Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tindatiine is back with Hussein

If Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy Cole can get her “cheating” hubby football star Ashley Cole back into her life then so can local songstress Lady Mariam Tindatiine!
This is no rumour, folks, because we have seen Mariam and once-estranged hubby cum manager Hussein romancing again.
The couple bitterly broke up a few months ago on basis of “infidelity” and they both publicly vowed not to forgive each other but like they say, “Never say never…” the end has been the opposite.
We have even seen them cuddle in public and they are once again staying together.
Actually, Mariam and Hussein went together to Budo to visit the burnt school and he opened the door of the car for her before driving her home.
And they looked like they are having an enjoyable time.
Hmm, this love!

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generous said...

where is her stylist? God, for a star she dresses so cheap!