Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rafshizzle wins award!

I don’t often blow my own trumpet.
But when I win an award, I have to firmly talk about it because this is when people get to recognize my help towards others.
I was voted Best Gospel Writer of the Year at the recently concluded Victoria Gospel Music Awards (Viga) held at Kampala Serena Hotel last Sunday. This was to recognize my contribution to the development of gospel music in the country.
Of course the award was for being an outstanding writer and I beat my rivals the likes of Sebidde Kiryowa (New Vision) and Vianne Nsimbe (Weekly Observer), hands down.
Yes, Sebidde and Vianne, please put that in your pipe and smoke it.
And please join me in congratulating other winners: Wilson Bugembe was announced Gospel Artiste of the Year, Judith Babirye’s Bera Nange was Album of the Year, Mesach Ssemakula’s 2005 hit Kankutendereze won Song of the Year, Joan Ndikirya was Female Artist of the Year, while Keeno Charles was announced Male Artiste of the Year.
Bukirwa Stella Maris (Video of the year), Kiyingi George (Best produced song), Voice Of Truth Messenger (Choir of the Year), The Divine (Inspirational Song Of The Year) and Pastor Robert Kayanja won Viga Merit Award.

Allan “the cantankerous” Mugisha dies

Extremely sad and devastating news has hit Rafshizzle desk this morning!
Allan Mugisha “the cantankerous”, one of Uganda’s most talented/humorous radio personalities ever has passed away.
According to his friend and former workmate at Capital FM, Roger Mugisha, Cantankerous’s mother has confirmed that her son breathed his final yesterday night after he was rushed to Nsambya Hospital with breathing difficulties.
Rafshizzle met Cantankerous yesterday at Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) offices in Namuwongo where he (Cantankerous) had come to pursue his NSSF benefits from his former employers. He worked with MPL’s 93.3 KFM for two years before he was sacked following his clash with one of the top bosses.
The first time we met was on Monday at the Monitor reception but he had to return on Tuesday after he failed to see Ms Martha Elimu, the Monitor Human Resource because she was in a tense meeting with other top bosses.
And yesterday (Tuesday) we met again.
Yesterday he told me he was feeling too weak and broken so he wanted the NSSF money sooner than later so as he goes for treatment. Good, he managed to meet Ms Elimu though I can’t know the results of their meeting.
All I could hear next was his death that very evening.
He has been on and off the bed for some good months.
He was in a critical condition in March before doctors at Nsambya Hospital operated his lungs and he was discharged in April.
In March, it was impossible to imagine seeing him back but with God’s power he did and on Monday he told me he had walked from town to Namuwongo. But yesterday was when God decided to close his chapter.
What I can’t forget is the question Cantankerous asked Roger while he was on bed at Nsambya: “What is the meaning of life…?”That question brought tears in everybody’s eyes and now I wonder what we have got to do with this life.
Well, live it well and always trust and believe in your God!

Sarah Zawedde wants to act!

She is already a queen on the singing scene after the release of her chartbuster Kambere Nawe.
So, does Sarah Zawedde want to rule the big screen, too?
Well, maybe not rule but Zawedde has told Rafshizzle that she is sifting through scripts to find her first acting role.
And I’m aware that she has since landed a big role in Mariam Ndagire’s upcoming movie titled Down This Road I Walk.
Rafshizzle spotted Zawedde at Ndagire’s auditions at Bat Valley Theatre on May 8 and when contacted, Ndagire told me Zawedde had passed the interview.
Hmm, if Zawedde picks anything with the word Kambere Nawe in one of the scenes, at least she will have a song to go with it...

Akon, Fat Joe or Buster?

Disclaimer: this is not kiwani in anyway!
Rafshizzle can categorically announce that at the beginning of September this year we shall have a big artiste from Hollywood to perform in Kampala.
The only dilemma is till on which one to bring because we have three names on the line-up and we have a lot of things to consider before hiring one.
Akon is ready to stage a show in Kampala on September 8 as long as he is paid $130,000

and Fat Joe wants $80,000 for a similar show

however, Buster Rhymes wants $100,000.

Tanzanian tycoon Joseph Kusaga is in touch with Rafshizzle over the artistes’ deals because he also wants one of them to perform at his annual Tanzania Fiesta slated for September 8 in Dar es Salaam.
Meanwhile, I have talked to Akon’s agent and friend in Tanzania, Mr James Kinsey and he told he can convince Akon to perform at $100,000 but after he (Kinsey) also gets his share. The talks with Akon are more advanced since I have even managed to talk to Akon himself and his manager. Akon told me he was performing at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine California at the time I called him and that he would consider performing in Uganda in September because that is when he will be leaving England where he is set to perform alongside Mika, Natasha Beddingfield and the likes.
Buster is confirming today, however, Fat Joe is ready.
I don’t want to give more details but it’s quite promising, just watch this space because I will be flying to Tanzania to meet Kusaga and we finalise the deal!
In the meantime, I welcome your opinions on this: who do you think is better for Uganda and why? Thanks.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

