Monday, July 28, 2008

Which Vanessa Williams...

We didn’t think it was fools day just yet...
So what’s the excuse for the super lie going on here, Mr Anatoli Kamugisha?
Folks, we were very upset when we found out that the Vanessa Williams who is in Uganda is not the “right” one we all know. In fact, we're sorry for the first story when we reported that she is the one but it's because Akright Projects, who organised the event, told us so. They assured us that it was the right one but then our worry grew after we went for the golf event and they told us we couldn't speak to her because she was still busy at the hotel. But then we heard one of them calling another lady the name Vanessa Williams, and guess what...
The Vanessa Lynn Williams who sings, models and acts in movies? Nope! This was chubby and less brown than the celeb.
What made us even more uneasy is the fact that Akright Uganda had repeatedly advertised Vanessa Williams the singer-songwriter and actress as the one coming yet they had a totally different Vanessa Williams who is, in fact, a businesswoman according to reliable sources.
And to make matters even worse, none of the Akright guys was willing to comment about the story when Rafshizzle contacted them during the week. One of them had told us that it’s her “but she has just grown fat.”
But where on earth could someone bulge like that in a day? Do planes make people grow bigger?
Well, this is not new to Vanessa Lynn Williams because there is occasionally confusion with similarly-named actress Vanessa A. Williams, who first came to notice when she appeared in the first season of Melrose Place.
The two once bickered over the name but later came to an agreement and both starred in versions of the drama Soul Food (VLW in the film version, and VAW in its TV series adaptation).
But there is also another singer named Vanessa Williams, a gospel vocalist and then a businesswoman.
So, Mr Kamugisha, are you sure of what Vanessa Williams you brought?
And we remember you telling us that you are set to bring here R&B sensation Usher Raymond but do you expect us to believe you anymore? We hear, mbu, he is your friend.
Save us, please!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pastor Simeon Kayiwa opens own university

CAPTION: Pastor Kayiwa with some of the members of the Latin University he's working with

Here at Rafshizzle headquarters we break the news as others do follow-ups, isn’t so?
Well, now hear this: Pastor Simeon Kayiwa of Namirembe Christian Fellowship is to set up his own university.
Now, folks, relax and we bring you up to speed: After reading a multitude of books to the tune of becoming a professor and topping Uganda’s religious leaders in academia, Pastor Simeon Kayiwa will open a university to teach theology alongside other traditional courses leading to the awards from Bachelors to PHD levels.
In fact, the man who is commonly known as the “grand father of pastors” has finalised plans of the project and he confirmed to Rafshizzle.
If all goes according to plan, the university will be one of the institutions that will inculcate morality into the public through God fearing, an element that seems to be lacking in today’s University lecture rooms.
The University whose location will be at Namirembe will also teach countrymen the relevancy of fearing God in executing their private and public duties.
We have seen some officials from a Latin university frequent Kayiwa’s pastoral ministry headquarters and our Sherlocks can confirm that they are here on issues to do with the university in question.
Pastor, don’t forget us, we gossip a lot!

We played golf with Vanessa Williams

Well, you all now know that Vanessa Williams is in Uganda…
In fact the lady who was the first black Miss America title winner arrived on Friday and Rafshizzle was at Entebbe as she touched down with a number of black mayors from the US.
Then on Saturday she turned up at the Gold Course but she didn’t sing – to our regret.
However, there is a slight chance that the Save the Best for Last singer was doing what she preaches in her hit single and maybe she will perform at last before leaving Uganda.
The singer-songwriter and actress, who starred in Eraser alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, would return to the US on July 30 after doing some charity work including treating people for free. She would also tour the beautiful motherland and she has been upbeat about visiting Jinja.
However, tomorrow (July 22) Williams will be among the guests at the Paint the Music dinner concert at Serena Kampala Hotel.
Maybe we expect some acapella when Ms Williams touches the microphone tomorrow…
Lucky, are us, who will be there!
Williams was born in Tarrytown, New York, the daughter of music teachers Helen and Milton Augustine Williams Jr.
Prophetically, her parents put “Here she is: Miss America” on her birth announcement and so, Rafshizzle would like to welcome the beauty using the same phrase. And for the guys, she’s currently single and resides in Beverly Hills, California and Chappaqua, New York.
Think you can get in there?

M7, the wedding hopper

AS EASY AS HERE TO THERE: Museveni seems to explain his movement

Most of us ordinary folks attend one wedding at ago because of several reasons – transport being one of them.
But President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ain’t no regular person.
The country’s top man pulled out all the stops all in the name of attending two weddings involving his top ministers.
Let’s bring you up to speed folks: Security Minister Amama Mbabazi’s son Mao Mbabazi was wedding his Argentina fiancĂ© at Serena Kampala Hotel on Saturday (last week) the same day ex-MP and Museveni’s friend Elly Karuhanga’s daughter was introducing her hubby-to-be in Kiruhura district near Mbarara in western Uganda. The connection of both weddings is that Museveni was invited to attend both as the chief guest yet they were taking place at the same time but not same place – in fact from Serena to Kiruhura is something like a four-hour drive but do you think Museveni was ever gonna allow the traffic problems trouble him? Nope, nothing would stop the main man fulfilling his special promises because he simply used a chopper from Kampala to Kiruhura and then returned to Kampala in a blink of an eye for the wedding at Serena. Mind you, Serena is near State House so the idea of starting in Kiruhura and winding up with Serena was that brilliant – the man indeed has a vision.
Please, don’t tell us you too could that if you had…eh!

Juliana still rocking in USA

KANYIMBEEEEEE...:Juliana performs in Chicago recently

Call us sagacious mites who have seen the best of performers world over but we just can’t get enough of Juliana Kanyomozi, here at the Rafshizzle shed.
Some of us watch purely to observe her stage technique, while the rest of you are checking out her toned body and what her mama gave her, you know...
So, how fortunate for those, then, who are in the US where the Kibaluma star is on a music tour. In fact, reports from USA state that Juliana has brought down the house in Buffalo, New York, Chicago & Minnesota so far. She wasn’t alone though – she was joined by Chagga and she told Rafshizzle that together they steamed the ball up in Chicago with their dance tunes – concisely they set the roof on fire!
But just when the fire brigade were about to be called, Juliana cooled the crowds down with some easy listening love ballads. What a running order, eh?
And trust Juliana to be a go-getter because she also went to one of Chicago’s most-happening clubs Wild Hare, where she met with the place’s popular band Gizzae and she revealed to us that she will be doing a collabo with them.
Hmmm, go girl…

Uhuru sponsors Loketo Lee

Ever heard of a quote relating: “Those who have the power to do good, have the responsibility to do good…”
Well, we are at least sure that celebrated chef Salim Uhuru has a clue on that for he is now into humanitarian after managing to make some dime from his two restaurants.
Although he is not like the big donors, the popular pilawo cook has embarked on a mission to help local artists sound out the plight of the people living in the war-ravaged areas of northern and eastern Uganda.
Actually, Uhuru started his project by sponsoring former northern Artiste of the Year and karate maestro Loketo Lee.
Loketo Lee received Shs1.5m from Uhuru on Tuesday to go to the studio and record a peace song. However, Uhuru has vowed to help even more artists who are willing to help divulge the war problem through their music.
Eh, Uhuru, we also have a peace song, so can we…