Thursday, September 25, 2008

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CAPTION: Uganda housemate Morris Mugisha. We've got to protech him
Folks, starting today you will be getting the best of Big Brother Africa 3 from here at Rafshizzle
Today we have a story written by one of the ladies who watch the game show on the clock and she has got something to say about this week’s evictions; read on:

Hi folks,
The time has come for us to permanently evict yet another housemate. Uti, Ricco and Lucile are up for possible eviction. I personally can’t believe Mimi survived that list…even harder to believe is that TK won H.O.H. the dude does everything in slow motion how could he beat anyone at anything!!!
So whose it gonna be? Uti is totally off limits for us as Ugandans. Not only is he the most cheeky, honest, in your face, take it or leave it character in the house, he is also the only friend Morris has. (Déjà vu? Remember the Ofunneka and Maureen connection?) With people like Sheila the liar, Morris needs all the back up he can get.
So that leaves Ricco and Lucile. Ricco is a gossip, a snake, a two timer, a hot light skinned brother. Lucile is a hottie that comes alive when she’s got alcohol in her system. If she leaves, Ricco will swiftly and promptly move on to Mimi or Hazel (boy doesn’t discriminate). He is however not happy about Tawana’s return as he knows she has not only been watching them, she spent time with Latoya who gave her info on him. So we know she will be off limits for him. Plus Sheila and TK seem to have a thing. Why? No one can tell you.
But then again if he leaves, we watch to see if Lucile lets her guard down and lets Munya in or will she shock us and shack up with Morris? Stranger things have happened – TK is Head Of House – I rest my case. And how will Mimi react with no Ricco to gossip with?
All scenarios of course leave TK with enemies. I leave it up to you…UG…Lucile or Ricco…
To vote;
By SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE LUCILE and send to 6626.
Online – you can vote LUCILE out of the house for free on the official BBA website ( ).
By phone – you can also vote LUCILE out by dialing +27839000000 and selecting the number that corresponds to LUCILE.
Let us face it…she is not as entertaining as Ricco

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the antipop said...

i like the way you have led us to believe that you leave the ball in our courts and then you give us an example of how to votre LUCILLE OUT!