GTV on air on June 29

CAPTION: (L to R) Richard Scudamore, CEO Barclay's Premier League and Julian McIntyre, President of GTV.
Forget coffee... or tea for that matter.
There’s nothing like the jolt of a hot new pay-TV to kick-start our day.
Especially when it goes for as low as Shs70,000 per month and or Shs45,000 monthly subscription.
It is the highly-anticipated GTV! The 20-channel service was launched yesterday and owners promised a great treatment to their customers.
The Commercial Director Rhys Torrington said the services would go live on June 29 in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
The founder and President of GTV Mr Julian McIntyre said that the launch in East Africa follows a major deal the company signed to carry 80 per cent of Barclays Premier League football matches exclusively in the local market.
“At GTV, we are passionate about football and we believe in the power of TV to help develop the game in Africa,” he said.
GTV is banking on the exclusive Premiership rights to gain market-share on DStv that has been in the market for longer.
They have two packages: the G-Base (Shs45,000) and G-Plus (Shs70,000). G-Base has G-Prime, God Channel, BBC World, SkyNews, Al-Jazeera (best news), MTV Base, Kiss, Nickelodeon (best cartoons) and E! plus two additional channels to be revealed soon.
However, G-Plus offers the full bouquet of G-Base, plus three sports channels: G-sports 1, G-sports 2 and Fox Sports Africa.
Dishes and decoders are at Shs350,000 until August 31 when it will return to the standard price Shs400,000.
DStv is better in films, series, documentaries and reality shows, and GTV is better in sports, however, don’t go comparing them just yet, we have to first watch GTV and then we can have a final assessment…I have a DStv and now I got a GTV decoder so you can wait to hear from me in case you don’t (?) want to have both…

Prezzo has baby with married woman

There is some drama in Kenya and I thought that I would appear selfish if I didn’t share it with you.
Well, according to The Standard, Kenyan hip-hopper Cash Money Brother (CMB) Prezzo is the father of Jay Kamau a baby he got with a married woman known as Vanessa Mason...
It sounds interesting?
Actually the case is in court and to be quoted well, I decided to reproduce the story from The Standard, which goes like:
The soap opera of the divorce case involving “King of Bling” CMZ Prezzo and a married woman – Vanessa Kahaki Mason and her estranged hubby Canadian Charles Philip Mason is as confounding as it is hot.
The case, which is still in court, took a twist when Vanessa came out fighting, accusing her husband of having concealed the fact that he had a vasectomy before they got married.
Mason wants their marriage dissolved on grounds of infidelity – Vanessa had an affair with Prezzo and recently gave birth to a baby boy, Jay Kamau.
Vanessa says Mason failed to disclose his vasectomy when they were getting married in 2004. She said she learnt of the operation in Canada.
She says after learning that her husband was incapable of impregnating her, she asked him to have the operation reversed because she wanted a baby.
Mason in his reply admitted he underwent the operation before they married.
He, however, says that what pains him is that Vanessa decided to have a child with Prezzo when he had gone to Bangkok in Thailand to restore his condition so that they could have children.
“I went through an extensive operation in a Bangkok hospital to correct my condition for the purpose of having children with my wife and I was traumatized to learn that she opted to have another man’s child,” Mason said.
He says Vanessa’s adulterous act had caused him unbearable pain and agony that destroyed the marriage and it cannot be salvaged.
Oruko Nyawinda is representing Vanessa while Ms Judy Thongori represents Mason.

Kafeero was a womaniser_Mwana W’omuzungu

You can always count on Rafshizzle to expose your love affairs - whether you want me to or not. And now I present to you Dr. Kathryn Barret-Gaines commonly known as Omwana W’omuzungu who talked to me about her relationship with fallen star Paul Job Kafeero (RIP).
Barret-Gaines is an Assistant Professor of History/Director of African and African American Studies in the department of Social Sciences at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and we talked on Friday through E-mail. Don’t ask me how I got her email…
Barret told me that her relationship with the kadongo kamu icon was genuine until he refused his other wives. In other words they had separated at the time of his death.
“I think you all know that Kafeero was a man of many wives and although I was deep in love with him and wanted to be his wife, we had to separate after he couldn’t drop his other wives,” she said, “I believe in the one-woman man thing but I realised that that is almost impossible in Uganda.”
Kafeero had given Barret-Gaines his house in Kajjansi but she said she wouldn’t take it.
“I was born in the wealthiest country (America) and it’s where I live and work from, so I can’t find any reason to claim property in Africa,” she said, “I would like to see his (Kafeero) children stay in control of his assets.”
There have been media reports of an escalating battle amongst Kafeero’s protégés.
But Omwana W’omuzungu said: “Of course there was some fear immediately after his (Kafeero) burial but now everybody is calm because his will is clear,” she said, “The alleged clash amongst Kafeero’s family is false. We have set up a committee to recover and oversee his property and life has returned to normal.”
Barret is also a member on the committee to oversee Kafeero’s business.
“You know, I’m a researcher and so I’m trying to find out how we can continue Kafeero’s pedigree,” she said.Hope the relationship was not part of the research…over to you Barret!

