Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ex-Obsessions Helen, Brenda start group

Welcome to the HB Toxic…
Well, it sounds like a bomb but wait don't run, instead pass by Club Rouge on Friday and trust me you will get what exactly those two big words stand for.
Well, Rafshizzle can reveal to you that after leaving the Obsessions, Brenda Nabi and Helen Lukoma couldn’t leave their singing and dancing career go to the dogs.
And yes, they are the two ladies behind the new singing-duo called HB Toxic duo and they are set for their first performance at Club Rouge on Friday.
The gorgeous pair has called themselves HB Toxic because they believe the name reflects their “amazing and intoxicating personalities.”
HB stands for the initials of their first names- Helen & Brenda, while they added “toxic” because they believe they are going to “intoxicate all Ugandans, Africans, and music lovers the world over” with their dancing and singing skills.
Well, Brenda also says they will mainly sing in English, Luganda and Swahili.
And the lithe cuties have already recorded three songs, namely, Lovely, All I Need featuring Tanzanian Rapper A-Y and Kyenninawo featuring Gen. Mega Dee.


Maria said...

I Wonder why they left the obsessions. surely that group had gone through so much hell

florence said...

they finally realised that them air heads ronnie mulindwa and remmy lubega were just using them and filling there pockets rock on gals all the best