Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moze does Zuena a symphony

Celebrity fights may have dropped out of the paparazzi spotlight recently...
But that doesn’t mean they are not happening – quite the opposite in fact.
It’s hardly two weeks when Moze Radio was sent to the coolers for assaulting Bebe Cool.
And there has been a cold war between the two but at this rate, the whole country is bound to know about it.
When Moze left the police cells he went straight to the studios and did a song which is doubtlessly targeting Bebe Cool.
We all know Zuena Kirema is Bebe Cool’s best thing in life and he has said it several times. So, what do you expect when his nemesis does a song praising her beauty?
“Zuena put me on the scale and see who loves you…On my heart count down, Zuena, you’re number one…” sings Moze.
And when Rafshizzle asked Moze if he had sent Bebe Cool a copy of the song, he replied, “No, I don’t need to, he will get it himself. The song is about another Zuena but I know he’ll be mad.”
Huh, we’re keeping ours ears to the ground.


honest said...

that cheat bebe fool is cheating on zuena with a gal in mukono who is now pregnant. he doesnt deserve her

janien8 said...

I don't think that it is agood idea for the muscicians to interfere with each others families. The issue between moze and bebe cool should have stayed between them selves but not to go an extra mile of involving ones' family. You people will loose fans when you continue with that. It's not good at all.

transroad said...
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