Friday, December 28, 2007

Kabaka is an Obsessions fan

HAPPY: The Obsessions' mugongo dance makes Kabaka happy

May all the Obsessions fans raise-up your hands, please…
Ah, I can spot an important hand and it’s from the direction of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.
And trust me, I’m spot on because even a source in Mengo can confirm to me that the Buganda king is a fan of the group, especially the singing girls.
I am aware that the King “ordered” to have Jose Chameleone and the Obsessions perform while he is in presence during the Enkuuka Y’omwaka concert in Lubiri come December 31.Kabaka usually leaves before artistes start to perform but he has, this time, “ordered” that Chameleone and Obsessions perform while he is still around, a source has told Rafshizzle.

Akon coming to Uganda?

There’s rumour that Akon could be coming with the Brick & Lace singing duo who will usher Uganda into 2008. But I ask everybody to remember Akon is a world star.
I won’t say much about those promising to bring him in here alongside Brick & Lace but they should remember that we know he is not that cheap to come as ennyongezza!
Mind you: he was paid deposit of $7000 for the Kenyan concert, which was supposed to take place on December 22, but he dodged on grounds of insecurity.
He had a point because there is normally violence in Kenya during elections but then who tells you that Akon can come to Uganda just like that.
If he comes, the better for us but it shouldn’t be taken like hope – call it a dream that is hard to come true!

Welcome Mother Xmas Juliana

There is no denying musicians have a fair bit of cash.
So it’s nice to see that many of them are quick to help a person in need. In fact, giving is on the up. But who was around this Christmas to remember the needy ones?
Juliana Kanyomozi is the name I can find in the box and big kudos to her…
A little birdie tells me that Juliana visited IAM children’s family ministries, an orphanage in Lungujja and threw a Christmas feast for the needy kids at place.
And not only did she give free items worth Shs3m but Juliana also engaged in preparing an Xmas meal for the kids.
Hummm…I would love to taste a Juliana-made meal, banange! Lucky kids…
And publicity aside, the IAM caretaker Ms Suzan Rwakatare had only praises for the Kibaluma star – calling her “a bighearted lady.”
“She has such a big heart, and I think it’s why God made her a star,” said Rwakatare.
Rafshizzle is satisfied with celebrities this year as far as giving is concerned.
This year: One of them is helping that homeless guy on the street and the other is preaching for peace.
And whether it’s a penny or a fiver, anything helps.
So we give a big kudos to those celebs helping to better all those around them.

Bebe becomes an Oga!

TAKE THIS...: Bebe gives free beers to his Jinja fans

Some of us are saying, “Santa baby, leave a big cheque under the tree, for me...”
But several of Jinja people are not among us because they already got something from their “in-law” Bebe Cool.
December 22 was the perfect eve of Christmas for them as Bebe Cool turned into a Nigerian Oga and started splashing free cash to them.
He was performing at the Bell Lager carnival in Jinja.
And like how you see Ogas doing in Nigerian movies, Bebe Cool who also has a song called Oga, splashed cash notes to revellers he referred to as “bakko” (in-laws).
He told them that Jinja being the land where he got his wife (Zuena), “Christmas time is when every man gives something to his in-laws and here I give this to you.”
He splashed out more than Shs2 million and a number of beers.
I’m not envious but I wish…

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Akon in Kenya, snubs Uganda again


Our heads have been working overtime, praying for this one concert.
And finally we are glad to announce that Akon is at last coming to perform…
But wait to cheer because this is a heady mix of excitement and sadness.
Actually, the chart-topping hip-hop star will for the second time snub Uganda when he comes to perform in Kenya this Saturday.
Akon snubbed Kenya and Uganda when he came for a concert in Tanzania last year and now he is set to perform at Impala Grounds in Nairobi on December 22 but he won’t come to Uganda though other theories state that he would jet into the country with the Brick & Lace duo who will perform in Kampala on December 31 and January 1 2008. Brick & Lace are signed to Akon’s music label, Konvict and he is their producer/executive manager.
The Nairobi-Akon show is being organised by Bushstock Entertainment and being supported by Easy FM, which is the Kenyan sister station of KFM. Brick & Lace are being in here by Majo Entertainment supported by KFM.
And there is also another story that Akon might have something to say on the microphone in Uganda days after the Bricks & Lace show.
After the Kenyan concert, Akon will proceed to his homeland Senegal for Christmas with his family before going to three other African countries – that automatically means Uganda still has a slight chance but only if they can pay $150,000 (around Shs260m) for a concert.
Hullo, everybody back on your knees for more prayers...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busoga artists get Grammy nod!

CAPTION: The face of the Ugandan CD nominated for a Grammy

Forget about Jose Chameleone’s profile on the Grammys website – true, his story was the site’s lead feature last week.
But in this case, Rafshizzle is having drum roll for the artistes from Busoga region who have been nominated by the Grammys for their joint work in a fight against HIV/Aids. The group recognised as Various Artistes, has been nominated in the category of Best Traditional World Music Album (Vocal or Instrumental) for their 14-track CD titled Singing For Life: Songs Of Hope, Healing, And HIV/AIDS In Uganda.
The CD comprises songs by traditional artistes like Vilimina Nakiranda and The Bakusseka Majja Group, NACWOLA Iganga, Mzee Mata Nasani/Akadongo, Kanihiro Group, Bright Woman Actresses, Negro Angels Bamalayika, Bukona Woman’s Group, Kibaale Village Embaire Ensemble, Centurio Balikoowa, MUDINET Drama Group, Walya Sulaiman/PADA, Meeting Point Kampala and Jumbo Theatre Group.
The CD was recorded/produced by Vanderbilt University’s associate professor of ethnomusicology and anthropology Gregory Barz on his visit to Uganda last year.We’re keeping our fingers crossed until February 10 for the Grammys main ceremony…

