Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Desire says she knows 'Seya' but...

So we've gotten to the bottom of the story of Desire Luzinda -- we're talking the break up with boyfriend Ken and her special closeness to Kampala mayor Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala.
While accepting her Best Afro-beat Diva accolade at the DIVA music awards at La Bonita, the audience provoked Desire into some "Seya" talk and she was willing to take it beyond the stage.
"I heard you talk about Seya, what's wrong with him...he has potential," said Desire as she rushed back stage where she talked a bit more about the matter.
The Nina Omwami singer got engaged in a conversation with the emcees of the event backstage telling them how she values the mayor so much in her life and doesn't mind people calling her one of his mistresses.
She said she meets Seya whenever she feels like and she doesn't compare his affection to anybody else.
So guys, just know that Desire is single but she is not desiring for love because "Seya has potential."

Lionel Richie coming to town?

Now that Zain is set to bring in R Kelly for a highly-anticipated concert next month, we can understand why other telecommunication houses are sweating profusely.
The likes of Warid, UTL and MTN are into serious head-scratching considering different avenues of countering Zain. UTL have talked about Rihanna and Warid have chattered some Beyonce but so far, we can confirm that MTN Uganda is in contact with R&B legend Lionel Richie.
The former Commodores lead singer's concert is set to be confirmed next month.
An insider tells us that MTN wants somebody related to Michael Jackson - in fact, they had at one time considered Janet Jackson only to pull out after knowing that she is busy promoting her latest album.
Lionel Richie was one of the very best friends of Michael Jackson besides being an exact age-mate.
MJ was the godfather of Lionel's adopted daughter Nicole Richie.
With R Kelly kick starting our events calendar and MTN, UTL and Warid willing to battle on, 2010 promises to be one busy for show-goers.
Fingers crossed!

Naava wants the world to know

Are Naava and the marketing manager of Scania buses and trucks Labeja Akengo the hottest new twosome?
On the love boat, that is.
Because Naava has been throwing around the 'D&W' word.
That's dating and wedding, not dining and wining.
Mukasa Mbidde's daughter has been telling her friends she has finally made up her mind to settle with 'one' man.
She says, however, the trouble is not proving the world and its dog that she has settled and that is why she is giving her new man so much of her time.
The couple hang out together in small and big spots with or without an invitation and they were all over each other at Sylvia Owori's 10-year career celebrations at Serena Hotel, as the picture suggests.
We're told Naava had given up on love because Ugandan men are unfaithful until someone who knows how to hit the right buttons came in the name of Labeja.
Good luck!

"Got a prince's number..."

How many times do you get a prince asking for your phone number, ladies?
If you don't know how it feels like, please ask Multi-choice publicist Helena Mayanja.
If you don't have her number, here is the picture one could read her feelings from.
Must be good feeling, eh?
Because this picture suggests Helena was amazed after Prince Jjunju asked for her phone number.
The pair exchanged contacts at Silk Owori's 10 year celebrations at Kampala Serena Hotel.
We overheard, Jjunju promising to call Helena as soon as possible.
We're not sure of what business these two could be working on together - because we're sure Jjunju has a DSTV decoder in his house.
Just saying.

Muhangi's lavish honeymoon

Just a few people can spend their honeymoon flying in a private jet from one place to another for a week.
Step forward Charles Muhangi.
The rally ace wedded the mother of his three children Patience Muhangi at a lavish wedding in Bushenyi before setting off for an incredible honeymoon tour of East Africa.
Insiders tell us that Muhangi and his bride flew in a chopper from church at Ruharo in Mbarara to the reception in Bushenyi on Saturday before proceeding to Kampala where they stayed briefly and headed for Nairobi.
They left Nairobi for Zanzibar on Tuesday and then went to Bujumbura and Kigali before returning to Munyonyo on Thursday.
All the six days, the chopper was at hand to move the newlyweds.
It takes a few bobs to have this chopper at your service and we can imagine the millions Muhangi spent on his honeymoon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Brother Revolution Nears End

The Big Brother Africa 4 (Revolution) ends on Sunday with the winner to be announced on that very day.
Beenie Man will perform at the live show (of course, after Kampala this Saturday).

Watch this space for details...