Is Tanzania the Pearl of Africa?

Real Madrid players celebrate a goal in 2006.
I’m not saying that I’m not proud to be a Ugandan but at this level, we just have to admit that Tanzania has a special blessing from God, which Uganda is yet to get even after massive prayers from top pastors like Benny Hinn.
In a period of one year, Tanzania has hosted over ten of the world’s most respected figures including the former UN Secretary Koffi Anan, prominent singers, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Akon, Loon to mention but a few.
Also remember that Tanzania was the only East African country where the authentic World Cup was displayed for public viewing during an historical world tour of the chalice.
And now, Rafshizzle can categorically reveal to you that Spanish giants and 2007 La Liga winners Real Madrid FC will tour Tanzania next month (July) on President Jakaya Kikwete’s invitation. President Kikwete announced the news himself.
This follows a successful tour of Brazil by Tanzania’s national team the Taifa Stars and the Real Madrid visit will be another plus for the country’s efforts to rebuild soccer. Like Uganda, Tanzania awaits a mathematical favour to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations---but for them, they at least have morale boasting from all corners of the country.
And according to The Citizen newspaper, Tanzania’s Minister of Information, Culture and Sports, Muhammed Seif Khatib said Real Madrid have confirmed their visit in a letter to the Tanzanian ambassador in France.
President Kikwete is keen on rebuilding the country’s soccer, which has been in decline for over two decades.
“It is time we rebuilt our soccer. Tanzania must compete with the best nations in Africa and this government is committed to achieving this goal,” President Kikwete was quoted months after he took over from Benjamin Mkapa.
Kikwete uses his money to pay the 42-year old Brazillian Marcio Maximo who caches Tanzania.
Government also paid for the national team’s visit to Brazil last February after Maximo requested so.
Already, the government has pledged millions of dollars to accord Real Madrid, nine-time European soccer champions, top of the range treatment.
Casillas, Cannavaro, Robinho, Raul, Reyes, Diarra, van Nistelrooy and the likes in Tanzania?
So, is it simply a lucky Tanzania or a good leader…I’m sorry for the question!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bobi Wine and Juliana snog in the night!

So, the chat about songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and 2006 Artiste of the Year Bobi Wine’s love affair seems to have some truth in it?
That is if a gym snog is anything to go by.
A reliable source of Rafshizzle saw Maama W’abaana get lip to lip with Taata W’abaana and the Ladies Wine at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto on Sunday.
And I have to say, they make a very good pairing.
Caution: This is not kiwani at all!
The pair arrived at Kabira at around 10 p.m. and asked the gym instructor Denis (formerly of to first ensure that all people had left the gym before they could enter.
The nervous Bobi Wine shouted at Denis ordering him to guarantee them privacy whereas Juliana calmed him down as she frolicked around, looking like the cat who got the cream.
Hiding under the Islamic Hijabu dress and behind a big pair of shades, Juliana showed off an enviable body as she rushed into the gym after Denis confirmed it was safe. Bobi Wine followed in a pair of faded jeans and a white T-shirt.
And another reliable source at the gym told me the couple normally visits the gym at night.
“We actually found them kissing that night…” said the source. Rafshizzle cannot confirm the two are lovebirds but you can assess yourself.
Both have their official partners and could have gone for an outing as mere friends and maybe…
Anyways, over to you the Ghetto President and Miss Voice…but a denial here means you will need more as Rafshizzle reveals more shocking details.
Bobi during his introduction by fiance Barbie recently

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ferdinand joins Dr. Besigye, Gaetano

Okay, let me level with you here: I’m not saying that Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand has joined Dr. Besigye’s FDC but he is actually one of the few people (including Besigye and Gaetano) to have gotten such a massive reception.
A mammoth of Man U fans thronged Entebbe Airport to receive Ferdinand who is here on a three-day visit to fundraise for Mujib Kasule’s Pro-Line Soccer Academy.
There was drama at the Entebbe airport as journalists tried to get up close with the world’s most expensive defender.Firstly, President Museveni was also returning from Germany and the whole airport was full of soldiers here and there, with some roads closed as an army chopper toured the skies.

Ferdinand arrived at around 7:45 a.m. aboard British Airways but he spent more than 40 minutes in the VIP lounge before checking out. He told Mujib to call journalists and they ask him a few questions from the lounge but police couldn’t risk because even HE the President was at the same place. First to get out was his film crew, which is to document the progress for different news outlets. BBC, Sky Sports and Man U TV crews were also present.
Eventually, Ferdinand himself walked to the journalists who were stat-struck and managed to ask him only one question.
Actually, I was also present but don’t blame me for not asking because I thought my question would be irrelevant: you know, I wanted to know how he felt after scoring an own goal during the Man U Vs Portsmouth game where Chelsea was chasing them for the title in previous season.
Anyways, crowds gathered around roads from Entebbe to Kampala to welcome the world’s most expensive defender who was travelling in a Lexus open-roof.
Whenever he waved, the crowds including those wearing Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool jerseys went crazy.
He was putting on a white shirt and pair of jeans with police shades and he kept smiling as people struggled to pass the PGB and get near him.
Juma Seiko led the PGB crew and he stood in the car window up to Kampala.
Some people ran from Entebbe to Kampala and others travelled in the trunks of cars.
A traffic police vehicle paved way for Ferdinand’s convoy from Entebbe to Serena. The convoy first reached the Old Taxi Park before returning to Entebbe Road and up to Serena through Kampala Road as the whole town was on standstill.

