Thursday, November 26, 2009

Which Hollywood star is coming?

Like we said, last week, we're very keen on the issue of Hollywood stars sneaking into the country and going to the north without our knowledge.
So we have planted some Sherlocks in northern Uganda to inform us on the developments in that regard - and so far, we're told there are many set to come in the near future.
Rumour has it that sensational actor cum singer Will Smith will be visiting the former war zone in February next year.
However, the confirmed news is of the coming of Girls Aloud's Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh alongside BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles.
A source in northern Uganda tells Sqoop that the locals are already "aware of the forthcoming visit of footballer Ashley Cole's wife Cheryl and a number of other entertainers."
A statement on BBC Radio One website also confirms: " After their triumphant climb up Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this year for Comic Relief, Kimberley from Girls Aloud was reunited with Chris to announce that the pair will be going to Uganda in December to see how the money raised is being spent."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


MEN ON THE MONEY: Kevin, Edward and Itai

Day 72 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION was all about testing scientific theories and discussing conspiracy theories. No different from another day in the Big Brother house – except now the conspiracies are part of this week’s task!

This week’s task is called the Industrial Revolution and housemates are required to act as lab rats and test some of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries. The myths to be tested include: “can you make good luck?”, “who has the highest pain threshold – men or women?”, “gravity – can it be overcome” and a variety of food and alcohol-based myths.

The task presentation will be a scientific arrangement of the findings of the experiments, revealed in an entertaining way. During all of their investigations, they may not sleep a wink during the day!

The Housemates were alarmed by Big Brother's "no sleeping" rule and debate over whether to wager 100%, with Itai leading the case for maximizing their win, while Nkenna reminded everyone that all the tasks have lost so far have been because of sleep infringements. After Emma and Mzamo add their voices to the debate, the housemates decide to wager 50% of their Sha-Sha’s on the outcome of the task.

Can you make good luck? The Housemates test out the theory with a mix of raw and boiled eggs bashed against the head.

The first theory the housemates tested was “can you make good luck?”. In the garden, they found 7 trays of eggs. On each tray, half the eggs are boiled and the other half raw. They randomly selected 6 eggs each, with one housemate at a time breaking their eggs – one by one – over their heads. The housemates also selected a lucky charm to carry with them for the remainder of the day. Geraldine, Mzamo and Emma seemed to be the unluckiest of the lot with raw egg all over their hair, as Big Brother forbade the housemates from protecting their hair.

The next test was to measure whether men or women have the highest pain threshold. The first element involved the housemates each waxing equal areas of their bodies. The female housemates seemed to fare better, with Emma attributing their success to the fact that ‘women wax all the time’. Kevin, on the other hand, believed that the female housemates didn’t have as much hair to begin with.

Apart from conducting lab experiments for their Task this week, Housemates are tasked with discussing the potential truth behind conspiracy theories. The theories they will spend time during the week debating include “Wars are created and funded by greedy Multi-National companies”, and the prevalence of ‘human tracking chips’.

In his diary sessions, Kevin has often told Big Brother that as an aspiring rapper, some of the things he misses the most outside the house are his rhyme book and pen. Since this week’s task came with pens, Kevin has taken advantage and started to rekindle his creativity. All the housemates seem taken with having access to pens, as some tried to sketch each other while others played drawing games. Kevin spent some time after the conspiracy theory discussion composing something titled “For Her”.


CAPTION: This week's nominees Emma from Angola (white hair)and Geraldine of Nigeria

M-Net’s Big Brother Revolution and ‘The Industrial Revolution’ is in full flow as the remaining housemates test some of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries. The housemates have been given a number of scientific myths that they are to test and must all work together. The myths to be tested include: Can you make good luck? Who has the highest pain threshold – men or women? Gravity – can it be overcome? Watch this week’s task in progress by tuning in to Big Brother Revolution on DStv channel 198 or 199.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


CAPTION: Geraldine looks most certain to follow her love Leonel out of the house next

Monday night’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION nomination show (16 November, 20:00 CAT on M-Net) saw the housemates’ nominations leave Angola’s Emma and Nigeria’s Geraldine up for eviction this week. The housemates are feeling the pressure as they begin to realize that they’re just a few short steps away from the whopping USD200 000 prize.

