Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hullo, Morris…

Morris Mugisha needs lots of support at this time…
And luckily, we’re giving him enough of it but the BBA III Ugandan housemate is rather demanding for some more.
Mugisha wants our prayers, votes and some calls?
Yes, he wants to be called on phone!
We too wonder how that will happen but, well, that is what he demanded as he bid farewell to his parents before entering the house on Sunday.
He said the words in Luganda and softly so for those who don’t know Luganda or who couldn’t hear him well, 24/7 has offered some assistance.
As he hugged his mother, Mugisha said, “Mummy njagala mikisa,” literally meaning, “I want your blessings, mother.”He then said, “Bwemuba munjagala munkubirangako ku kasimu,” meaning, “Please call me whenever you miss me.”
Surely, we all know whoever enters the BBA house is disconnected from the outside world and last year’s contestants talked to their relatives on phone once.
So, we’re not exactly sure of how Mugisha will cope up with life without talking to his people, especially his four-year-old daughter Hailey Abigail Mugisha.

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