Glamour girls entertain Lyttle

Sometimes I like a sing along.
So in the words of the pop king MJ in his song Dirty Diana…
“She likes the boys in the band…Every musician’s fan after the curtain comes down…”
Such tunage could have been written about Kampala’s glamour girls.
Let’s just say they have lust for every musician who comes to town – from Shaggy to Sean Paul and it was no exceptional as Kevin Lyttle came last week.
The Turn Me On star first told a press conference prior to his concert that he was “single and searching.”
And oh dear, a horde of girls mobbed him from the moment he arrived at Kati Kati for his concert up to the after-party at Sway Nightclub. And it was the same case in Entebbe two days later.
Each of them was whispering to him like they had met years before – we don’t know what they were asking secretly.
I understand what being “star-struck” is and surely this was not!
I actually, suspect one of the girls kissed Lyttle as booze started showing its influence on them.
Well, Rafshizzle gives the chap full marks for creativity because he managed to juggle all the girls giving them an impression that he would leave with them all.
Hope he didn’t leave pregnancies behind – Shaggy has.

Gaetano Still Cares for Abby?

You can always count on your ex-nearest to wade in with an opinion on your life – whether you want them to or not.
Just ask former BBA1 housemate Abby Plaatjes, whose former lover Gaetano has been sticking his oar in.
Yep, Gae has a lot to say... chatting about Abby’s relationship with Tanzania-based Italian tycoon and now about her second pregnancy.
And imagine saying all this in the earshot of Rafshizzle.
Perhaps I am sorry for delaying to tell you that Abby is pregnant again but the newest story now is of Gae whom we heard telling his friends that he feels very disappointed in the way Abby is taking her life.
Gaetano’s concern is that Abby might lose her “good body shape” by giving birth rapidly.
It’s barely two years after Abby had given birth to her first baby but she is expecting her second kiddo in less than five months and Gaetano thinks she is not being considerate.
Gae, trust us, Abby reads Rafshizzle so consider it message delivered!

Fauzia Nakiboneka’s new job

Fauzia Nakiboneka is a very talented lady as far as acting is concerned.
And now Nakiboneka has yet another skill to add to her CV – singing!
She has just finished recording her maiden track, which will be released next year, a source revealed to Rafshizzle.
The source said that Nakiboneka wants to show people that she can do more than act and she would release a full album mid-2008.
Nakiboneka, who is now one of The Ebonies lead actresses, has already showcased her vocal talents in the group’s latest productions, singing during their shows.
But we are still keen to have a listen of her commercial music, as we are all aware such ventures can have a slight cringey factor.But I don’t want to discourage you, Naki, please go on and give us a tune!

Chameleone’s controversial film role

You know chameleon, an animal but please let’s teach you a new phrase – Chameleone.
It describes a lad whose artistic colours can fit in any environment.
After bagging himself a number of music accolades, two-time Pam award-winner Jose Chameleone has set his eyes on awards in the acting world, he has told 24-Seven.
But don’t think he would simply sit and wait for the awards to come by themselves.
He has already written his first film, which is about music legend Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, who succumbed to Aids in 1989.
In the movie, Chameleone acts the main character, an HIV/Aids-infected person who helps pass-on information to the public about how to avoid the horrendous pandemic.
Good cause of course, however, a source has said that the lanky star is wary that people might start associating him with the character in the film because of his size.
Yeah, some characters are better written than acted.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gashumba is moulding an Oprah

BUDDYING TALENT: Sheila files a Chogm story from the media centre on Imperial Royale Hotel.

Prepare for a headline you had never thought you would see – something like, “a Ugandan Oprah is born…”
I'm not dreaming.
It’s Frank Gashumba who has revealed that he is moulding his 11-year-old daughter Sheila Gashumba into becoming the “Ugandan Oprah Winfrey.”
Rafshizzle bumped into Gashumba and the daughter at the Chogm Business Forum at Royal Imperia Hotel last week and he told me: “You see she is the youngest journalist around covering the Chogm and I want this to continue until she is as big as Oprah.”
Sheila was the youngest of all Chogm reporters and her father had to add her one more year since the required age for one to cover Chogm was 12.
She had her articles published in Daily Monitor’s Chogm Teens, a special project for teens who covered Chogm.
Sheila also presents a teens’ show on WBS TV yet she is the only kid to have been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey’s crew who came for the Aisha Nabukeera’s documentary.
And all Sheila told Rafshizzle, “I think I can do what Oprah and Tyra Banks are doing. I want to use the media to help suffering people.”
Well, Sheila, join me in singing Nas’s song, “I know I can be what I wanna be…”

Thursday, November 29, 2007

President Museveni takes a nap during Chogm

New evidence would suggest you don’t need a pillow and duvet to get some zzz’s.
And I’m sure President Museveni can also testify on this.
At first I thought that the sandman had invaded Speke Resort Munyonyo during the Chogm closing ceremonies as the country’s top-man zipped his peepers.
In fact, Museveni started dozing midway of the ceremony and he looked like he was nodding off to dream land (oba what was he dreaming about?). Anyways, he looked quite weary and he was found dozing whenever the MC turned to him for a presentation.
But I think it is understandable because the gentleman had spent more than three days and nights without a single dose of doze.
So, now you can guess what he did most just after the Chogm – zzz!

Who does Juliana love?

Hands up anyone who would love to go out with Juliana Kanyomozi.
Well, well…I know you are so many, but unfortunately her heart still belongs to US-based boxer Kassim Ouma.
Her closest pal has told Rafshizzle that Juliana’s feelings for Ouma will “always be there” despite one tabloid stating that the pair had split “following pressure from Ouma’s training camp who think Juliana has contributed to Ouma’s recent poor performance in the ring.”
“They love each other so much,” said the source.
And Ouma just confirmed that while appearing on UBC TV’s Sports Galore on Monday.
At the end of the show, Ouma said: “I love you Ugandan girl, I love you Ugandan boy…and for you Juliana, don’t forget I love you so much, baby. Catch me when I get out of here.”
There was no better way of saying adieu to the viewers who had already asked Ouma about Juliana and so Rafshizzle is crediting Ouma with three full points for passing that tricky test.

