Friday, March 21, 2008

Naava has been dumped!

CAPTION: Suzan Naava seated with David Obua's brother Eric Obua at the USPA gala last week. On the extreme right is her Ex-boyfriend boxer Justin Juuko.

That’s right folks, we have officially decided to dump our girlfriend, Suzan Naava.
And we are heartbroken.
You know, we heard that she was dating quite a few chaps including footballer David Obua so we decided to call her some time last month. And to our delight, she denied and told Rafshizzle, “Am single and seeing nobody at the moment.”
Then we started wishing for a date with her, and maybe, as you also know!
Then all of a sudden, apparently, she decided she wasn’t going to be single any more.
We mean, the hotwire has it that Naava is so smitten with David Obua that she wants him by her side all the time. That she normally flies to South Africa for some romance with him.
“When Obua is away, Naava hangs out with his brothers to show that she isn’t cheating,” a source said.
And Saturday was D-Day for us to see for ourselves as Naava attended the USPA gala with Obua’s brother and even carried Obua’s accolade to the car after the event. And another person told us she spends nights at Obua’s place and they always see her leaving his home every morning.
Whatever, Naava. It is too late. It is so over. Our poor hearts can’t withstand such.
Don’t even deny!

Akon concert is on?

This may shock some of you to your very core.
So have yourselves a seat.
But someone from MTN Uganda is organising the Akon Uganda concert and Celtel Uganda are the sponsors of the event. His name starts with an M and ends with…em…mmm…
We had promised not to say this but it’s the truth and we don’t expect anybody to call us because we won’t explain. Thanks.
Back to the safe business: word on the grape vine is that Africa-American hip-hop bigwig Akon is set to perform on April 26 at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.
Despite snubbing Kenya for the third time last week, the Ugandan organisers have told Rafshizzle that the Akon show in Uganda “is on for real.” Actually Akon concert adverts have started today and you can see a centre-spread advert of Celtel Rock With Akon in today’s Daily Monitor. Tickets will go for Shs125,000 (Gold) and Shs30,000 (standard).
A big money name is behind this concert that has been anticipated to attract 32,000 people. Akon was paid $200,000. And it’s a Kenyan agency – with a branch in Uganda – managing the event.
Well, like we said, Akon will be performing in Uganda next month but if anyone can prove us wrong it is Akon.
We can only be sure after the chap has landed at Entebbe Airport or rather after seeing him backstage lest he can heartbreak you…

Watoto to play at the Beijing Olympics

We have heard enough of self-proclaimed divas and crooners but let’s, for the first time, also crown an artiste of our own.
And we say, Watoto Children’s Choir is the highest-flying music outfit from Uganda…
Well, that swell you’re feeling in your throat isn’t breakfast that didn’t digest properly, but a lump of envy – we know most artistes thrive on beef but trust us, nobody can handle the Watoto children.
The Choir has been invited to China and they will perform at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008 at the Beijing National Stadium on August 24. The singing-children will fly the Uganda flag when they hit the stage in the morning hours of August 8 before the sportsmen take over.
A source told us that Watoto have also been slated to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympics scheduled for August 24.
This concert will be added to their CV that also includes performances for Mr Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, President Bush, American Idols and the UN.

Rwandese radio to hit airwaves next month

If Busoga, Buganda, Teso, Bunyoro and many other tribes can get radio stations then so can Banyarwanda!
The 24th tribe of Uganda – yes they’re Ugandans, see the constitution article 10 (a) – will also be listening to a radio station that broadcasts in a language they understand best and it’s all thanks to Frank Gashumba.
True, that’s the Gashumba we’re talking about; however, this time we shall avoid the Aisha Nabukeera issue and focus on the radio station he has invested in Shs420m.
Gashumba, who is a Rwandese himself, said the station to be called Citizen FM will go on air next month.
Ace producer Steve Jean has been helping him with studio set up and now they have started recruiting presenters and other employees.
The studios are situated on Kiwewa Close on Naguru Hill and Gashumba said they would first cover Kampala, Masaka, Mubende, Kiboga, Luweero, Rakai and Nakasongola before going countrywide.
“This (Citizen FM) will be the CBS of Rwandese,” said Gashumba.
The station is one of the many enterprises under Mali Group of Companies where Gashumba is the CEO.

Okello is back for M-Net Idols

Sometimes, when you fall off the horse it’s best to just get straight back in the saddle.
And that seems to be Tony Okello’s fame-seeking philosophy.
It’s been a few years now since Okello was beaten by Kefa Mwesigwa (RIP) in the Coca-Cola Real Stars competition...
But last week Rafshizzle spotted the chap auditioning for the M-Net Idols that took place in Munyonyo.
Okello came second to Kefa but he has struggled on the music scene and the likes of Sarah Zawedde who came behind him in the competition have gone on to impress the music market.
However, it seems Okello is determined to make a mark this time around.
M-Net Idols start next month and we shall be watching.

