Monday, August 18, 2008

Mariam Ndagire completes second film

Surely, we all know Mariam Ndagire is a one greatly talented lady (actress). And recently she switched from stage acting to filmmaking hence making most people wonder if she can maintain her big screen role like she has done on stage over the years.
Well, sit down folks and we bring you up to speed – Ndagire has bounced back onto the movie scene following a successful release of her debut movie Down This Road I Walk last year.
This time around, Ndagire’s movie is sounding something political but she says it’s rather socially, economically and politically motivated.
Well, the movie titled The Strength Of A Stranger revolves around a land dispute story, basically explaining how a “squatter” can turn into an owner because they have stayed in some place for some time. I can see the direction where your minds are running towards but please just save us, because the lady said the movie is not political! Thank you.
Well, the final set of the movie will be shot tomorrow (Tuesday August 19) and Ndagire will then focus on editing the movie, which is set for release come December this year.
The director Mariam Ndagire herself, Abbey Mukiibi and Patricko Mujuuka are part of the cast and so, think now you can picture the stuff you should expect on your screen in December…

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