Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mesach starts a music crew

Jose Chameleone owns a singing-crew and Bobi Wine also has one…
So, which previous Artiste of the Year award winner has been left out of this crew-forming fad?
We actually can’t find any because even Mesach Semakula, who was artiste of the year in 2005, has started one.
His is called Kann Crew and unlike Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew and Bobi’s Firebase Crew, Mesach’s is made up of only girls.
However, he told 24-Seven that he would consider recruiting boys in the near future.
“My girls (Kann crew) have finished recording three songs and we are planning to release the first album before June,” he said.
That he also has plans of starting a music academy very soon.
But don’t get taken for a ride that Semakula has left Eagles Productions Band because he, actually, simply owns the crew but doesn’t sing with them.
Huh, Mesach, Kann we get enrolled too?

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