Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Desire says she knows 'Seya' but...

So we've gotten to the bottom of the story of Desire Luzinda -- we're talking the break up with boyfriend Ken and her special closeness to Kampala mayor Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala.
While accepting her Best Afro-beat Diva accolade at the DIVA music awards at La Bonita, the audience provoked Desire into some "Seya" talk and she was willing to take it beyond the stage.
"I heard you talk about Seya, what's wrong with him...he has potential," said Desire as she rushed back stage where she talked a bit more about the matter.
The Nina Omwami singer got engaged in a conversation with the emcees of the event backstage telling them how she values the mayor so much in her life and doesn't mind people calling her one of his mistresses.
She said she meets Seya whenever she feels like and she doesn't compare his affection to anybody else.
So guys, just know that Desire is single but she is not desiring for love because "Seya has potential."

Lionel Richie coming to town?

Now that Zain is set to bring in R Kelly for a highly-anticipated concert next month, we can understand why other telecommunication houses are sweating profusely.
The likes of Warid, UTL and MTN are into serious head-scratching considering different avenues of countering Zain. UTL have talked about Rihanna and Warid have chattered some Beyonce but so far, we can confirm that MTN Uganda is in contact with R&B legend Lionel Richie.
The former Commodores lead singer's concert is set to be confirmed next month.
An insider tells us that MTN wants somebody related to Michael Jackson - in fact, they had at one time considered Janet Jackson only to pull out after knowing that she is busy promoting her latest album.
Lionel Richie was one of the very best friends of Michael Jackson besides being an exact age-mate.
MJ was the godfather of Lionel's adopted daughter Nicole Richie.
With R Kelly kick starting our events calendar and MTN, UTL and Warid willing to battle on, 2010 promises to be one busy for show-goers.
Fingers crossed!

Naava wants the world to know

Are Naava and the marketing manager of Scania buses and trucks Labeja Akengo the hottest new twosome?
On the love boat, that is.
Because Naava has been throwing around the 'D&W' word.
That's dating and wedding, not dining and wining.
Mukasa Mbidde's daughter has been telling her friends she has finally made up her mind to settle with 'one' man.
She says, however, the trouble is not proving the world and its dog that she has settled and that is why she is giving her new man so much of her time.
The couple hang out together in small and big spots with or without an invitation and they were all over each other at Sylvia Owori's 10-year career celebrations at Serena Hotel, as the picture suggests.
We're told Naava had given up on love because Ugandan men are unfaithful until someone who knows how to hit the right buttons came in the name of Labeja.
Good luck!

"Got a prince's number..."

How many times do you get a prince asking for your phone number, ladies?
If you don't know how it feels like, please ask Multi-choice publicist Helena Mayanja.
If you don't have her number, here is the picture one could read her feelings from.
Must be good feeling, eh?
Because this picture suggests Helena was amazed after Prince Jjunju asked for her phone number.
The pair exchanged contacts at Silk Owori's 10 year celebrations at Kampala Serena Hotel.
We overheard, Jjunju promising to call Helena as soon as possible.
We're not sure of what business these two could be working on together - because we're sure Jjunju has a DSTV decoder in his house.
Just saying.

Muhangi's lavish honeymoon

Just a few people can spend their honeymoon flying in a private jet from one place to another for a week.
Step forward Charles Muhangi.
The rally ace wedded the mother of his three children Patience Muhangi at a lavish wedding in Bushenyi before setting off for an incredible honeymoon tour of East Africa.
Insiders tell us that Muhangi and his bride flew in a chopper from church at Ruharo in Mbarara to the reception in Bushenyi on Saturday before proceeding to Kampala where they stayed briefly and headed for Nairobi.
They left Nairobi for Zanzibar on Tuesday and then went to Bujumbura and Kigali before returning to Munyonyo on Thursday.
All the six days, the chopper was at hand to move the newlyweds.
It takes a few bobs to have this chopper at your service and we can imagine the millions Muhangi spent on his honeymoon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Brother Revolution Nears End

The Big Brother Africa 4 (Revolution) ends on Sunday with the winner to be announced on that very day.
Beenie Man will perform at the live show (of course, after Kampala this Saturday).

Watch this space for details...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Which Hollywood star is coming?