When Big Brother announced that Emma and Itai had garnered the most nominations this week, the only certainty was that Itai would use his power as Head of House to save himself.

Once he had made his way into the diary room in his full underwater regalia (part of the Molotov Cocktail he received from Leonel on Sunday), Itai settled down and told Big Brother that he would indeed be saving himself and putting Geraldine up for eviction in his place.

Geraldine had earlier told Big Brother that she felt that Itai would nominate her this week, as they had been fighting for the last few days. It was Emma who received the most nominations this week, getting the nod from Itai, Nkenna, Edward, Mzamo and Geraldine.

Itai explained that he had been nominating Emma for the last few weeks because he sensed that the rest of the housemates would be doing the same. He did this despite the fact that on Sunday night, after Leonel’s eviction, he made a deal with Emma that he would not nominate her and would try to save her if he could. His second nomination went to Geraldine whom he said irritated him when implicating him in talks about "serpentry" in the house.

Nkenna nominated Emma because she feels that she doesn’t get on well with her and because she is the only “outsider” left. She and Emma haven’t gotten along since Nkenna’s ‘save & replace’ decision led to Jeremy’s departure, depriving Emma of her partner. Nkenna's second nomination was for Itai, who she said could save himself as Head of House.

Edward's reason is that although Emma is his former Comrade in Arms, he doesn’t feel as close to her as he is with everyone else and thinks “it’s about time she goes to see Jeremy”. The Namibian also nominated Itai, as he could save himself.

Mzamo’s nominations mirrored Edward’s exactly, nominating Emma because she doesn’t feel close to her and Itai because he could save himself. Geraldine also nominated Itai and said her only other option was Emma because she has “country loyalty” with Nkenna and Kevin and an alliance with Edward and Mzamo.

Kevin nominated Edward and Mzamo, saying he could nominate the latter “without too much stress”, while Emma nominated Mzamo and Nkenna.

Once voting was done, Emma had received 5 nominations, Itai 4, Mzamo 2 and Nkenna, Edward and Geraldine 1 apiece.

Now it’s up to Africa to decide who stays in the house and who goes! There are four ways to vote -

1. Via the website at,
2. By visiting the WAP site on your WAP-enabled phone or via MXIT.
3. You can also vote by texting your favourite housemate/s name to the appropriate number for your country,

To vote via text message, send the word VOTE and the name of YOUR FAVOURITE housemate, to the number for your country below. Text messages are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. You can vote 100 times by text per mobile number during each voting period.

Short code Tarrif

UTL 6626 Ugx 1000

Zain 6626 Ugx 1000

MTN 6626 Ugx 1000

Warid 6626 Ugx 1000

Voting begins immediately after the nomination show on M-Net (DStv Channel 101/102) on Monday nights. Voting closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning. Find out who will be evicted by watching the eviction show on Sunday nights. Big Brother Revolution is screened 24/7 live on DStv Channel 198 or 199. Also look out for Big Brother programs on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114). For news and updates, log on to

Ben Stiller's secret visit to Uganda

CAPTION: Ben Stiller with the people of Gulu

Some fellas here in the newsroom have teasingly been telling us to relocate to northern Uganda - because Hollywood's biggest names are always sneaking into the country and going to the north without our knowledge.
Can you believe even actor/director/producer Ben Stiller was in Uganda last month?
A source from Gulu told us of how they enjoyed a "ride" with one of Hollywood's hottest comedy actors Ben Stiller.
We first thought it was another joke until someone at Save the Children initiative confirmed to us that Stiller came to the motherland in mid October.
He was here to drive home the message about educating children and his trip was organised by the Save the Children initiative in Africa and sponsored by jewellery company Bulgari.
Stiller, who has acted in comedy movies like A Night At The Museum, stayed for a week and played and ate with the children of Gulu.
The good news, we're told Stiller could revisit Uganda in 2011 - if we could wait for World Cup which comes after four years then Ben will find us ready.