While in Uganda, the footballer of mixed St Lucian and Anglo-Irish descent will attend a fundraise dinner at Serena tonight before meeting President Museveni at Sate House later in the night.
Tomorrow, Ferdinand will play in a charity football march before winding up the day in Ange Mystique where a ticket will cost Shs50,000. He will go back on Monday.

Sharon out, Sheba in, vice-versa!

You can rule out Kombat dancers or the G-Force.
And Stingers, for that matter.
So, just which other dance group in Uganda rides on in-house conflicts?
The Obsessions!
I remember to tell you that Sheba’s coming to Obsessions didn’t impress old member and manager Ronnie Mulindwa’s girlfriend Sharon (check in achieves after the 2007 Street Jam)…
Yes, even if the group’s director Remmy Lubega has since come out to say they don’t have “conflicts and will never split”, Rafshizzle can categorically prove there is a terrible conflict between new recruit Sheba and Sharon.
A source told me that Sharon has ordered for the sacking of Sheba from the group but Remmy has resisted saying that they can’t lose a talented dancer like Sheba because some funny reasons.
Remember: I told you Mulindwa is one of the guys who love Sheba’s company, nothing more…yeah! He just wrote a play “Queen of Sheba” and nothing more! Have you valued my statement, guys?
Well, back to business; now Sharon has vowed never to perform alongside Sheba and Rafshizzle has witnessed five of Obsessions’ performances where this has been put in practice.
Hope you guys too have realised that when Sheba is with Obsessions, Sharon is absent and or vice-versa.
When Sheba performed at Club Cascades, Sharon refused to perform and they argued with Remmy for some minutes although when I tried to inquire, Remmy told me she didn’t feature because she was sick.
I was silenced by Remmy until I realised that at Ekitoobero (last Sunday), Sharon performed but without Sheba two days after Cascades launch---it was a short illness. And then at Bobi Wine’s Kiwani launch yesterday, Sheba was a no-show as Sharon enjoyed it with the other Obsessions girls---maybe it’s Sheba who is sick now?
But, as I’m sure you can imagine, the truth always raises it head out.
Just check out the photos.

HAPPY ARE THE GONE DAYS: Sharon back in the day (Monitor foto)

IMCOMPLETE: Obsessions without Sharon. Sheba (second left) at Club Cascades. (Foto by Bruno)

WHERE IS SHARON: Obsessions pose for a photo before performing at Cascades last week (Bruno)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bobi Wine in Kiwani trouble!

He is the reigning Artiste of the Year and people still love him…
But why is Bobi Wine sweating and looks upset these days, moreover he is launching his chartbuster album Kiwani at Hotel Africana tonight?
Well, all is not good for Bobi Wine after a nascent artiste called Dangerous Ken claimed the ownership of the popular Kiwani song.
The alleged saga goes something like this...
Bobi Wine sees Ken doing the song Kiwani on stage at a pub in Kireka where he (Ken) was one of his curtain-raisers. The audience goes wild for the song and throws cash notes to Ken, so Bobi is moved.
Bobi Wine (reportedly) connives with Beat FM presenter Mukunja who asks Ken to give him the CD with promise he would play it on air.
Instead Bobi goes with the CD and he redoes the song with totally a different instrumentation but retaining over three-quarters of the original wording.
Ken hears the song playing on radios and is quoted as telling one tabloid: “Bobi Wine stole my song, I gave the CD to Mukunja who was the emcee and he promised to play it for me on Beat FM…”
So the boy is not happy, he goes to Kamwokya to see Bobi Wine but he is tortured at the Firebase Crew and leaves in agony. So, he decides to get a lawyer. The first lawyer betrays Ken after meeting Bobi and gets kintu-kidogo from him. The lawyer tells Ken to give-in because Bobi is bigger than him. But Ken moves on and gets another lawyer.

Jump to the present: The second lawyer and Ken met Bobi Wine on Wednesday (June 13) at Radio Simba in Bukoto where Ken was set to go for a live radio interview and announce a formal disruption of Bobi Wine’s Kiwani launch---until the song rights are cleared.
But Bobi asked to settle the matter in compromise without stopping his launch. The lawyer asked for Shs7 million to put the case on halt until the launch is finished.
So, the verdict?
Watch this space.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rio Ferdinand lands on Saturday

CAPTION: Mujib (centre) with Rio (Right in blue) of Manchester and brother Antony Ferdinand of West Ham. Courtesy photo.