Who is it gonna be for Apprentice Africa?

The Apprentice Africa final auditions are on today at Serena Hotel and I have been wondering who could go for the reality TV show.
However, a reliable source has revealed to Rafshizzle that Eddie Okila has emerged the frontrunner to represent Uganda in the newest reality show.
Okila, Uncle Mich’s bosom-buddy whom they are planning to open several pool-table arcades in town with, that is.
The reality series will be the first Africa-wide version of the popular American TV format with 16 week job interview, where contestants will compete in a series of rigorous business tasks, many of which include major companies and require street smarts and intelligence to conquer, in order to show the CEO that they are the best candidate for the job.
The Apprentice Africa will gather 18 contestants from across Africa and the Diaspora who will compete for a lucrative corporate job with befitting perks and an annual salary of US$200,000 and a luxury car.
Oh boy, come wind, rain or sunshine, Okila puts his head where the money is…

Kasumba’s accent amuses the Queen

When I’m not typing out words to entertain you, I’m listening to someone for news (can call it gossip).
It’s actually the reason why I paid so much attention to UBC’s Jane Kasumba who was a co-MC at the Chogm opening ceremony.
But boy, I almost failed to grasp what the Ugandan lady was saying.
Oh dear, even the Queen herself needed to listen carefully to pick a word.
Not that she was inaudible but, actually, Kasumba launched an accent which is rarely found in Uganda – she sounded like someone who dwells in Brooklyn and the Queen was visibly amused.
The Queen wore a smile whenever Kasumba spoke. But it was not only Her Majesty who was amused as were other dignitaries and fellow Ugandans especially about how Kasumba pronounced some local words.
So, Your Majesty, could she be your next choice to emcee at a Buckingham Palace party?

Lutaaya's Shs700m hotel

Here was us thinking that artistes were all about singing and shaking booties.
But in actual fact, some of them really have a business mind...
Take the example of Geoffrey Lutaaya.
The Eagles Production band member has set up a multi-million hotel in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road.
Rafshizzle had a chance to enter this new 31-bedroom structure which is valued at Shs700 million.
Lutaaya has already equipped the hotel with “all the required furnishings” and he told us that he is mostly targeting travelling guests.
He is set to officially open it on December 6.
So, if you get an invite from Lutaaya indicating a ‘launch’ one of these days, please wait to assume that it’s an album launch…

Female fan slates Chameleone

Oh, Jose Chameleone, you just can’t seem to escape criticism.
And this latest pop is from some female (Allen Kizza) staying in Netherlands.
Rafshizzle received an e-mail from Kizza accusing Chameleone of accepting money from different promoters around the world and yet not showing up for the concerts. Kizza said that Chameleone has so far dodged concerts in Belgium, Canada and Netherlands after getting deposits.
She wrote: “Please we like your music but you should work on your personality we are tired of no show but if as planned goes well this will be your last time to eat peoples’ money and do not fulfil your promises, enough is enough…We wish you the best in your music.”
Oh, Kizza, don’t sugar the pill before Chameleone chews it like this: “Those self-proclaimed promoters are so frustrating. They just advertise without confirming with me and then organise visas at the last moment, which sometimes hinders my travel. They should plan ahead of time than fumbling at the final hours.”
Well, Rafshizzle reserves his comments because Chameleone is even currently in Canada for a concert.

I ain’t a paedophile – Straka

Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of Straka’s life.
And our tongues started wagging when she strutted the Pam awards red carpet hand-in-hand with a young boy though she told Rafshizzle; “I’m not and will never be a paedophile.”
But a US-based artiste called Andrew Bbosa contacted Rafshizzle and said he was infuriated by Straka for “forcing my young brother called Cyrus Sooka into sleeping with her.”
Bbosa said that Sooka (18) was spending oodles of time with Straka “after she promised to promote his music on TV and radios.”
When Rafshizzle contacted Sooka three weeks ago, he first denied saying that Straka was “just my promoter” only to change his statement last week saying, “Actually she’s furious that I’ve refused to sleep with her.”
However, Straka has rubbished the claims saying that someone is trying to taint her name.
“Those are boys I promote,” she said, “That boy (Sooka) has a girlfriend, and I’m not that daft to sleep with a kid.”

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hakeem’s Capital Comeback Causes A Stir

We have been waiting almost a whole year for this moment...
And now the boy is back to take back his show and the girl…
I don’t want to cause another stir here so I would avoid love issues and tackle the work issues only – you know, I’m talking about Hakeem Saga and the reason why he left Capital FM.
Yes, we all know the girl is still there and so…but why am I still harping on.
Well, back to ‘unserious’ businessmen, the former AM-to-PM show host Hakeem returned on the airwaves on November 10. He presented the morning show from 6a.m. to 10 a.m. – and he sounded as good as ever.
Some listeners called and wanted to know where he had been for all that long but do you think Hakeem had an honest answer for them?
And that’s not all...
There’s also another panic since Hakeem’s arrival.
Think JKazoora and the guy, who is dating Flavia…oops I said the name!
Showbiz angel that I am, I get you the breaking news: Kazoora could be nearing his exit at Capital following improper comment that he would leave the station and start working at WBS for “charity.”
An insider said the Capital management is “willing to help Kazoora’s dream come true by firing him and it’s actually the reason why Hakeem is back.”
Now you are waiting to hear about the love triangle?
No way, bye!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Richard considers marrying Tatiana

Mrs. Ricki Bezuidenhout’s angst over her hubby “sleeping” with Tatiana is about to get a whole lot worse.
The BBA2 winner, Richard Bezuidenhout admitted to have fallen in love with the Angolan housemate…
And now, the 24-year-old has said he won’t beg for his wife to return to him.
While appearing on Channel O’s O-Boma show of November 13, Richard said he will ask his wife (to return) for one more time and “if she refuses I won’t force things…I will move on with life. I know I messed up and it’s almost certain that she will divorce me but I won’t be begging because I’ve so much to do now.”
When the show host Kabelo, who also hosted BBA2, asked Richard if he would consider marrying Tatiana in case Ricki calls it a day, the Richard said, “Take it easy dawg (friend)…I said I would make the best decision for everybody. I love Tatiana but for now, it’s still Ricki in the picture.”Meanwhile, a source has told 24-Seven that Richard’s elder sister Linda is pushing Richard to divorce Ricki and marry Tatiana.

