Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Juliana’s sister Kahunde into movies

CAPTION: Laura Kahunde (middle) on the movie scene with Mujuuka (right) and another actress.

Juliana Kanyomozi’s young sister Laura Kahunde is steadily following in her big sister’s footsteps.
When Juliana shone on the music scene, Kahunde started singing and now she acts as the back up for the 2008 Pam award Artiste of the Year. And following Juliana’s shot at acting in Kiwani: The Movie, Kahunde has also hit the film radar.
She is one of the main characters in Mariam Ndagire’s latest film Hearts; In Peaces.
In the movie, Kintu (Patricko Mujuuka), a poor hunter in Budondo Kingdom is working day and night to get dowry so he can marry the love of his life, Nandudu (Laura Kahunde); but when the two lovebirds find the crown Princess (Brenda Nanyonjo) deep in a forest, trapped in a hole with a broken leg, the King (Abbey Mukiibi) offers them jobs in the palace.
They are then entangled in a viscous love triangle because everyone in the palace believes they are brother and sister. Different men, in the palace, fantasize Nandudu as it’s the case with Kintu.
Will Kintu find the guts to convince the crown Princess, who has declared her undying desire for him that his heart belongs to Nandudu?
The movie will finish shooting this Friday and the production team will get busy until October when it will premiere in Kampala.
We’ll keep you posted, though, about this film!

Majo signs deal with Makoma

CAPTION: Tutala Makoma (left) poses for a photo with Majo entertainment's Mark Zziwa at the latter's studios in Bunga

Hey, hey, relax…don’t get fooled by the headline!
Majo has signed a deal with just one of the Makomas.
Well, let’s bring you up to speed: Local music promoter, Mark Zziwa of Majo Entertainment has signed a business deal with one of the Makoma Band members Tutala Makoma.
UK-based Tutala is the guy who raps in all the Makoma band songs and he is the one who came up with the idea of bringing together all his siblings as a music group.
Tutala also doubles as a music promoter who has taken a number of international stars to the DR Congo and his visit to Uganda was aimed at creating a relationship with Zziwa, who was also behind the coming of Jamaican singing-sisters Brick & Lace.
Sources say that Tutala arrived last Tuesday and left on Monday, and promised that the next artiste he wants to bring to Uganda will be Koffi Olomidde or Buster Rhymes “soon this year.”
We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one!

Silk to open Lounge Ocean

IN THE CLUB: Silk owner Elvis Sekyanzi with business partners Kavuma (left in black) and Ssekalaala (right) enjoy in life in Club Silk recently.

Some good years ago, there came Club Silk then Silk Royale and then came Silk Lounge just recently but there is again something new in Industrial Area.
This one is called Lounge Ocean and it’s also part of Club Silk.
That’s true, Club Silk has removed the “teen’s zone” to set up another VIP wing called Lounge Ocean.
According to the marketing manager of the club, Andrew Kafooko, the Lounge Ocean will open shop at the end of this month.
“We don’t want to promise heaven and earth now but all I can say is that the Lounge Ocean will be a classy club,” said Kafooko, “The payments will be the same as those for Silk Lounge and you could access both as long as you pay to enter one of the sections.”

Friday, June 5, 2009

What's wrong Jamal?

It makes us uneasy when celebs do things that even us ordinary folks wish we could avoid.
Not only would we never be seen walking on foot from home to town but we also try to reduce on the times we use Boda-Boda.
So imagine our shock, very slightly verging on frustration, when we saw artiste Jamal doing just that.
He may defend himself that he is a new artiste and he’s yet to make money to buy a car but his frequent usage of Boda-Boda is not big and not clever.
The singer uses Boda-Boda for more than five times a day and sometimes you find him walking on foot in the night.
Just last Friday alone, we saw the singer, who stays in Namuwongo on a Boda for more than five times.
So consider us popping this chap on our Christmas present list for a new car – well wishers contact him.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Silk to open Lounge Ocean

Juliana's sister into movies

Agatha Kafooko's love on the rocks

Watch this space!!!

That Zuena was caught kissing with Mowzey...

CAPTION: What games are Bebe and Zuena playing?

It’s something that gets your tummy twirling…a blockbuster gossip story, you know!
But please allow us to first throw a disclaimer that this is just a rumour that a KFM listener gave us this morning.
The listener called and said he saw Zuena Kirema cuddle and kiss with Mowzey Radio - during “a steamy night at Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe over the weekend.”
The caller said that Zuena got hammered on some influential drinks before smooching with the man who sang about her in the song titled her name.
The newly-single Zuena, a mother of two with singer Bebe Cool, called into the station immediately and denied the story.
The presenters put her off air as she explained and said she would appear live in the KFM studios this Wednesday to clear the air.
Mowzey grew up in Jinja and were very good friends with Zuena whose family, up to now, stays in the beautiful eastern town.
Rafshizzle also understands that Mowzey invited Zuena to his launch with Weasel at Hotel Africana but she instead passed on the invitation to her young sister Mimi. Mimi spent that whole night in company of TV presenter Karitas Karisimbi, who is Zuena’s tight these days. Zuena also manages Karitas’ show on WBS TV; they also eat the same food and drive the same car.
Meanwhile, Zuena has also categorically denied allegations that she has had something with Capt. Juma Seiko.
During the phone call, Zuena said she would never fall in love with Seiko.
“I have never and never will I fall in love with Seiko,” said an angry Zuena, “I really don’t understand where people get all that trash.”
In last week’s Sqoop Magazine of Daily Monitor, Zuena said she is her ex Bebe Cool’s “number one fan.”