Like we said, last week, we're very keen on the issue of Hollywood stars sneaking into the country and going to the north without our knowledge.
So we have planted some Sherlocks in northern Uganda to inform us on the developments in that regard - and so far, we're told there are many set to come in the near future.
Rumour has it that sensational actor cum singer Will Smith will be visiting the former war zone in February next year.
However, the confirmed news is of the coming of Girls Aloud's Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh alongside BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles.
A source in northern Uganda tells Sqoop that the locals are already "aware of the forthcoming visit of footballer Ashley Cole's wife Cheryl and a number of other entertainers."
A statement on BBC Radio One website also confirms: " After their triumphant climb up Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this year for Comic Relief, Kimberley from Girls Aloud was reunited with Chris to announce that the pair will be going to Uganda in December to see how the money raised is being spent."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


MEN ON THE MONEY: Kevin, Edward and Itai

Day 72 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION was all about testing scientific theories and discussing conspiracy theories. No different from another day in the Big Brother house – except now the conspiracies are part of this week’s task!

This week’s task is called the Industrial Revolution and housemates are required to act as lab rats and test some of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries. The myths to be tested include: “can you make good luck?”, “who has the highest pain threshold – men or women?”, “gravity – can it be overcome” and a variety of food and alcohol-based myths.

The task presentation will be a scientific arrangement of the findings of the experiments, revealed in an entertaining way. During all of their investigations, they may not sleep a wink during the day!

The Housemates were alarmed by Big Brother's "no sleeping" rule and debate over whether to wager 100%, with Itai leading the case for maximizing their win, while Nkenna reminded everyone that all the tasks have lost so far have been because of sleep infringements. After Emma and Mzamo add their voices to the debate, the housemates decide to wager 50% of their Sha-Sha’s on the outcome of the task.

Can you make good luck? The Housemates test out the theory with a mix of raw and boiled eggs bashed against the head.

The first theory the housemates tested was “can you make good luck?”. In the garden, they found 7 trays of eggs. On each tray, half the eggs are boiled and the other half raw. They randomly selected 6 eggs each, with one housemate at a time breaking their eggs – one by one – over their heads. The housemates also selected a lucky charm to carry with them for the remainder of the day. Geraldine, Mzamo and Emma seemed to be the unluckiest of the lot with raw egg all over their hair, as Big Brother forbade the housemates from protecting their hair.

The next test was to measure whether men or women have the highest pain threshold. The first element involved the housemates each waxing equal areas of their bodies. The female housemates seemed to fare better, with Emma attributing their success to the fact that ‘women wax all the time’. Kevin, on the other hand, believed that the female housemates didn’t have as much hair to begin with.

Apart from conducting lab experiments for their Task this week, Housemates are tasked with discussing the potential truth behind conspiracy theories. The theories they will spend time during the week debating include “Wars are created and funded by greedy Multi-National companies”, and the prevalence of ‘human tracking chips’.

In his diary sessions, Kevin has often told Big Brother that as an aspiring rapper, some of the things he misses the most outside the house are his rhyme book and pen. Since this week’s task came with pens, Kevin has taken advantage and started to rekindle his creativity. All the housemates seem taken with having access to pens, as some tried to sketch each other while others played drawing games. Kevin spent some time after the conspiracy theory discussion composing something titled “For Her”.


CAPTION: This week's nominees Emma from Angola (white hair)and Geraldine of Nigeria

M-Net’s Big Brother Revolution and ‘The Industrial Revolution’ is in full flow as the remaining housemates test some of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries. The housemates have been given a number of scientific myths that they are to test and must all work together. The myths to be tested include: Can you make good luck? Who has the highest pain threshold – men or women? Gravity – can it be overcome? Watch this week’s task in progress by tuning in to Big Brother Revolution on DStv channel 198 or 199.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


CAPTION: Geraldine looks most certain to follow her love Leonel out of the house next

Monday night’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION nomination show (16 November, 20:00 CAT on M-Net) saw the housemates’ nominations leave Angola’s Emma and Nigeria’s Geraldine up for eviction this week. The housemates are feeling the pressure as they begin to realize that they’re just a few short steps away from the whopping USD200 000 prize.

When Big Brother announced that Emma and Itai had garnered the most nominations this week, the only certainty was that Itai would use his power as Head of House to save himself.

Once he had made his way into the diary room in his full underwater regalia (part of the Molotov Cocktail he received from Leonel on Sunday), Itai settled down and told Big Brother that he would indeed be saving himself and putting Geraldine up for eviction in his place.

Geraldine had earlier told Big Brother that she felt that Itai would nominate her this week, as they had been fighting for the last few days. It was Emma who received the most nominations this week, getting the nod from Itai, Nkenna, Edward, Mzamo and Geraldine.

Itai explained that he had been nominating Emma for the last few weeks because he sensed that the rest of the housemates would be doing the same. He did this despite the fact that on Sunday night, after Leonel’s eviction, he made a deal with Emma that he would not nominate her and would try to save her if he could. His second nomination went to Geraldine whom he said irritated him when implicating him in talks about "serpentry" in the house.