Wedding bells for Ragga Dee

LUCRATIVE DEAL: Ragga Dee poses for a photo with children his fiance Mariam has given him so far

And that’s all, boys.
At least in the bachelordom for Ragga Dee, it is.
Because the “simple man with a simple profile” sent us a message reading: “The organising committee of Mr & Mrs Dan Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) invites U 2 their 1st wedding meeting 2moro Thursday 8th, 5 p.m. at the new Totos Club, Nasser Road.”
Well, we also first thought Ragga Dee was doing his usual jokes but Ragga has said, “The wedding is for real. Everybody can do their own assumptions but the truth is that I’m marrying my fiancĂ© Mariam soon,” said Ragga Dee, “I have been busy with preparations.”
Ragga Dee said he would go for introductions next month before the wedding in January.
Hmmm, so much bells for Ragga Dee – Jingle bells in December and then Wedding bells, all in just a two-month period.
He deserves a song – Empeta can work.

Mad Ice Plays at Finnish Live Aid concert

Mad Ice is big in his own right and his music story outside Uganda is an epic itself...
Well, with his hit Wange having climbed to number nine on the top30 play list of Radio Laser France (95.9 FM), Mad Ice was the only African artiste who was invited to perform at the Finnish Live Aid charity concert held at Tavastia Club in Helsinki on November 1.
The concert’s proceeds would go to the Finnish Red Cross, to held aids-orphans in Africa.
Mad Ice is recognised as a Tanzanian in Tanzania though he was recognised as a Finish rock-band singer at the concert.
However, he is actually a Ugandan model and singer who spends most of his time in Finland and Tanzania.

Angry Bebe Cool off for US tour

CAPTION: Bebe Cool leaves the Pam awards ceremony with Zuena

Bebe Cool is off to the US for a month-long music tour.
He left on November 8 and he would perform in Minnesota, Boston, Texas, Washington DC and Atlanta among other states. He told 24-Seven that he would use the money collected from the concerts to pay-off the balance for his Hummer.
“I’m remaining with $10,000,” he said, “But I expect to have my Hummer running on Kampala roads in less than two months from now because I’m being paid $3,000 per concert in the US and yet I’m to do more than six concerts.” But let not the tour and Hummer news make you think that Bebe Cool is a happy chap - at least not with the Pam awards results.
The Best Male Artiste award-winner said he would never respect the Pam awards after he lost the Artiste of the Year award to Ronald Mayinja.
“Pam awards should be embarrassed, how can you say that Mayinja is better than Bebe Cool,” he said, “I have my music loved across but what about him.”

Uncle Mich, buddy Eddie in pool table business

Uncle Mich is a smoking hot emcee in fact he beat many on the continent to hosting Deal or No Deal Africa.
And he bowled us over with his humour at the Pam awards last Saturday but for what will he use the Pam awards earnings? That he will use the money to start a pool table arcade in town with his best friend Eddie Okila of Glitzy Events.
Mich was overheard saying that him and Okila want to open several pool table joints in Kampala. Moreover the pair already has three pool tables at Steak Out and Okila told 24-Seven that they are making “good cash” in the business.
“We do a lot of things from organising weddings to concerts,” Okila said, “And now we’re focussed on the pool table business because we prefer playing pool to drinking.”
The pair has also just completed signing a deal with MTN Uganda to organise the MTN Kampala Marathon scheduled for December 9.
Okila has been managing the marathon but he needed a new convincing proposal to continue organising the event and he succeeded.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Paris Hilton Chooses Beauty Over Charity

Can you imagine we have been eager to receive Paris Hilton only to learn that she is actually in Japan and not ready to come to Rwanda now...
Socialite Paris Hilton may not be ready to head off to Rwanda to do good deeds, but she was up to judging a beauty contest in Tokyo on Tuesday. Hilton and her younger sister, Nicky, played judges for the Miss Universe Japan contest, each selecting one finalist.
Hilton has vowed since she got out of jail for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case that she will try to improve her bad-girl image. She had announced plans to do charity work in Rwanda this month for The Playing for Good Foundation, but later decided to postpone that trip.
Her appearance at a Tokyo fashion boutique to judge the contest packed the room with photographers and TV cameras, and gawking bystanders lined the street outside.
Well, we still wait to see how it will be in Kigali…

The Pam Awards Gossip You Can't Miss!!!

The Pam awards have more swings and roundabouts than this Kampala, I swear!Well, I know you could have seen most of the things but well hear this

Boobs don’t lie
Some breasts just won’t stay put and Sylvia Owori can tell you that it has something to do with size. The fashion designer’s ‘massive’ boobs were on a rebellious streak at the Pam awards.
Think of it as a battle of wills - the newly mother wanted her (honestly beautiful) boobs under wraps, but the boobs had ideas above their station. Owori looked comfortable while arriving but when she sat down, her bra budged a bit and the boobs, probably tired of being repressed, attempted a bid for freedom. She was struggling to put them in place time and again. I wish she had moved with her tot to reduce the amount of milk in the bulging boobs.
Henry Tigan covered his face with the award. Then came his performance and the lad was evidently panicking – it was like he would, anytime, escape from stage. He sang a happy-go song (Pretty Girl) but his face illustrated someone singing about an ugly woman.

