Monday, August 18, 2008

Da Twinz are coming home

CAPTION: Da Twinz are set to board a plane heading to Kampala

Dennis Mugagga, one of Da Twinz rang Rafshizzle last week and said they are in talks with a local promoter to start publicizing their concert scheduled for Easter weekend in Kampala. Mugagga said they would stage two shows in Kampala and Jinja during their stay. He also rebuffed reports that the pair can’t return to Uganda because they don’t have proper documents supporting their stay in the UK. In fact, he said, they would return to UK after the concerts.
He also promised to launch new songs while in Uganda and he promised a “super live concert.”
Well, our job is to inform the public about every development so, hope we’ve done this perfectly and now Denis and Dan, the ball is in your court to deliver…

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florence said...

these ones have been coming for the last five years when are they arriving is all we want to know coz there music is brill