Monday, September 29, 2008

Pastor wipes off sweat with panties

Today I saw a story about Pastor Kiweweesi in the papers , then I remembered the other day I read a story about another pastor in western Uganda who does the same. This whole circus keeps me wondering what's gone wrong with our pastors and to make matters worse, it seems the problem is with pastors world over. I read a story from Kenya and it goes like this:

A pastor caused a stir when he removed a woman’s panties from his pocket and used it to wipe sweat from his face in the middle of a sermon.
Apparently the man of the cloth thought he was wiping out a handkerchief to clear his forehead of sweat as he preached under a blazing sun.
The incident, which occurred during a lunch hour sermon at a popular open-air church in Kisii town, confounded worshippers who were later seen discussing their pastor in groups.
It later emerged that the pastor, who is married with one child, had spent the previous night with a member of his congregation after lying to his wife that he was attending nightlong prayers popularly known as kesha in the town and would, therefore, be away from home.
The woman is married and her husband works in Nairobi.
It is suspected that after spending the night in the woman’s house, the pastor was leaving hurriedly in the wee hours when he pocketed his lover’s underwear thinking it was his handkerchief.
But his adulterous adventures caught up with him while delivering the lunchtime sermon before a huge gathering when he wiped out the ‘handkerchief’ to the utter shock of believers.
"One of the faithful walked straight to the pulpit and alerted him about the mistake upon which he quickly returned the underwear into his pocket. But it was too late as his wife was in attendance and had seen everything," Mr Martin Okoyo, who attended the session, told this reporter.
The pastor cut short his sermon and retreated into the church building with his wife in tow. It was not immediately established what transpired between the two.
One of the churchgoers, Gladys Monyangi, a hawker in town said they are still waiting for word from the pastor over the issue.
The incident has been the talk of the town with bar patrons having a field day castigating religious leaders who preach water and drink wine.

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the antipop said...

raf, this is not accurate at all. This happened in kenya, and not in western uganda. in fact those names sound nothing like anything from the west.