It started as a joke but the dream would become a reality this Saturday…
I can categorically inform you that Manchester United and England defender Rio Gavin Ferdinand will be landing at the Entebbe Airport on June 16 at 8 a.m.
The world’s high-priced defender will be here on a three-day visit at the invitation of Mujib Kasule’s PRO-LINE Soccer Academy.
Kasule told Rafshizzle that Ferdinand would help raise funds for the academy in their quest to acquire a permanent home.
US$540,000 is needed for the complex.
Ferdinand will arrive with a crew 20 and he will address the press at the airport lounge. He will continue to Serena for a dinner before resting at the same hotel.
There will be a charity football march in Nakivubo on June 17 before winding up the day with an exclusive party at Ange Mistique.
And Ferdinand would return to England on June 18---you he needs to prepare for the Premiership since the fixtures have been announced today and Manchester opens with one of the hardest underdogs Reading.
A table of eight at Serena will cost US$900.
Pro-Line has over 160 kids.
Ferdinand’s father Julian and cousin Maxine Ferdinand, a scout, will accompany Rio to Uganda.
Maxine would also market our boys in UK. The Academy will also open up a link with West Ham United.
The Hammers have since donated sports equipment worth £30,000 to the Academy while Nike Sports wear manufacturers have a five year deal to provide the Academy with Nike goods.
Ferdinand, 29, joined Man United, the reigning English champions in a record deal for a defender worth £29.1m from Leeds in 2002.
He started his career with West Ham before joining Leeds United for £18m in November 2000.
He made his international debut as a substitute in 2-0 win over Cameroon on November 15 1997, making him the youngest defender to play for the national team.
He has 59 caps to date for England.
So guys, you know where to find the autos and ladies, please pray hard because Ferdinand was caught up in an alleged sex-tape scandal in 2000 with team-mates Frank Lampard, Kieron Dyer in the resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus and you know, “Once bitten, twice…”

Scribe Sebidde becomes a father

Word is the New Vision popular journalist Sebidde Kiryowa has become a father after his girlfriend gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last week. For those that don’t know him well, Sebidde is the guy who does the gossip pages of New Vision beside Timothy Bukumunhe.
It seems as if Sebidde has been trying to keep the big news on the hush hush but as usual Rafshizzle’s roving eye gets you from everywhere.
Sebidde it didn’t work, if Rafshizzle knows... so does the rest of the world---even those in the Diaspora read this!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Uganda’s Kitamirike in Chelsea TV documentary

Even after the 2-1 win over Nigeria, Uganda has continued to shine worldwide. Just of recent I told you how Portsmouth scouts were keeping a sharp eye on striker Massa.
And now to put the icing on the cake, Premiership giants Chelsea did a documentary on former player Joel Kitamirike. Super Sport 6 first aired the documentary yesterday.
Kitamirike (23) is a Uganda-born who grew up in England and had duo citizenship. Actually, he was called up to the Uganda Cranes squad in June 2004 but did not play against the DR Congo as he refused to give up his British citizenship in order to get a Ugandan passport.
Under Ugandan immigration law it is not permitted to hold dual nationality.
Kitamirike won youth caps for England during his time at Chelsea and had a loan spell at Brentford and played as an amateur with Mansfield.
And last year, he signed for Columbus Crew in the USA’s Major League Soccer.
He was born in Uganda but moved to England at the age of four.
No more questions... he is worth the documentary. The documentary encompasses all the details I have mentioned above about Kitamirike.
Off record: he crossed the Nile to Kampala and he is still going places.

Juliana admits being arrogant

There is no denying Juliana has a fair bit of arrogance.
But it sounds nice to hear her admit, “I was arrogant/proud but now I have grown up and thrown it away.”
In fact, she has sung about her arrogance in her new gospel song Kanyimbe.
Just like I told you, Juliana has a hot new album and has released the first single off the album, and the song is already taking airwaves by storm.
In the song Juliana asks for God’s protection from her enemies and also asks that God keep her head free from arrogance.
And she told Rafshizzle, the song is based on her life experience---including the arrogance issue.
Do you disagree? Remember when she snubbed Hope Mukasa’s concert simply because ex-mate Iryn Namubiru was to feature and yet we all know what Mukasa did for her career development.
Well, go Juliana. Rafshizzle tips the song to become one of the best in the country this year.
Trust Juliana when it comes to singing real life experience, so emotional and rhythmical.
I give her a big’s good to change for better.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Massa on brink to join Pompey

It is not often you hear of a Ugandan playing in the English Premiership---
But it seems that Uganda’s recent victory against Nigeria has driven a few fortunes our way.
A source has told Rafshizzle that Ugandan sleek striker Massa will be the case of recruit at Premiership side Portsmouth if Uganda beats Lesotho and Niger to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Ghana next year.
The source said that Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp has sent scouts to Africa.
“It is understood that the Portsmouth scouts were impressed by the play of Massa during the Uganda-Nigeria game,” said the source.
Redknapp is keen on signing a young prolific striker after missing out on Mark Viduka who left Middlesbrough for Newcastle.
Redknapp had wanted Kenyan star McDonald Mariga but he pulled out due to concerns over a work permit.
Kenya is currently placed 124th in the Fifa rankings, meaning the Home Office are unlikely to sanction any transfer to England.
Uganda is 106 and faces a similar difficulty but if the team qualifies to the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations, the ranking will improve hence opening the Premiership gates wide for our players.
A player joining a Premiership club must play for a country in the top 70 of the FIFA rankings.
So, step forward Massa and mates, show them what you are made of…
Are you any good?
I say yes, certainly you got some moves – I remember the tricks you made for Yobo and he got lost.
And that means you will play with Kanu, if he stays at Portsmouth because he has threatened to leave.