Nkenna nominated Emma because she feels that she doesn’t get on well with her and because she is the only “outsider” left. She and Emma haven’t gotten along since Nkenna’s ‘save & replace’ decision led to Jeremy’s departure, depriving Emma of her partner. Nkenna's second nomination was for Itai, who she said could save himself as Head of House.

Edward's reason is that although Emma is his former Comrade in Arms, he doesn’t feel as close to her as he is with everyone else and thinks “it’s about time she goes to see Jeremy”. The Namibian also nominated Itai, as he could save himself.

Mzamo’s nominations mirrored Edward’s exactly, nominating Emma because she doesn’t feel close to her and Itai because he could save himself. Geraldine also nominated Itai and said her only other option was Emma because she has “country loyalty” with Nkenna and Kevin and an alliance with Edward and Mzamo.

Kevin nominated Edward and Mzamo, saying he could nominate the latter “without too much stress”, while Emma nominated Mzamo and Nkenna.

Once voting was done, Emma had received 5 nominations, Itai 4, Mzamo 2 and Nkenna, Edward and Geraldine 1 apiece.

Now it’s up to Africa to decide who stays in the house and who goes! There are four ways to vote -

1. Via the website at www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother,
2. By visiting the www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother WAP site on your WAP-enabled phone or via MXIT.
3. You can also vote by texting your favourite housemate/s name to the appropriate number for your country,

To vote via text message, send the word VOTE and the name of YOUR FAVOURITE housemate, to the number for your country below. Text messages are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. You can vote 100 times by text per mobile number during each voting period.

Short code Tarrif

UTL 6626 Ugx 1000

Zain 6626 Ugx 1000

MTN 6626 Ugx 1000

Warid 6626 Ugx 1000

Voting begins immediately after the nomination show on M-Net (DStv Channel 101/102) on Monday nights. Voting closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning. Find out who will be evicted by watching the eviction show on Sunday nights. Big Brother Revolution is screened 24/7 live on DStv Channel 198 or 199. Also look out for Big Brother programs on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114). For news and updates, log on to www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother.

Ben Stiller's secret visit to Uganda

CAPTION: Ben Stiller with the people of Gulu

Some fellas here in the newsroom have teasingly been telling us to relocate to northern Uganda - because Hollywood's biggest names are always sneaking into the country and going to the north without our knowledge.
Can you believe even actor/director/producer Ben Stiller was in Uganda last month?
A source from Gulu told us of how they enjoyed a "ride" with one of Hollywood's hottest comedy actors Ben Stiller.
We first thought it was another joke until someone at Save the Children initiative confirmed to us that Stiller came to the motherland in mid October.
He was here to drive home the message about educating children and his trip was organised by the Save the Children initiative in Africa and sponsored by jewellery company Bulgari.
Stiller, who has acted in comedy movies like A Night At The Museum, stayed for a week and played and ate with the children of Gulu.
The good news, we're told Stiller could revisit Uganda in 2011 - if we could wait for World Cup which comes after four years then Ben will find us ready.

Former Miss France, Gal Level in town

The lineup of fashion gurus expected at the inaugural Top Model Trend show in Uganda is just expanding by the day - we're told even Miss France 2005 winner Cindy Fabre has already arrived in Uganda ahead of Saturday's event at Kampala Serena Hotel.
The 24-year-old beautiful Fabre, who also emerged second runner-up at Miss Europe 2005, is set to grace TMT as one of the judges alongside the President of the Federation of African Designers, Senaily Alphadi.
Fabre became the 51st Miss France on December 4, 2004 and she has toured the world inspiring young women in the fashion and modeling world.
Meanwhile, even the Namibian singing girl-group Gal Level are already in town and set to perform at the TMT event tomorrow.
The Gal Level also will have a “meet and greet” party with KFM listeners at Club Pa Lui tomorrow (Wednesday).
Ready for the party, folks?
Let's go!!!

Congolese, local artists mourn Gen. Kazini

A number of Congolese artistes are mourning the death of one of their best friends in Uganda, the late Maj. Gen. James Kazini.
In case you need your memories jogging, the fallen army officer was behind the coming of many Congolese artistes to Uganda including recently the Mbilia Bell concert at Sheraton Kampala Hotel...
Back to the real issue: we're told the likes of Kanda Bongo Man, Mbilia Bell, Tshalla Muana, Awilo Longomba and Aurlus Mabere have sent condolence messages to the family of Kazini (RIP).
Meanwhile, even our local artistes through the Federation of Performing Artistes in Uganda sent condolences to the man who loved music and especially music by Afrigo Band.
Signed by the President of the federation, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, the document reads in part: "The artists' fraternity is profoundly shocked by the sad news of the demise of Maj. Gen. James Kazini. The arts industry has lost a friend indeed, who has been always available to find a solution to any challenge. He founded the Umoja Band when musicians needed jobs; Umoja Club when venues were exploiting artistes; bought first-class open-air instruments when musicians needed stadia instruments, the list is endless...we thank God for the time he has given us with Kazini."

