Thursday, May 15, 2008

Divizionz now on CNN

When we switched on our TV sets, last week, we were in for a surprise.
Yes, we’d heard Divizionz was at the Berlin film festivals early this year and that even Don Mugisha was interviewed on DWTV.
But it turns out the feature film has a little something more and it’s bigger than we probably thought.
Yes, the Divizionz’s director/co-producer Don Mugisha and co-producer James Tayler were interviewed by CNN as well. The first part of the two-part interview was aired last week with both producers explaining the storyline of the film.
The interview was screened on CNN’s Screening Room show and the final part will air early next month.
Divizionz, which just won two awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, stars local singers Bobi Wine and Buchaman.
And as soon as we saw this interview on CNN we simply said: “It’s 100% bad news…”

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A.D. said...

why 100% bad news?