Friday, March 21, 2008

Naava has been dumped!

CAPTION: Suzan Naava seated with David Obua's brother Eric Obua at the USPA gala last week. On the extreme right is her Ex-boyfriend boxer Justin Juuko.

That’s right folks, we have officially decided to dump our girlfriend, Suzan Naava.
And we are heartbroken.
You know, we heard that she was dating quite a few chaps including footballer David Obua so we decided to call her some time last month. And to our delight, she denied and told Rafshizzle, “Am single and seeing nobody at the moment.”
Then we started wishing for a date with her, and maybe, as you also know!
Then all of a sudden, apparently, she decided she wasn’t going to be single any more.
We mean, the hotwire has it that Naava is so smitten with David Obua that she wants him by her side all the time. That she normally flies to South Africa for some romance with him.
“When Obua is away, Naava hangs out with his brothers to show that she isn’t cheating,” a source said.
And Saturday was D-Day for us to see for ourselves as Naava attended the USPA gala with Obua’s brother and even carried Obua’s accolade to the car after the event. And another person told us she spends nights at Obua’s place and they always see her leaving his home every morning.
Whatever, Naava. It is too late. It is so over. Our poor hearts can’t withstand such.
Don’t even deny!

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