Sugar baby with the sugar mummy
Hold the front page, newspapers.
Straka Mwezi has some truly groundbreaking news...
After months of wandering about with her boy Tom, a dancer, Straka’s finally come forward to say, “yes we are dating and that’s all.”
She said all this at the Pam awards and they say photos don’t lie, check this…
Amarula Family mocks Mayor Sebaggala
They first welcomed him and then said:
Paddy: Mayor is very interesting. He doesn’t say things like some of us. Well, let’s imagine he is here with us.
Paddy: You are so very smart.
Amooti as Sebaggala: Oh, I are I?

So let’s say a prayer!
Like I said while starting this story; Pam awards had a mixture of emotions and incidents and what else would fit better than a prayer. So, let’s join the Pam awards chairman, Isaac Mulindwa to say a prayer and hope for a better ceremony next year.

Naked girl
Somebody had better call the naked police...
We have a suspect at the Pam awards and she is seated next to former Obsessions’ dancer Macrine – actually they resemble and are bosom -buddies.
Think you can identify her and make the arrest yourself? Here is her photo…

Rocky Kiss
Who knew Rocky Giant had it in him?
Kissing skills, that is.
Maybe he thought most of us doubted a “bad boy” like him would be smooth on women and he wanted to prove us wrong – the fella kissed his girlfriend on stage as they came to collect his Best Hip-Hop Artiste award.
Walukagga taunts Ssebbaale
Best Kadongo Kamu Artiste award winner Mathias Walukagga hurried to attack losing nominee Fred Ssebbaale calling him the “fluker in the category.”
He has no new music and his Abasitamira Emmere (nominated for Best Kadongo Kamu Single) is of 2003,” said Walukagga, “I was going to protest if he had won.”

Shut your dirty bums girl
For the love of God, somebody pass Henry Tigan’s dancer a longer skirt.
This bum is most unsightly.
You might think, I have issues with Henry Tigan but what can’t you see?
No, this performance has been planned and I expected Tigan to be as much prepared as his dancers.
And then she shows her dirty bum to very respected people of this country – ah, would any of you Adam and Eve it with her – maybe in the name of comedy.

What’s up with Jackie Chan?
She is Jackie Chandiru! Don’t argue…she is the one. We were also arguing like you until we moved up-close…
We weren’t also aware that the Blu*3 crooner wanted to be the next Straka Mwezi.
Yes, at this rate of bulging and loss of the fashion sense, Rafshizzle is sure Straka faces a stiff competition from Jackie. What’s the dealio girl?

Bebe Cool’s winning or losing colours?
At last year’s Pam awards, Bebe Cool put on a red shirt. He wore a similar red shirt throughout his Bafudde concerts in Kampala and Jinja recently and it’s the same shirt he came wearing at the Pam awards this year. Well, he lost the top award last year and this year though he made good money during the Bafudde concerts. So, now we are confused whether to say red is his lucky or unlucky colour. That’s a lot of superstition from Rafshizzle and I would be comfortable to settle in God’s path because it’s what most of us understand better.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mak Dean Drives A Shs200m Merc

CAPTION: Prof. Balya's Merc Benz GL 500 4Matic

This Mercedes Benz GL500 4Matic model 2007 is one classy car!
And not just in the latest Merc department but this one of Mr Valencia Balya, is an exclusive one.
And Balya who is the dean of communication, information and technology at Makerere University pulls out some moves in it.
Last Saturday, Rafshizzle watched free drama when Mr Balya had gone for the KFM Hard Talk show in Namuwongo but fellow guests and the show host Simon Kasyate wanted to have a ‘feel’ of the car.
Balya told Kasyate that he (Kasyate) couldn’t even start it. Kasyate wanted to prove the professor wrong but he ended up looking ridiculous when he asked for the keys yet actually the car is started with a thumb.
The professor placed his thumb on a feeler near the dashboard and the car started instantly hence leaving everybody astounded. Then he told them that anybody could start it if the owner was inside. And that it has a place for the key but the thumb can lock it and the key becomes useless.
The car costs between Shs150 million and Shs170 million, however, with a lot of “pimping the ride” the professor could have paid more than that.
A source told Rafshizzle that Prof. Balya parted with Shs260 to have the car made specially for him.
It also has a personalised number plate with only the letter U.
Actually, it has a lot of expensive things in and on it, however, it seems this car rarely goes to the washing bay. It’s always dirty!
What a contrast!

Lucky Dube murder case postponed

CAPTION: Lucky Dube's teenage daughters read a message before mourners

The four men accused of killing reggae star Lucky Dube appeared briefly in a Johannesburg magistrate’s court on Tuesday, Oct 30.
They appeared before Magistrate Pieter du Plessis, who postponed the case to November 30 for further investigation.
Media reports from South Africa indicate that Mozambicans Sifiso Mahlangu and Julius Gxowa, and South Africans Thabo Maropeng and Mabuti Mabe are the suspects facing charges of murder, attempted hijacking and the possession of two unlicensed firearms and stolen property.
The four are yet to bring formal bail applications after the state opposed bail during their first appearance last week. They remain in custody in the Johannesburg Central police station cells.
Hope things end properly…

Are you ready to witch at Pa Lui?

CAPTION: Some of the Halloween masks

The witching day is upon us.
And all is set as far as Rafshizzle is concerned.
Don’t get carried away – I’m not a witch of course you know – I’m talking Halloween.
As the day draws in and the devils draw out their swords...Rafshizzle just thought it would be important to inform you that this Thursday November 1 is Halloween Nite at Club Pa Lui in Ntinda.
For some of us who have attended some Halloween Nights, we know what happens there…
I mean, there come creepy creatures who make your blood turn cold.
In true spooky fashion, even the famous faces morph themselves from their beautiful faces we know and love...she is a beauty you are not only familiar with but also fancy but hell she wears a creepy face and you are disgusted.
Why say everything when you can come and witness for yourself what is in the house of horrors?
The party is moreover for free and it starts at 6 p.m. until late in the night.
Brave it if you dare...