More drama as Charlie, Elvis enter Cascades

CAPTION: Cascades owner Aloys happy during the club launch. Left is Radio One's RS Elvis who's also Aloys friend.

At this stage, it has got the making of a great film...
Club Cascades opened last Friday to a full house - with a twist.
Its music overpowered Club Rouge’s and several people entered Cascades even when they had come for Rouge. But Rouge’s Alibhai couldn’t walk away with the screaming and cheers from Cascades and so he asked one DJ called Henry to bring him more powerful speakers. Alibhai had also planned to use Bebe Cool and Blu*3 to perform but he needed a hand of another bigshot Chameleone to try overpower Cascades but it backfired after Bebe abandoned the show saying he couldn’t share the same stage with Chameleone. Doing all that---Cascades’ Aloys was relaxed with his Obsessions, Qute Kaye and Phina Mugerwa doing him a good job as the audience went wild.
And the other interesting thing was when Club Silk’s Elvis and Ange Noir’s Charlie Lubega entered Cascades.
Charlie looked relaxed as he entered at around 11:20 p.m. but Elvis was not impressed at all after realising that the DJ playing the good music at the place was his own DJ Bobby.
Actually, Elvis refused Bobby to enter his club later in the night as the later was to play at Silk after 2 a.m.
A source told me that Elvis was furious and sacked Bobby but he pardoned him after 24 hours when Bobby said he was on “kyeyo” for just one day. Actually Bobby returned at Silk on Saturday.
The funny thing is that Cascades is not better equipped than Silk and Ange but the fact that it is located in a convenient place---the city centre---is an advantage.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Who is the culprit?

Sometimes it’s hard to live with people who backbite you and most especially when they want to steal your man.
Actually many music groups in Uganda have fallen for the same reason.
But well, Jackie Chandiru of Blu*3 seems to have found a brilliant solution for such a situation...
Instead of parting ways with her music mates Lillian and Cindy, Jackie has decided to set up a committee of inquiry into the case of one of them being involved in a plot to steal her man.
A source told me that he was called by a furious Jackie who promised to pay big to whoever tells her who is peddling information about her relationship.
A certain tabloid wrote last week that Jackie was seeing some guy who lives in Uganda yet her boyfriend and likely fiancé lives in the US.
So, Jackie thinks someone in the group must be using the media to spread the rumours as a plot to separate her from her boyfriend.
“She told me she is paying heavily to whoever leads her to the source of the rumour,” said the source, “The guy in the US is furious that she is cheating on him.”
I am aware that Jackie’s boyfriend even sent her a heartbreaking SMS early this week after reading the story and she fears her relationship could end.
Huh, at this stage, Jackie needs prayers…

2 Face to join Angelina Jolie as UN ambassador

Nigerian Pop sensation 2 Face Idibia would soon be announced a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations’ new World Food Programme, says AllAfrica news.
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is a UN ambassador and she has been an example that with power comes great responsibility.
So, under the new title the African Queen singer will be required to participate in UN sponsored charity events across the world, especially Africa, as well as support initiatives related to his portfolio.
The Idibia camp is still hushed about the singer’s pending ambassadorship.
2 Face’s manager Joice Ize-Iyamu told AllAfrica: “I really can’t say anything about that yet, yes, there have been discussions, but we are yet to get a letter. We’ll definitely call a press conference if anything of such happens.”
2 Face, a 31 year old father-of-two is one of the most respected artistes in Africa for several different reasons including his discipline.
And now he is set to add another achievement to his CV for his positive image in the public…
But then it makes me wonder why the Chameleones, Bobi Wines, Bebe Cools and so forth of this world cannot become UN ambassadors.
But I also get the answer for myself that, it is until they stop fighting and focus on their music careers.
Here you are recruited to work with the UN to fight different causes across the African continent and not against fellow artistes.

Did Capital recall Mwalimu?

Call me a paparazzi mite if you want but I always want to know better and I’m just driven mad by people who tell journalists lies…yes, most of the times the lies in papers are things we could avoid but anyhow we are blameless since we are quoting sources who lie to us.
For instance in today’s Daily Monitor in the section 24-Seven of It’s Friday pullout---how in the heavens could John Mwalimu say that Capital FM recalled him from Red Sky to take up again as the station’s Sales Manager---that because the station’s sales rates were declining.
Yes he is back at Capital but why did he leave out the truth that he re-applied for the Capital job a few weeks ago after he was sacked by Scan Ad, an advertising company that bought Red Sky where he was the Managing Director. Scan Ad bought Red Sky adverting company after it failed to run business in Uganda. So, Scan Ad decided to lay-off all the staff of the defunct Red Sky including the MD Mwalimu and he has been jobless for some time.
As he stayed home, I think he remembered that he was still loved at Capital and he decided to give the Capital bosses a call. Good enough he got his job back.
And it was a great technique to say he has been recalled to Capital but he lost it when he said from Capital to Red Sky because it makes me wonder which Red Sky…
What a blunder, eh?