New reality TV show starts in June

There is a group of Ugandans who believe that most of the items in the Big Brother Africa house are not “African” and therefore it is not really “Big Brother Africa”, but essentially just a Big Brother-style show with African contestants.
But what have they done to change that?
Well, they have come up with a similar show but more Africanised.
Hanifah Hernandez, Grace Nakate and Xena Bantariza under the umbrella of Cultural Education Organisation are set to start a reality TV show called Muvabulaaya.
12 Ugandans (six from abroad and six living here) will have to live in the Muvabulaaya House for 31 days with cameras watching them 24/7.
However, unlike BBA, in Muvabulaaya housemates will also be involved in tasks outside the house, like fishing and hunting.
Housemates will be given cultural-based tasks and the public will have the final say on who leaves the house.
The Muvabulaaya House is under construction in Gulu and the show is set to hit the airwaves in June. And very soon auditions will start, so watch this space.

Friday, March 7, 2008

African Children’s Choir to sing for Queen

African Children’s Choir is one of the best music exports from Uganda.
Yep, take a long reflection.
One of their songs, last year, was used as the soundtrack for Hollywood movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
You still bet your life you can do what they do?
We don’t think so, because the children have got a very big honour now. They have been invited by the Queen of United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II for the second time.
A source told Rafshizzle that African Children’s Choir will sing for Her Majesty at Westminster Abbey on March 10, which is the Commonwealth Day.
The Ugandan group is one of the few who have been invited to entertain one of the world’s most-respected ladies. But this isn’t a new thing to them because they have recently visited the likes of President George W Bush on three different occasions and for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace.
So if you think you’re the best from Uganda, then just eat your heart out!

K-Ci & Jojo here on March 19

“All my life…Yes, I pray that you do love me too…”
Who could not love the R&B duo that was K-Ci & Jojo?
They came into our life and enriched it with their great hits in the 90s.
But then, like all good things, Jojo has noticeably lost his once sweet and smooth voice and has become screechy leaving K-Ci to do his difficult rifts during recent tours.
Though before you shed a tear or two in memory of Jojo’s voice, we’ve got good news for you – the duo released their fifth album titled, Love in Japan last month and they will perform at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala on March 23.
Entrance fee is Shs25,000 whilst VIP is Shs75,000.
And according to, K-Ci Hailey and Jojo Hailey will first jet into the country on March 19 for promotional appearances before flying to Tanzania and Malawi for concerts on Friday and Saturday respectively. Then they will return to Kampala for the Easter Sunday concert.
NO END is organising the show on the sponsorship card of EABL.

Helen Lukoma’s sales skills

Who knew Helen Lukoma had it in her?
Sales skills, that is.
Bustling and hustling on the busy Kampala streets all in the name of hitting market targets for a newspaper, the Obsessions dancer is showing off her talent these days.
Well, our spy boys and girls have spotted Lukoma frequenting one of the leading media houses situated in the Industrial Area.
And a source told us that, actually, she has been a marketer for this newspaper “for months now.”
And frankly it’s good to see a beautiful girl or rather a celebrity come to your office asking you to advertise with her company!
However, Lukoma is doing the marketing job as part-time as she still goes to MUBS for her studies and joins her fellow Obsessions members for what they do best.
That is super creativity, Lukoma.

Who that on our TV sets?

Welcome to the celebrity version of pin the name to the face on your TV set.
It’s called guess the celebrity who is back to reading news on TV.
You know this gentleman had left the radio and TV field for education field but he is back with a bang.
Well, the rule of the game is: keep the name male and if you guess correctly you win, well, nothing. Ready to play?
OK, this chap was a presenter on CBS FM before he started reading news on UBC TV but he left for IRO where he also left to become the publicist for Uganda Christian University.
But he is now also reading news on WBS TV as a replacement for Morris Mugisha who left for NTV.
It’s now so easy to guess his name, isn’t it?
The gentleman is... Owen Kibenge.
And we heart the cool bloke so much that recently we have been watching him on TV often.

Show me the way!

Entering and exiting a radio studio isn’t the same as entering and exiting an airport.
The airport creates a lot of tension and if you’re not careful you can get lost…
Ain’t that right, Peter Sematimba?
The Super FM boss should know as he got stranded at Entebbe Airport during the arrival of UB40 last week.
The clever man (many Ugandans believe he is) successfully entered the arrivals section but was bamboozled on his way back.
Just after passing through the security checkpoint, Sematimba realised that he had to return outside and wait at the VIP exit because UB40 were to checkout through the VIP lounge. But when Sematimba cast his eyes onto the door, it read entrance!
With his head shaking like a goat in heavy rain and a face like a plastic placed too close to a fire, Sematimba looked completely lost as he bustled from one corner to the other.
However, journalists who were rushing to the VIP exit helped show him what to do when they (wrongly) got out through the entrance.
Sematimba, sometimes urgency gives you no chance to follow directives.

Which judge needs to refuel?

Heavens to Mr. Augustine Nshimye Sebutulo.
This gentleman who has been nominated to become justice of the court of appeal gave us cheek last week.
But of how embarrassment doesn’t know senior citizens like him even if he is a former MP and minister of state for foreign affairs.
It was last Wednesday at around 11 a.m. when he faced the reality of life after his red BMW ran out of fuel as he approached Crane Bank along Kampala Road.
The gentleman in his 50s was rendered helpless by the stubborn car. And he was alone, if we may add.
So, he decided to switch on the hazard lights amidst hooting from other drivers behind him as he engaged his cell-phone apparently calling some one to run to a petrol station and get him the fuel.
Could it be that as a big man, you could not check the fuel tank before setting off as you’re used to fuel laden cars or it’s something else?
Please Mr Nshimye tell us why you run out of fuel because you can no longer give the Kenyan crisis as an excuse.