Chameleone shuns MTV EMAs for Neds concert

Ugandan music star and MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) nominee Jose Chameleone is set to miss the MTV EMAs ceremony scheduled for November 1 in Munich, Germany.
Rafshizzle has learnt that the MTV organisers told Chameleone to pay for his flight and accommodation fares to attend the ceremony but the hoarse-voiced star rejected and opted to perform in Amsterdam on Friday (a day after the MTV EMAs).
The Amsterdam concert will be held at the Grand Café behind the Heineken Music Hall.
David Michael Onen, a Ugandan based in Amsterdam, told Rafshizzle through e-mail that he could hardly wait for the “highly-anticipated” Chameleone concert.
“I have been able to follow the BBAII from here but now I am just about to feel Ugandan, when Chameleone performs here in Amsterdam this Friday,” said Onen.

Minister Kibirige Ssebunya gets jiggy

Kibirige Ssebunya is renowned for taking a pride in the number of academic degrees under his pillow but Rafshizzle would like to remind him of his other title – king dancer.
Well, don’t argue if you were not at Club Obbligato for the Afrigo band’s homecoming concert.
Kibirige Ssebunya was beside himself with joy at the concert. The state minister for agriculture who loves to wear a goatee is an avid fun and to show it, he jumped onto stage to show off his agility via dance. It could have been triggered by seeing the band’s diva Joanita Kawalya but then again it could also have had everything to do with Rachel Magoola’s guest appearance. The Afrigo Band breakaway reunited with her former bandmates to sing that enduring Lusoga folktale rendition Obangaina. A tickled Ssebunya could not let the opportunity pass and joined the two singing ladies taking them through a paka chini, paka juu routine. And much to the revellers delight, the minister does not have two left feet. Could it be that he will be a dancer in his other life? He sure has an antidote for those dreary cabinet meetings that we hear go on into the wee hours.

Does Phina Need a Wardrobe Help

“It is hard out there on the streets. The shops get so busy and people can make you uneasy when you go shopping, so it can be tempting to just stick to one blouse and jeans, run for the shows and you rock.”
So that is the excuse Rafshizzle is passing on to Phina Mugerwa to use, to help explain away her typical faux pas.
If anyone asks why you never change your clothing at shows Phina, tell them you put on in a rush and ends up picking the same clothes.Rafshizzle has been observing Phina Mugerwa for over nine months now and honestly the lady performs in the same white top and a pair of red “torn” jeans. If it’s your wardrobe that is small, Rafshizzle is offering an extra top and pair of jeans for change’s sake

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kevin Lyttle to ‘turn on the crowd’

Story by Edgar Batte

If you thought the curtains had fallen on the wave of foreign artistes gracing the local stage, then you probably need to think again, may be hear this. Well, after doing his rounds and earning enormous airplay, St. Vincent born star Kevin Lyttle will be coming to Uganda this December.
The Turn Me On star will be turning the hit wave at two concerts, on December 7th and 9th at venues yet to be confirmed. The star will be coming down courtesy of ‘Sleek Promotions International’ and word on the vine has it that Kevin Lyttle might also be coming with dancehall star Spragga Benz who features in his hit Turn Me On, his first big single released in the U.S in 2004 and eventually went Gold in the United States and peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Kevin Lyttle is also famed for other chart busters like ‘Last Drop’, ‘Never Wanna Make U Cry’, ‘If You Want Me (Call Me)’, ‘I Got It’, ‘My Lady’, ‘Screaming Out My Name’, ‘Dancing Like Making Love’ and ‘Mama Mia’ among others.
He has just released his third album featuring songs like I Like, Only You and Bruk Out (Feat Problem Child). He is also slated to be on the Miami based DJ GQ’s Album, titled Let Em Know, due out mid 2008.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

SAD: Lucky Dube’s Unlucky Day Arrives

CAPTION: Lucky Dube does a gunshot gesture during one of his concerts in the US (Left) and below is his face upclose.

We all know we MUST taste it but HONESTLY nobody can tolerate death…
Well, this morning Ugandans woke up to the sad news of the death of South African reggae legend Lucky Dube, who has a significantly huge following in Uganda.
Media reports from SA indicated that Dube (43) was shot dead by robbers who attacked his car immediately after he had dropped off his son in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg.
“His son was already out of the car. When he saw what was happening, he ran to ask for help,” Police Captain Cheryl Engelbrecht said.
Rumours are making rounds that Lucky Dube could have been shot on orders of one of his business partners. Lucky Dube was one of the most successful businessmen in Johannesburg.
Actually Lucky Dube was supposed to perform in Kampala on December 8 though he has been demanding that the show is postponed to December 31 (New Year’s Day). Right now nobody can establish who exactly upset or even killed Dube but time will tell the truth…
Considered as Africa’s most popular reggae artist, Lucky Dube toured the world singing about social problems. His songs became hits in Uganda in the late 80s through the 90s and early 2000s. Actually, some of his songs are still hits on local radio stations.
Lucky Dube’s performance at a jam-packed Namboole Stadium in December 1997 is considered the biggest music event Uganda has ever seen. Moreover, he was breaking his own record after a previous concert in Nakivubo Stadium where even some revellers succumbed to heat and force due to the a mammoth turn-up.
Through 21 albums, Dube’s vision encompassed all the extremes of his beloved Africa/black-land: the poverty, slavery, apartheid (in SA) and racism among other problems that Africa has faced. Dube, who approached difficult subjects such as poverty and fatherlessness with inventive technique through music, became one of the towering figures of serious music in Africa. He was probably the greatest African reggae artist, all things considered, and at the time of his death he had just concluded his US tour where he brought the house down in the states of Minnesota, Manhattan, Atlanta Georgia, New Jersey and Chicago.

Elvis akoze what?