Footing MP William Wopuwa

With no keys in his hands and walking alone down the street at night we knew there was something going on with Hon. George William Wopuwa so we followed him to the next taxi stage and ---you guesses right---he entered a taxi heading to the east.
And our Sherlocks have learnt that the Bubulo County Member of Parliament has been using taxis from his home in Bweyogerere to Parliament for almost a month now.
Some people told us the MP is just trying to live a simple life whilst some say the gentleman's car broke down and he's struggling to replace it.
We're yet to hear from the honourable himself and we hope this has got nothing to do with credit crunch.
A year ago, Wopuwa attacked Soroti district leaders for failing to account for Shs280m following a report released by the parliamentary public accounts committee showing Soroti district as the worst performing districts.
So seeing him walk make us think, is this how serious people handle money.

Fat Boy, Allan, what’s the beef

Sanyu FM’s Fat Boy and Capital FM’s Allan Kasujja attending Michael Jackson’s movie This Is It premiere at Cineplex Cinema was a really big hit on our eyes ... we watched a movie acted during a premiere of another movie.
How did it start?
Fat Boy came with workmates Crystal, Val and Melanie whilst Kasujja, a former employee of Sanyu, came in alone and clearly showed that he wanted company by joining the quartet.
However, Kasujja’s move didn’t impress Fat Boy who moved away from the girls and was followed by a na├»ve Val.
We even overheard Fat Boy telling a friend that he had no interest in talking to Kasujja since he is not in his circles.
As if that wasn’t enough, after the movie screening, Kasujja and Melanie were joined by Crystal and Val to proceed to the Food Court for lunch but Fat Boy was unimpressed.
In fact, Fat Boy declined to join the rest of journalists at the Food Court and decided to leave without eating.

President on Gen. Kazini

We shall relay you the speech of President Museveni during the funeral service of fallen Maj. Gen. James Kazini in Kampala.
Quite agonizing and yet hilarious - as usual.
So, watch this space!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Straka wants a wedding sponsor

STRAKA AND CAESERMAN: These two lovebirds want to marry but need a sponsor for their wedding...

Straka is one funny 'baibe' - she is looking for sponsors for her wedding with beau Ceaserman, we can exclusively reveal.
The Sqoop Sherlocks are aware of Straka's struggle to make her wedding take place after publicly announcing that she would get married to Caeserman before the end of this year.
Now, we're told she has moved the wedding to early next year but the couple is not in (a financial) position to fund the type of wedding they wish to have.
So, Straka has been moving around looking for big companies or any rich individuals who can help put money into her wedding plans.
The most interesting thing, though, is the fact that the WBS TV presenter has been giving companies and businessmen written proposals seeking sponsorship just like how it is done for concerts. She indicates the benefits of the company at the wedding and after the wedding - talk of mentions and so forth.
Pass us a hankie...

Public Announcement: R Kelly is coming

CAPTION: The Zorro mask and French braids plus the Grammy Awards background in this picture of R Kelly answer the quiz that Zain has put for its customers to guess who is coming to town and they win. However, R Kelly has since removed the braids...you doubt us, read on...

Saving your pennies for Christmas, sijjuyi, New Year's?
Wait a minute; some of us are saving for what promises to be the biggest concert in this decade - it's R. Kelly coming to tawo baby!
We can exclusively confirm that the American R&B and soul singer-songwriter will jet into Kampala for a show scheduled to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval on January 29 - two weeks before the 2008/2009 Pam awards take place on February 13.
He is coming courtesy of Zain Uganda as part of promotion for their new product to be launched very soon. The campaign has already started with teasers in the newspapers where people can win airtime of up to Shs50,000 by guessing the artiste coming. Of course, we're sorry for letting the cat out of the bag but who can you blame for getting excited about the world's best R&B crooner.
Zain has paid R. Kelly $300,000 (around Shs600m) for the show - mind you, that cost doesn't include transport, accommodation and meals.
An insider tells us, the Zain people are tired of people referring UB40 to the greatest show Uganda has ever seen as they hope R Kelly will rewrite history as far as concerts in Ugandan is concerned. Of course, he can!
Besides being bigger than UB40 in all aspects, this is R Kelly's only second visit to Africa - he had never been to Africa until recently this year when he performed in South Africa; see, we're even ahead of Nigerians and the rest.
The 42-year-old occasional rapper debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement before going solo in 1993 and launching a successful career starting with the album, 12 Play. Today, the world over from Brazillian beaches to Asian deserts to African bushes, European conurbations and American hoods everybody knows R Kelly thanks to a collection of hit singles including Bump n' Grind, I Believe I Can Fly, Gotham City, Ignition, If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, The World's Greatest, and the hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet just to mention a few. He's one guy who can sing for more than 24 hours without repeating a song and most importantly, without boring the audience.
With his mixed pack of gospel music and songs with highly sexual innuendos, we wonder if even our Christian sisters and brother will be tempted to attend this one.
Of course, they will.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Uganda’s Maureen Kabasiita on probation

