in Kenya, T.I. coming...

CAPTION: T.I. kisses the forehead of lady Tiny after a performance

Here at Rafshizzle, we break most of the biggest news - no doubt about that so hear this:
Rapper Lil Wayne of the Lollipop fame will be headlining a concert in Nairobi late this year and a Ugandan promoter is in talks with the Kenya guys, bringing Lil Wayne, to see if the King of Bling Bling can extend his stay in East Africa and performs in Uganda. If the deal goes through, Lil Wayne's concert will be held in the Sheraton Hotel Gardens. For more details and developments about this story, please keep it right here. Meanwhile, there is also another developing story about the coming of hardcore rapper T.I. of the Do It fame to Uganda at the end of the year. T.I.'s latest single Whatever You Like was number one on the Billboard Charts until last week when it dropped to number two. And if he comes, he will be the second artist to come to Uganda when he has song in the top ten on the Billboard - you know, such things matter as in how hot is the artist and so it increases his demand world over. Born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., T.I. is celebrating his 28th birthday today - Happy Birthday to you, boy!
Well, we all know, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukuduzi, Kevin Lyttle, PJ Powers, Regina Belle, Sean Kingston, Soweto String Quartet, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Joe and Boys II Men are on their way to Uganda and yet this year alone we've witnessed Akon, UB40, Shaggy, Kevin Lyttle, K-Ci & Jojo, Kirk Franklin, Collie Buddz, Mr Vegas and Brick & Lace perform. Banange!
Uganda, this is our year!!!

Reason for Maureen's joy...

Some people like their eggs scrambled, some like them poached or just plain easy over.
But former Big Brother Africa housemate, Maureen Namatovu’s eggs have been whipped up a little differently.
In fact, they’ve been fertilised.
That’s right folks, our Sherlocks have confirmed Namatovu and her Mzungu fiancée are expecting their first child.
A source, who is also a close pal of Namatovu, said: “Maureen is expecting and the couple is delighted and excited. She’s pregnant with the Mzungu’s baby and not Moses like some press guys have always stated.”
Namatovu fell out with boyfriend Moses after her stint in the BBA 2 house and she eventually decided to move on and recently she introduced her white fiancée to her parents.
Earlier this year Namatovu was overheard saying: “I love kids and I would love to have mine but my first is taking longer than I thought.”
Maybe her wish will soon be granted...

Mesach survives gunshots

We always think of celebrities as always happy people but it seems they’re as prone to problems as we are.
Look at Mesach Semakula who was attacked by gunmen last week.
Poor Mesach was returning home at past midnight on Thursday when a gang of three waved at his car in Namasuba, Kikajjo.
He told 24/7 that he first stopped but when he realised they were having guns he decided to restart the car.
“They kept shouting ordering me to get out of the car and one shot in the air,” he said, “But then my heart told me ‘if they’ve come to kill you they will whether you stop or not’ so I decided to speed off.”
Semakula said that the thugs tried to chase him but lost way because they were on foot.
“What helped me is that I was driving a four wheel drive car and I could pass anywhere,” he added.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daniella’s bump over-time


Chameleone's wife Daniella Atim has given birth to a bouncing baby boy at Kololo Hospital. They have named the baby Alfa (not Alpha) Joseph Mayanja Junior. In fact, Daniella was in labour on Tuesday night and delivered the tot on Wednesday morning at 4 a.m.
For more details please stay right here and we also have good photos of the baby, the mother and Chameleone himself at the hospital, only that we're still loading them, so hang on, people!

Miss Uganda!!!!!!!!

The Miss Uganda organisers are still at war with last year’s winner Monica Kansiime who says she was side-stepped and mistreated though they also think she didn’t perform her duties accordingly; hence why they didn't give her the $3,000 she was supposed to get at the end of her reign. The main sponsors, Uganda Telecom pulled out of the event and the organisers, MKM are yet to clear a food bill standing at Shs16m – the meals were served by Kampala Serena Hotel at the finals held at the hotel.
Utl say MKM should clear the bill and MKM also say utl is supposed to do so, on grounds that the telecommunication company released “inadequate money” for organising the event. ”utl only provided Shs50m for the finals yet they signed a one-year-rolling contract worth Shs120m annually,” reads a statement from MKM.
Basically there is just a lot we can tell you about Miss Uganda but the latest news from there is of tycoon Bob Kabonero’s intent to buy the Miss Uganda franchise.
MKM Limited, the Miss Uganda franchise holders in Uganda, confirmed the Kabonero story but said they’re not willing to sell. In fact, they said they are currently talking to different companies over a possible sponsorship deal.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something has hit TPF’s Steven

It’s the type of thing that gets your tummy a-twirling and your heart a-pumping.
Yes, we’re talking love, because according to Kenyan newest newspaper Daily Metro, former Tusker Project Fame contestant Steven Oundo has been cruising on the love boat with an unidentified girl in Mombasa. Daily Metro, which is under the Nation Media Group of Companies (NMG) and one of our sister papers in Kenya, reported that Steven and his mysterious girl were spotted on an intimate date at Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa last week.
Now, we’ve been spying him ever since he told us, in an interview, that he is “single but not searching” and there we were thinking it was just friends and the like with the girls we’ve seen him with!
But it seems Steven has now changed his status from single to in a relationship, moreover, Daily Metro also reported that he is set to hold a secret wedding very soon.