CAPTION: Elvis and Kiima during introduction (Left) and below is the couple in Club Silk after Rafshizzle had smoked them out

All hail Radio One presenter RS Elvis.
Rafshizzle feels we need to heap on piles of admiration.
The bloke is gone (I hear Agenze, according to his website…
Kyoka bannange, I’m sorry to use a lot of Luganda in an English publication but it’s just the best way I could express my delight approximating how President Museveni switches to Swahili to express his anger.
Yes you heard right – Elvis is hitting the aisle come December.
And the wonder of it is that he is not just marrying a woman but a woman who brought dances to a standstill in Silk Royale sometime back – I mean, she is a heartthrob.
Everyone was like ‘who is sipping from this cup of eternal pleasure’ – in fact Rafshizzle had a story and photo of Elvis with the lady and people couldn’t believe what they saw.
But much as your admirations were considered, there has been not a jot of change of her mind and as you read this, Dierdre Kiima has already introduced Elvis in her parents in Seeta along the Kampala-Jinja highway.
The Kwanjula took place over the weekend and even if I wasn’t invited, I don’t feel left out at all.
Frankly, December is just around the corner and remember my eye will still be sharp on the events.
In the meantime I wanna say goodbye:Readers watch the space, Elvis, enjoy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mesach Bringing Usher For Concert?

Let me ask this question once again: if you are a top-drawer celeb in Uganda, do you still get star struck by A-listers in the US?
Well, it is Mesach Semakula to answer that little conundrum for us – and his answer is yes.
He may be the one who makes necks turn in Uganda but he is certainly not above a little photo opportunity and autograph hunting.
Especially when it comes to R&B sensation Usher Raymond.
The 2005 Artiste of the Year wasted no time in asking the Grammy Award Winner for his signature at Macy’s in Manhattan where Usher was launching his fragrance ‘master-brand’ called Usher’s He & She on September 27.
“I got a chance to smell Usher’s new fragrance when he had just worn it,” said Mesach, “He is so outgoing and after I had talked to his manager, we agreed that he would perform in Uganda sooner than later.”
Mesach said he asked Usher to sign him an autograph.
“An autograph is the only thing you can show and people believe you met someone,” he said.
But was Usher tempted to ask for Semakula’s autograph, we wonder?

Irene Kiiza’s Spicy Roles

IN ACTION: Kiiza acts a mother in one of the scenes of Down This Road I Walk set for release on Decemeber 21.

Irene Kiiza may just be proof that dreams do come true.
She dreamt of being an actress and, as if by magic...
It seems Kiiza landed the ultimate job.
But fret not, the journalist who helped popularise Daily Monitor magazines Women & Men and Full Woman, won’t have to struggle for identification like, um, those stage actors and actresses.
Oh no, Kiiza is launching her acting career with a bang as she is set to storm our screens through Mariam Ndagire’s pending movie Down This Road I Walk.
Ndagire told Rafshizzle that Kiiza would be on our screens looking for wealth in all corners and she will try selling her daughter to rich men. But remember this is just a film.
Kiiza is one of the film’s five main characters along with Mariam Ndagire, Wawuyo, Luyombya and Sheila.
Kiiza must be delighted. First she will be the one to watch in December when the movie comes out, and now Rafshizzle understands she could be on her way back to Monitor as the Magazines Editor to replace Lillian Barenzi who…huh, I won’t say anything more than that, remember these guys employee me.

Fall Out Boy Video Talks Uganda

ROCKIN THE NORTHERN WORLD: Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman on the set of Me & You video in Uganda

I’m in my sitting room on a Tuesday morning watching MTV and, guess what I see…
The video Me & You by the rock boy band Fall Out Boy (FOB) but mostly I observe the Ugandan scenes in the video and I realise that it’s a Ugandan story then I remember…
FOB first announced their humanitarian trip to Uganda back in May with a plan to raise awareness about the plight of thousands of children displaced by the UPDF Vs LRA warfare and to urge the U.S. government to weigh in on the situation in the hope of stopping the suffering once and for all.
Led by bassist Pete Wentz, the FOB touched down in Uganda in July and they decided that the best way to highlight the plight in northern Uganda was to shoot a video — for the song I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You), a track that doesn't exactly instil one with a sense of international diplomacy.
But the puzzle was on how to make a video that encapsulates two decades of war for a song that’s chiefly about the ins and outs of a relationship gone awry?
But well, the band’s director Alan Ferguson and Invisible Children, the non-profit children’s aid group that sponsored the trip got it right by simply making the video a love story starring a pair of Ugandan teens.
Huh, have you ever seen a love story between IDPs — especially with a rock band — on Total Request Live (TRL) on MTV.
Shot over the course of five days in and around an actual displacement camp in Gulu, the video stars two Ugandan teens who are trying to make love work in a time of war.
“What’s truly groundbreaking is the majority of the video is the story of two young African kids, and what’s great about it is that it’s gonna humanise these people,” Invisible Children co-founder Bobby Bailey said. “I think it will connect to a lot of people. From the moment we arrived here, the kids here were telling us, ‘Please tell our story. And especially let America know about our story because they have a voice in the world, and they can help end this thing.’”
“The plan is to show that and then emphasise the idea that if we sent one senior policy adviser from the U.S. [to Uganda] that there’s greater potential to end the war [now] than ever — but for whatever reason, we’re just not committed to do that,” Wentz added. “Everyone’s been focusing so much attention on our band lately — and so many times, it’s the wrong kind of attention — [but] it’s all right if the cameras follow us to Africa.”
And I’m sure the eyes have also followed from and to Africa…

In Memory of Rakeem Owori

All roads will lead to the legendary Stratford Rex in London this Saturday as Ugandans in the UK mark the 45th Independence in two different ways.
It will be the ordinary Independence Day celebration as well as the remembrance of fallen music promoter Rakeem Owori who died a few weeks ago.
Actually, Rakeem was the one organising this Independence Day concert featuring Jose Chameleone with Tanzania’s Mr Nice and UK-based singing pair Da Twinz, but death never allowed him to fulfil his dream.
However, Chameleone who left Uganda for UK today morning told Rafshizzle, “I’m off to the UK for the show of the late Rakeem Owori. He left a dream behind that needs a fulfilment. It’s at Stratford Rex. Judgement Day is what he (Rakeem) had named it…it’s our task to make his dream come true regardless of where he is today. He did a lot for Ugandan music and he deserves this.”
And as you read this, mails have started flying inviting everybody to celebrate the anniversary of Uganda’s 45th independence (UK) in memory of Rakeem Owor.
Tickets are going for 20 pounds (if you by in advance) and 25 pounds (from the gate).