CAPTION: Saved the lady standing on the right

The audience booed the judges as they announced the contestants on probation for this week on Sunday.
But wait a minute; the taunts and boos were at Effendy’s Restaurant in Kampala as a Ugandan was mentioned amongst the people on probation.
The audience became angry immediately after Judge Ian Mbugua told Uganda’s Maureen Kabasiita to join Tanzania’s Illuminata, Rwanda’s Christian and Nina on the probation list.
The audience felt that Maureen sang Angelique Kidjo’s Wombolombo so well but Ian thought otherwise.
The audience cheered the Ugandan girl on doing the classic but Ian condemned her singing as shouting and said she shouldn’t confuse shouting with singing.
The judges also said Christian, who was saved last week from being evicted by the fans, didn’t sing convincing enough to stay in the house.
Then Ian said Illuminata is gorgeous but her singing might not get her out of the dog house.
And Nina was sentenced for choosing a “wrong song” for her voice.
The Principal of the academy Achieng Abura said that the judges got it all wrong. She however applauded the contestants for their great performance during the gala show and encouraged them to make their performances even better, come next weekend.
Maureen’s number is six; if you want to save her simply send tusker6 to 7197.
There is no restriction to the number of messages you send.
Meanwhile the contestant who was evicted on Saturday was Tanzania’s 22-year-old Carol Uliwa.
The beauty takes the number of evictees to two following next week’s eviction of fellow Tanzanian Kelvin Stephens.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big Brother (4): The Revolution starts with confusion!


Ladies and gentlemen as we promised, we want to be the first in updating you about Big Brother: The Revolution.
The show started tonight (Sunday) at 8 p.m. and as the organisers promised, there are a lot of surprises, changes and twists.
The M-Net show which will last for 91 days has a new presenter in the names of IK plus it has a completely redesigned eye logo and the prize money has doubled to USD 200, 000.
IK was at hand to tell the viewers all the details and even if he didn’t sound good (to me) as good as previous host KB, he managed to control the show.
Well, also audiences will have to vote for the housemates they want to see stay in the house and not one they want evicted like it has been the case.
We saw some new furniture in there and some of the house designers said the number of cameras and microphones has almost doubled.
The number of housemates has also moved from 12 to 14 while housemates will be allowed to form cliques and even discuss the game strategy.
The 14 participating countries this year are Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each country will have one housemate.
BUT, some countries have gotten in two housemates (i.e. Uganda and Kenya) whilst other countries have no representatives in the house (Angola, Malawi and Tanzania).
NOW, the trick is that some housemates will be evicted this weekend following nominations tonight.
That means, Uganda and Kenya will have to give up one housemate and five girls are on their way to the house come next week.
The twists and turns on the show seem never to end and some of them will be revealed as the show goes on – some should be spontaneous.
In the meantime, let’s present to you the guys who entered the house yesterday.
Hannington Kuteesa Kavuma – he’s a son of Judge Steven Kavuma and Member of Parliament Ruth Kavuma. He has just returned from Malaysia where he has been doing a course in IT. You can’t believe we were with this chap at the Kampala Rugby Club and he couldn’t tell us anything, well, good luck to him.
Meanwhile, the other Ugandan is called Filbert Okure and we’re still collecting information about him so keep it right here. (They tell us, Hannington will leave, mbu).

Anyways, Zimbabwe has sent Itai Makumbe – the 31-year-old loves politics. And you guessed right, most politicians bore except for guys like Ken Lukyamuzi, President Museveni and Idd Amin (RIP).
Kenya also has two in Edward Muthusi aka Teddy and Jeremy Ndirangu.
Nigeria has sent Kevin Chuwang – who is a 27-year-old unemployed chap.
From Botswana: is Kaone Ramontshonyana – I honestly failed to understand the chap.
First-timers Ethiopia is being represented by Yacob Yehdego – he promised to be himself, a thing that almost every Ethiopian says. His nickname is Yac. Need to wait…
The hosts South Africa have a Mzungu called Quinn Silder – at 21 years of age, the charming white is the youngest in the house; plus he’s a DJ and radio presenter so he should be in the know of how to entertain people.
Other first-timers Mozambique sent 23-year-old Leonel Estevda.
Ghana had a dread-locked Code and this year is no exceptional with Rastafarian George Wayde coming from that side. He’s got the spirit for the game and his Patio lingua was the icing on the cake as he entered the house.
Namibia has Edward & Erastus Moongo, the identical twin brothers, who have to keep their relationship unknown for three weeks lest they face eviction once one of them gets nominated.
You must be wondering “where are the ladies,” well, the host said there will be ladies in the house “next week…”
Hope that tells you why some people will have to leave the house. In fact, they showed us the five girls but not their faces and we hope their faces match with their legs and abs we saw…
For more details check later for the next post!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Brother and Project Fame Updates

Ladies and gentlemen, we're back!!!