Jennifer Kabanda’s new job

Certainly, Kabanda is a very talented lady as far as acting is concerned.
And now she has yet another skill to add to her CV...
Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that Jennifer Kabanda has entered the studio and has started recording her maiden and self-titled album, which will be released next year. I found her at Mesach Semakula's Khann Studios in Makindye recording her first song off the album.
The Murder in the City and Roses in the Rain actress has already showcased her vocal talents in the drama productions of Afri-talent especially whenever they amalgamate with Eagles Production for their annual play Akangodiira.
But I am still keen to have a listen, as I am aware such ventures can have a slight cringey factor.
Kabanda told me, “I have always loved to sing and many people wonder why I don’t sing yet I have a beautiful voice. This album will show people that I can do more than act.”
Well, go on then Kabanda, give us a tune but remember it’s not all about talking…

Thumbs up for Juliana

Ladies and Gentlemen, join me in saying “Welcome Back” to Juliana Kanyomozi.
Wait, she is still in the US with boyfriend Ouma but the welcome is for her music recovery.
When she ‘failed’ to release an album in 2006, most people thought she would never make a credible comeback but I can assure you that she is one person who knows how to lift herself when she goes down. And very soon nobody will have the guts to point the finger at her…
Juliana has finished a couple of hot song, or should I say, songs that can make history by making her the first female artiste to win the most-coveted Artiste of the Year award at the Pam Awards come November.
However, Juliana is not into Pam awards things and so she has decided to put her album on halt…if you releases an album now, everybody would think you are targeting the Pam awards.
A few of us who have been privileged to listen to her yet-to-be-released songs can tell you that the songs are real hot, I mean HOT. The songs make you proud for being still alive to listen to harmonious creatures. I can remember titles like Nsanyuse and Wesigame Kunze featuring Mesach Semakula.
Rhythmically and melodically beautiful is the only way I can sum-up Juliana’s songs I listened to.
Watch the space!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blood in the Nigerian dressingroom?

CAPTION: Ugandans crave for Nigeria captain Kanu's autograph

The Nigerian football officials have claimed Uganda Cranes did Juju to beat them in the previous Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Namboole.
Now, this one is quite serious…
Ester a Nigerian who lives in Uganda and a pal of Rafshizzle said the Nigerian football officials claim they found blood in the team’s dressing room at Namboole.
“It’s suspected that Ugandans sacrificed something before the game…I mean, they did voodoo,” she said.
The funny thing is that when Rafshizzle talked to the Nigerians on their arrival at Fairway Hotel two days before the game, they convinced me that voodoo can’t work in football.
“You know, all Africans have their way of communicating to God and all Africans do juju only that Nigeria has come out to showcase theirs in films,” said one of the Nigerian officials, “But juju doesn’t work in football. It only works on a nemesis but this is a game.”
Huh! Quite interesting…
The Nigerian coach has since resigned after the Nigerian Football Association (NFA) failed to pay his salary as agreed in his contract. In other words they failed to live by their words, so, should we trust all they said about juju?
Just asking!
Over to you, Nigerians…

Why is Straka crying again?

I once told you that Straka’s lifestyle is as erratic as her fashion sense and now I return with yet another bad news from the quarters of the WBS TV presenter.
Straka has been evicted from the second house in a period of just two months!
Almost impossible to believe but Straka was forced out of a house in Kiwatule for failing to pay rent for six months. Thus she shifted to Kireka where she deceived her new landlord that she had spent a lot of money on settling the Kiwatule matters so she needed a few weeks before paying her first rent.
A source told me that the Kireka landlord gave Straka two weeks to pay three months of rent (as it is the norm if you are just entering the house) but Straka couldn’t pay even after a month elapsed. The source said that the landlord was willing to negotiate with Straka but he was annoyed when she started hiding from him.
“One morning (last week), Straka was leaving home for work when she spotted the landlord and she returned to the house to dodge him,” said the source, “But unfortunately the landlord had seen her and he decided to bring a new padlock and locked her from inside the house.”
Left with no option, Straka called some of his friends who fundraised for her Shs347,000.
The landlord accepted the money and freed her but he cautioned her never to go for “expensive houses you cannot manage.”
Umm, Mr Landlord, I think you just peeped into Rafshizzle’s mind…I mean, Straka, it’s not wise for a millionaire to spend like a billionaire.