2face Is Still In Hospital

This doesn’t seem to be the best quarter of 2007 for Nigerian star singer 2face Idibia. Two weeks ago the African Queen singer was traumatised after his plaque for Best African Act Award fell and broke into pieces as he picked during the Mobos event in London.
And to make matters worse, 2face was shot after he had just touched down in Lagos with his broken award from London on October 5.
According to, the armed men opened fire on him between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on 05 October, while the sweet-voiced artiste was on his way home from Murtala Muhammed Airport in Ikeja.
2face was shot on the thigh and was rushed to Cedar Hospital in Festac Town in the Isolo area of Lagos, where he is receiving treatment.
Apparently the gunmen are suspected to be the same armed-robbers that attacked him two years ago.
Nigerian Police has launched investigations into the shooting of the R&B/hip-hop musician and songwriter whose real names are Innocent Ujah Idibia.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chameleone to perform at BB Party on Sunday


NUMBER ONE: Chameleone for Big Brother this Sunday

Huh? There is a lot of Chameleone in the news or rather a lot of news ‘in’ Chameleone?
Well, all I can say is that the latest at my desk from Multichoice Uganda is that Chameleone’s performance at the Big Brother Africa II Eviction Party in South Africa is this Sunday.
The initial communication had indicated October 28 but Rafshizzle received a press statement from Multichoice two hours ago and it indicated September 30 instead.
And the African music “heavyweight” will fly from the US straight to South Africa where he is to perform while backed up by his young brother Weazal.
Chameleone will perform a few minutes before we get to know whether it’s the South African overweight eating-machine Lerato or the Zimbabwean python Bertha leaving the House.
Chameleone, who has been described by South Africans as Africa’s crowd-pleasure, has promised to do his best to impress the Big Brother audience and he has told Rafshizzle on phone that he would perform Sivyo Ndivyo or Mawoko Na Mawoko, the 2006 hit he sang in the Shona language of Zimbabwean.
What a coincidence in case Bertha leaves!
Well, watch the space for more info and stand-by for the performance review next week.

Paris Hilton Coming

CAPTION: Paris Hilton's T-Shirt says it all about her pending visit to Uganda and Rwanda
Can you believe Paris Hilton is swapping partying for poverty, A-list for aid work and beach life for street life?
Hilton who is America’s most famous heiress is putting her money where her mouth is by visiting Rwanda and Uganda in November, according to E Online.
26-yearold Hilton is an American celebutante, businesswoman, singer, model, actress, and television personality. She is an heiress to a share of both the Hilton Hotel fortune and the real estate fortune of her father Richard Hilton.
But the biggest news is that the blonde socialite is set to invest in her caring sharing nature by taking a trip to Rwanda.
Hilton plans to visit the former African warzone in November after completion of her horror-musical movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera.
She told E Online: “There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help.”
Meanwhile, a source said that Hilton would secretly sneak into Uganda before leaving for Kigali.
I’m not quite sure what the Rwandan locals will make of the beauty, better known for sex tapes, partying and one notorious prison stretch.
Perhaps life behind bars really has changed the Hilton, who vowed to do more charity work when she came out of the clink.
“I want to visit more countries where poverty and children’s issues are a big concern. I know there’s a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues,” she said after her release recently and now us Ugandans and Rwandans should be proud that we are one of the people she has thought about first.
According to Forbes Magazine, Hilton earned approximately $2 million in 2003–2004, $6.5 million in 2004–2005, and $7 million in 2005–2006 --- you see, another American millionaire coming but guys before you think of detoothing her hear this:
Hilton was engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw from mid-2002 to early 2003. On May 29, 2005, she announced her engagement to Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir; the engagement was called off five months later. Thereafter, she began dating another Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III, but in May 2006, Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz informed the press Paris Hilton and Stavros had broken up. In an attempt to rediscover herself, Hilton imposed a ban on sexual activity for one year starting in July 2006. She told Regis and Kelly: “One-night stands are not for me. I think it’s gross when you just give it up. Guys want you more, if you don’t just hand it to them on a platter.”
In July 2006, Hilton was photographed kissing her best male friend Brandon Davis, the man who “ranted against” Lindsay Lohan (another famous US actress) on national television, five days later.
In January 2007, Hilton’s private life again created headlines with the launch of, a website that featured images of personal and medical documents, video, and other private material, allegedly obtained when the contents of a storage locker rented by Hilton were auctioned off due to lack of payment.
On February 3, 2007 Hilton obtained a temporary injunction against, closing down the website for a short period of time before the site went back online.
In a June 11, 2007 phone interview from jail, Hilton told Barbara Walters that while serving time in jail, God has given her a new chance, and that she will no longer “act dumb.”
And Rafshizzle is very sure that this visit to Uganda and Rwanda is no dumb act.
Huh, it’s time to prepare that paper for an autograph…

Bums Continue Daring To Bare!

Good grief.
Or should that be good brief?
I have just consulted my cultural or rather Ugandan style bible and I can’t locate an entry on bottom flashing being up to standard whatsoever.
The closest I can find is a blurb on big knickers being a la mode for queen dancers just in case as they do their thing - but I’m not even sure this lass is wearing pants. And if she is, big they are not.
But all in all, why not use longer pants or just give up on skimpy stuff when you know that day you’re doing some vigorous strokes.
This queen dancer knew very well that she would dance like this at Gulu University during the MTN University Fests launch...