Here at Rafshizzle, we'll be giving you all the updates of the new Big Brother Africa Revolution plus what's happening at the Tusker Project Fame III academy in Nairobi as the news come in everyday.
This is your BBAR and TPFIII blog so don't go no where.

Thanks and see you soon!


And our BBA housemate is…

NEW HOST: IK Osakioduwa (pictured) of Nigeria to take over from KB

Well, well, cool down everybody…
Big Brother Africa season four starts on Sunday and for our good relationship with Multi-choice we’re keeping quiet about the housemate representing Uganda this year – you know, they always want it to be a surprise.
However, we don’t think we can keep our mouths shut on the issue of the show’s host especially after learning that Kabelo has been kicked off the show.
KB has been replaced by Nigeria’s IK Osakioduwa, who also presents M-Net’s flagship Afro-chic lifestyle program Studio 53, Temptation Nigeria and the stand-out stand-up series Comedy Club: Live in Lagos.
An Economics graduate from the University of Lagos who began his broadcast career as Wild Child on Nigerian radio station Rhythm FM 93.7, the dynamic IK has since established himself into television.
Meanwhile, to meet other Big Brother fans, log on to www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother.
For now though, the countdown to the show has begun!

Alpha collabo with Metro & Devonte

CAPTION: Tanto Metro and Devonte Perform at Lugogo Cricket Oval last year

KS Alpha is a top dancehall artiste, isn’t he?
Well, if you doubt the man himself has come out to prove you wrong on his new record titled Waistline, which features Jamaican sensational duo Tanto Metro and Devonte.
That’s right; the heavy track was recorded when the Jamaicans came for a concert at Lugogo last year.
Henry Kiwuwa produced the song from No End studios and the video of the song is in the pipeline, according to Alpha.
“I first sent them a copy of the song mixed from here and they added a few things from there so they have sent the finished song,” he said. “I am planning to fly to Jamaica and go and shoot a video with them sooner than later.”
Alpha met Metro and Devonte at the pair’s fans party at Club Rouge and they proceeded to the studio to do the song that very night.
“We just agreed that we had to do a song together and the rest of stuff just connected from there as each of us wrote own lyrics,” adds Alpha.
Alpha says he intended to add this collabo to a number of other songs he has done in the recent past and release a 15-track album.

Tshala Muana at Garden City

If we could invent a saying of our own, it would go like: “It’s easy to get Congolese music out of Uganda but you cannot get Congolese artistes out of Uganda…”
It’s simply because we’re always bumping into Congolese stars enjoying life in different nightspots in Kampala – and it’s not bad!
For instance, we got quite excited to meet Tshala Muana at Simba Casino on Garden City on Wednesday night.
The aging singer, who was in company of a towering bouncer, went straight to the casino machines to try her luck.
She played as the bouncer patrolled her vicinity while another man sat next to her.
Of course we said hi.

AND now we've just been told, by a reliable source, that the Congolese star purposely came here to finalise a deal with some Ugandan promoter and she will be performing at Sabrinas Pub sooner than later.

Bannange, hope she doesn't play all her deposit in the casino!!! Just saying, of course.

Club Silk opens in London

We’ve been waiting for an invitation on this one and we’re a bit disappointed that Club Silk launched in London and we were not invited – we could fly there.
Anyways, as usual we managed to sniff some gossip scent from a distance as the club launched its branch in London on Friday.
A number of Ugandans flocked the newly opened club which is situated on 1-8 Brigstock Function Room, Brigstock Road, Thorntown Heath, Croydon CR7 7HW.
The club opens on Tuesday from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. then on Friday from 11 p.m. up to 5 a.m. and on Sunday from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.
DJ Alberto, DJ Shiru and DJ Michael will be the resident DJs at the club whilst a number of rotational top African DJs will also feature on different nights.
With so many Ugandans living and doing business in Croydon, we might move to ask the Queen to rename this place Half Kampala since we have Half London.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Juliana’s sister Kahunde into movies

CAPTION: Laura Kahunde (middle) on the movie scene with Mujuuka (right) and another actress.