Former Miss France, Gal Level in town

The lineup of fashion gurus expected at the inaugural Top Model Trend show in Uganda is just expanding by the day - we're told even Miss France 2005 winner Cindy Fabre has already arrived in Uganda ahead of Saturday's event at Kampala Serena Hotel.
The 24-year-old beautiful Fabre, who also emerged second runner-up at Miss Europe 2005, is set to grace TMT as one of the judges alongside the President of the Federation of African Designers, Senaily Alphadi.
Fabre became the 51st Miss France on December 4, 2004 and she has toured the world inspiring young women in the fashion and modeling world.
Meanwhile, even the Namibian singing girl-group Gal Level are already in town and set to perform at the TMT event tomorrow.
The Gal Level also will have a “meet and greet” party with KFM listeners at Club Pa Lui tomorrow (Wednesday).
Ready for the party, folks?
Let's go!!!

Congolese, local artists mourn Gen. Kazini

A number of Congolese artistes are mourning the death of one of their best friends in Uganda, the late Maj. Gen. James Kazini.
In case you need your memories jogging, the fallen army officer was behind the coming of many Congolese artistes to Uganda including recently the Mbilia Bell concert at Sheraton Kampala Hotel...
Back to the real issue: we're told the likes of Kanda Bongo Man, Mbilia Bell, Tshalla Muana, Awilo Longomba and Aurlus Mabere have sent condolence messages to the family of Kazini (RIP).
Meanwhile, even our local artistes through the Federation of Performing Artistes in Uganda sent condolences to the man who loved music and especially music by Afrigo Band.
Signed by the President of the federation, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, the document reads in part: "The artists' fraternity is profoundly shocked by the sad news of the demise of Maj. Gen. James Kazini. The arts industry has lost a friend indeed, who has been always available to find a solution to any challenge. He founded the Umoja Band when musicians needed jobs; Umoja Club when venues were exploiting artistes; bought first-class open-air instruments when musicians needed stadia instruments, the list is endless...we thank God for the time he has given us with Kazini."

Footing MP William Wopuwa

With no keys in his hands and walking alone down the street at night we knew there was something going on with Hon. George William Wopuwa so we followed him to the next taxi stage and ---you guesses right---he entered a taxi heading to the east.
And our Sherlocks have learnt that the Bubulo County Member of Parliament has been using taxis from his home in Bweyogerere to Parliament for almost a month now.
Some people told us the MP is just trying to live a simple life whilst some say the gentleman's car broke down and he's struggling to replace it.
We're yet to hear from the honourable himself and we hope this has got nothing to do with credit crunch.
A year ago, Wopuwa attacked Soroti district leaders for failing to account for Shs280m following a report released by the parliamentary public accounts committee showing Soroti district as the worst performing districts.
So seeing him walk make us think, is this how serious people handle money.

Fat Boy, Allan, what’s the beef

Sanyu FM’s Fat Boy and Capital FM’s Allan Kasujja attending Michael Jackson’s movie This Is It premiere at Cineplex Cinema was a really big hit on our eyes ... we watched a movie acted during a premiere of another movie.
How did it start?
Fat Boy came with workmates Crystal, Val and Melanie whilst Kasujja, a former employee of Sanyu, came in alone and clearly showed that he wanted company by joining the quartet.
However, Kasujja’s move didn’t impress Fat Boy who moved away from the girls and was followed by a na├»ve Val.
We even overheard Fat Boy telling a friend that he had no interest in talking to Kasujja since he is not in his circles.
As if that wasn’t enough, after the movie screening, Kasujja and Melanie were joined by Crystal and Val to proceed to the Food Court for lunch but Fat Boy was unimpressed.
In fact, Fat Boy declined to join the rest of journalists at the Food Court and decided to leave without eating.

President on Gen. Kazini

We shall relay you the speech of President Museveni during the funeral service of fallen Maj. Gen. James Kazini in Kampala.
Quite agonizing and yet hilarious - as usual.
So, watch this space!!!