Ex-minister Mukula shows character

You can doubt him on issues like money but trust me, you can always count on Mike Mukula to cheer a football team and it wins.
As Uganda Cranes played Nigeria last Saturday, Mukula led a group of supporters in the ordinary class---commonly known as Kirashia---to cheer on the team as we beat Nigeria 2-1 in Namboole. I was also in Kirashia.
Of course every (?) Uganda who went there wanted Cranes to win but I was so impressed by Mukula’s decision to “waste” his VIP ticket and decided to sit with the ordinary fans who, at times, went unruly. This is the area where the biggest cheers that motivate the players come from though sometimes the occupiers become disorderly.
Can you imagine when the second goal went in, the lads behind us threw a water-bottle filled with hot urine and it splashed onto our clothes and faces.
But such things couldn’t stop from cheering until the game ended.
But anyway, those things happen even in Luzira…
Sorry, let me end here!

Ken Love’s Dirty love!

CAPTION: Ken Love and his girlfriend go dirty in Club Silk

While it is lovely to see young lovers happy together, it is not so lovely to see them flaunting their love on the streets or in the nightclubs.
Jealousy? It depends…
Well, I too could be far from prudish, but there are just some things I don’t want to see.
And Radio One presenter Ken Love getting down and dirty with his girlfriend on the streets is one of them. I found the couple getting extra intimate at City Square and everybody was stunned by their antics.
Actually, whenever I am in the club, I see the two doing some “dirty stuff” and I try to shut but what I saw at City Square has released my lips’ zip.
It is the sort of behaviour you’d expect from some lovestruck teenagers...
Not from a 25 plus woman and man. So, while I am very pleased Ken Love is still finding happiness with his woman, I would appreciate a little restraint.
Next time kids, get a room.

War of the nightclubs!

CAPTION: The Club Cascades interior

Kampala partygoers are set to witness another dirty rivalry this Friday.
This time round it is not a rivalry amongst artistes but between two nightclubs that share the same plaza. Actually their entrances are separated by just a pillar.
I’m talking about Club Rouge and the new Club Cascades, both located on Plaza Cinema building on Kampala Road.
Rafshizzle can reveal to you that both clubs are having their launches on Friday and they are set to fight for customers.
Rouge has been around for some time but it closed shop some weeks ago and now it’s ready to re-open, however, Cascades is a new business and a sister hangout to Spot After in Ntinda.
When I talked to Aloys who owns Club Cascades he told me he had initially announced to launch his on June 1 when the Rouge management sabotaged him and they also announced the same date for their re-opening.
“I consequently moved my launch to the next weekend (June 8) but now I’m shocked that they have also moved it to a similar weekend,” said Aloys, “I wanted a fair play but now that they have decided to go that way, I’m not going to accept such interference. We shall see who wins the battle.”
Club Rouge management has promised to overshine Cascades on the night by bringing in superstar Shaggy to perform this Friday. However, I don’t know how true the Shaggy thing is…
Club Cascades kicks off their business stint tonight with a bash to be headlined by Obsessions.
Watch the space for whatever will happen that night…

Monday, June 4, 2007

Girls sneak into Cranes players’ rooms

After the Nigerian game, the Uganda Cranes players needed lots of appreciation for everything they did in beating Nigeria 2-1…
And luckily, they got it from more than one source.
Not only their families and us the football fans looked out for them, but a clique of city cuties also did their bit.
Just after the game, the players were driven to Jokers Hotel in Bweyogerere but before even their mini-bus could park, the girls came from nowhere and swarmed around them.
I first thought the girls were just happy for the win but I then realising that they looked like “chicks on a mission.”
I left them hugging the players but I later called a friend who told me the girls disappeared as soon as the players entered their rooms.
So, I went for some statistics: the girls were as equal as the players in numbers; they were too beautiful for any young man to resist and most of all, the lads had spent over a week without seeing their girlfriends just to keep their fitness.
Don’t you think two weeks was enough time for the “desire to grow?”
And it looked like the two stars (Obua and Sekagya) were the most sought-after. I remember a lady asking us if the pair was at their hotel, when we visited them a day before the game.
Well, go Cranes, on and off the pitch---but remember to keep your shin-guards on throughout!
Also don’t forget we have a “war” with Lesotho on June 17.

Who is Straka Eastern version

The owner of this protruding paunch might not have seen her tootsies in a fair while. Snot fair…how can she bend?
Many of you must be wondering who was strutting her rounded stuff on the stage where the slim beautiful ones vying for Miss Uganda-Jinja would use.
Actually she was not a contestant.
And I’m sure your jaw will be heading south when I tell you she is not Straka Baibe…perhaps she is “Straka the Eastern Version.”
She told me in an interview recently that she used to be a regular Miss Gym bunny but ever since she deserted exercise, her fitness also deserted her. In fact, some of us might have had a poster of the one-time chart topper on our walls some years back because she used to look “okay” and the music was very “fine.”
But now her music is following the way her fashion sense took---won’t you remain alone lady?
Yes, I’m talking about you, Sylvia Kyansuti.
When you came on stage to perform during the Miss Uganda Jinja auditions, many folks from Kampala first thought it was Straka until you did your popular song Okunsunasuna.