Juliana Kanyomozi’s young sister Laura Kahunde is steadily following in her big sister’s footsteps.
When Juliana shone on the music scene, Kahunde started singing and now she acts as the back up for the 2008 Pam award Artiste of the Year. And following Juliana’s shot at acting in Kiwani: The Movie, Kahunde has also hit the film radar.
She is one of the main characters in Mariam Ndagire’s latest film Hearts; In Peaces.
In the movie, Kintu (Patricko Mujuuka), a poor hunter in Budondo Kingdom is working day and night to get dowry so he can marry the love of his life, Nandudu (Laura Kahunde); but when the two lovebirds find the crown Princess (Brenda Nanyonjo) deep in a forest, trapped in a hole with a broken leg, the King (Abbey Mukiibi) offers them jobs in the palace.
They are then entangled in a viscous love triangle because everyone in the palace believes they are brother and sister. Different men, in the palace, fantasize Nandudu as it’s the case with Kintu.
Will Kintu find the guts to convince the crown Princess, who has declared her undying desire for him that his heart belongs to Nandudu?
The movie will finish shooting this Friday and the production team will get busy until October when it will premiere in Kampala.
We’ll keep you posted, though, about this film!

Majo signs deal with Makoma

CAPTION: Tutala Makoma (left) poses for a photo with Majo entertainment's Mark Zziwa at the latter's studios in Bunga

Hey, hey, relax…don’t get fooled by the headline!
Majo has signed a deal with just one of the Makomas.
Well, let’s bring you up to speed: Local music promoter, Mark Zziwa of Majo Entertainment has signed a business deal with one of the Makoma Band members Tutala Makoma.
UK-based Tutala is the guy who raps in all the Makoma band songs and he is the one who came up with the idea of bringing together all his siblings as a music group.
Tutala also doubles as a music promoter who has taken a number of international stars to the DR Congo and his visit to Uganda was aimed at creating a relationship with Zziwa, who was also behind the coming of Jamaican singing-sisters Brick & Lace.
Sources say that Tutala arrived last Tuesday and left on Monday, and promised that the next artiste he wants to bring to Uganda will be Koffi Olomidde or Buster Rhymes “soon this year.”
We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one!

Silk to open Lounge Ocean

IN THE CLUB: Silk owner Elvis Sekyanzi with business partners Kavuma (left in black) and Ssekalaala (right) enjoy in life in Club Silk recently.

Some good years ago, there came Club Silk then Silk Royale and then came Silk Lounge just recently but there is again something new in Industrial Area.
This one is called Lounge Ocean and it’s also part of Club Silk.
That’s true, Club Silk has removed the “teen’s zone” to set up another VIP wing called Lounge Ocean.
According to the marketing manager of the club, Andrew Kafooko, the Lounge Ocean will open shop at the end of this month.
“We don’t want to promise heaven and earth now but all I can say is that the Lounge Ocean will be a classy club,” said Kafooko, “The payments will be the same as those for Silk Lounge and you could access both as long as you pay to enter one of the sections.”

Friday, June 5, 2009

What's wrong Jamal?

It makes us uneasy when celebs do things that even us ordinary folks wish we could avoid.
Not only would we never be seen walking on foot from home to town but we also try to reduce on the times we use Boda-Boda.
So imagine our shock, very slightly verging on frustration, when we saw artiste Jamal doing just that.
He may defend himself that he is a new artiste and he’s yet to make money to buy a car but his frequent usage of Boda-Boda is not big and not clever.
The singer uses Boda-Boda for more than five times a day and sometimes you find him walking on foot in the night.
Just last Friday alone, we saw the singer, who stays in Namuwongo on a Boda for more than five times.
So consider us popping this chap on our Christmas present list for a new car – well wishers contact him.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Silk to open Lounge Ocean

Juliana's sister into movies

Agatha Kafooko's love on the rocks

Watch this space!!!

That Zuena was caught kissing with Mowzey...

CAPTION: What games are Bebe and Zuena playing?

It’s something that gets your tummy twirling…a blockbuster gossip story, you know!
But please allow us to first throw a disclaimer that this is just a rumour that a KFM listener gave us this morning.
The listener called and said he saw Zuena Kirema cuddle and kiss with Mowzey Radio - during “a steamy night at Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe over the weekend.”
The caller said that Zuena got hammered on some influential drinks before smooching with the man who sang about her in the song titled her name.
The newly-single Zuena, a mother of two with singer Bebe Cool, called into the station immediately and denied the story.
The presenters put her off air as she explained and said she would appear live in the KFM studios this Wednesday to clear the air.
Mowzey grew up in Jinja and were very good friends with Zuena whose family, up to now, stays in the beautiful eastern town.
Rafshizzle also understands that Mowzey invited Zuena to his launch with Weasel at Hotel Africana but she instead passed on the invitation to her young sister Mimi. Mimi spent that whole night in company of TV presenter Karitas Karisimbi, who is Zuena’s tight these days. Zuena also manages Karitas’ show on WBS TV; they also eat the same food and drive the same car.
Meanwhile, Zuena has also categorically denied allegations that she has had something with Capt. Juma Seiko.
During the phone call, Zuena said she would never fall in love with Seiko.
“I have never and never will I fall in love with Seiko,” said an angry Zuena, “I really don’t understand where people get all that trash.”
In last week’s Sqoop Magazine of Daily Monitor, Zuena said she is her ex Bebe Cool’s “number one fan.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prof. Mariam Ndagire?

