Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who needs a second dress?

It’s hard out there on the high street.
The shops get so busy, it can be tempting to just pick up the same dress everyday regardless of what event you’re going for.
Folks, that’s the excuse we’re passing on to songstress Sophie Gombya to use, to help explain away her same dress act.
If anyone asks why you put on the same dress at Chameleone’s wedding on Saturday and at Ekitoobero on Sunday, tell them you didn’t have time to go shopping for another one yet you needed to put on a new dress.
You might also want to just tell them that you got dressed in the dark, with a blindfold on.
If you deviate from our ready-made story, people might start to think your style isn’t up to standard because we saw you in this dress at three different events over the weekend.
We won’t call in the fashion but hope you learn next time that our eyes are always open to see everything on our celebs.

NB: Sorry my readers, there is a problem with my internet so I can't upload photos at the moment, moreover sometimes when I delay to post stories it's because of interruption in my internet but I promise to do everything possible and keep this as the best showbiz blog in the land.

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