Monday, July 21, 2008

M7, the wedding hopper

AS EASY AS HERE TO THERE: Museveni seems to explain his movement

Most of us ordinary folks attend one wedding at ago because of several reasons – transport being one of them.
But President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ain’t no regular person.
The country’s top man pulled out all the stops all in the name of attending two weddings involving his top ministers.
Let’s bring you up to speed folks: Security Minister Amama Mbabazi’s son Mao Mbabazi was wedding his Argentina fiancĂ© at Serena Kampala Hotel on Saturday (last week) the same day ex-MP and Museveni’s friend Elly Karuhanga’s daughter was introducing her hubby-to-be in Kiruhura district near Mbarara in western Uganda. The connection of both weddings is that Museveni was invited to attend both as the chief guest yet they were taking place at the same time but not same place – in fact from Serena to Kiruhura is something like a four-hour drive but do you think Museveni was ever gonna allow the traffic problems trouble him? Nope, nothing would stop the main man fulfilling his special promises because he simply used a chopper from Kampala to Kiruhura and then returned to Kampala in a blink of an eye for the wedding at Serena. Mind you, Serena is near State House so the idea of starting in Kiruhura and winding up with Serena was that brilliant – the man indeed has a vision.
Please, don’t tell us you too could that if you had…eh!

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