It’s not the kind of thing that you can purchase; it doesn’t even come with an exchange or refund option – we’re talking about luck, whether it’s good or bad!
But Mariam Ndagire must be happy having the good fate.
She is a respected singer/playwright/actresses and nowadays she is called a “professor” after being selected by Makerere Business Institute (MBI) to head their new department of Performing Artists.
The MBI proprietor, Nathan Tumwesigye said he chose Ndagire given that she is “talented and well behaved.”
Besides lecturing, Ndagire also decides on the syllabus of the department and she has been upbeat about the new roles.
“I’ve never gone to school to become a professor but today I’m in the job of a professor and I believe I deserve it,” she said. “Now I just want to work hard as a professor and help MBI and all performing artistes of Uganda to develop this industry.”

Buchaman unhappy with Chameleone

Uganda is probably as familiar with the rivalry of Leone Island and Firebase Crew as it is with the national anthem. If not more so.
However, the rivalry seems to have taken a somewhat comical twist with Buchaman claiming that Chameleone wants to “steal” the disabled people’s property.
We overheard Buchaman telling friends that Chameleone should stop walking on clutches because “he’s not lame anymore.”
In his own words, Buchaman said: “That guy (Chameleone) healed long time ago but he’s still using clutches to make people think he’s lame. True, he was lame but for a few months. It is high time he abandoned those sticks. I have seen him walk with Sam Gombya and let me hope they don’t want to connive and steal our things. You know Chameleone is such a shrewd guy, he might come out as Member of Parliament for the Disabled yet there are people like us who have been lame for decades and should be benefiting.”
No comment!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss Makerere won what?

Controversy in beauty pageants in Uganda is almost more famous than the beauty queens themselves.
And it seems like that situation is just expanding even more as far as news from the Miss Makerere camp is concerned.
Our Sherlocks tells us that the pageant’s winner, Winnie Nantumbwe and the two runners-up Sandra Nakanja and Peris Wanjiku haven't gotten the prizes they were promised by the organisers.
Nantumbwe was supposed to drive home, from the venue, in a brand new Toyota Premio but left the venue without her prize.
The organisers gave the excuse that they were still clearing a few things and would give the girls their prizes in 48 hours but it never came to pass until the third week after the pageant had taken place - moreover with not exactly the promised prizes.
Besides the Premio, Nantumbwe was also supposed to get a computer plus free salon sessions plus a holiday visit to Kalangala Islands. First runner-up Nakanja and second runner-up Wanjiku would both get a trip to Mombasa plus a computer each.
When Rafshizzle contacted her, Nantumbwe was quite reluctant to speak and said: “I would prefer having my lips shut on this. But of course they’ve not given us the prizes they promised us. They’ve been postponing the date of prize-giving until this week when they called us and gave us some old stuff. They gave me an old laptop pentium 3, it even has a provisional for a floppy. I can't use it! Then Sandra was given an outdated PC and it refused to work, the mouse on it is very old. Peris got a 14-inch TV with no receipt to show that it's new. They said they can't give me a car because I might sell it - that they will give me free tuition for a year due next year and I'm hoping that it comes to pass.”
Umm, as usual - beauty pageants tipping us over the edge!

Dr Sentamu, preaches patriotism in UK

President Museveni had better give Reverend Dr John Sentamu a call...
Can there be a better patriot than one who stands in front of whites and tells them of how proud he is with his heritage?
The 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the province of York, and Primate of England has been teaching the British about patriotism.
Dr Sentamu, who is the second most senior cleric in the Church of England said: “Some English people don’t like to say anything about their heritage, for fear of upsetting newcomers. My question to them is simple: Why do you think we came here? There is something very attractive about the UK. As a boy in Uganda, I was taught by British missionaries, just as foreigners brought the Christian faith to England and the rest of the UK, so British foreigners handed on the baton to me, my family and my forebears. All I am doing is reminding the English of what they taught me. To be patriotic is to appreciate and be grateful for all that is valuable in the country you live in.”

Roger’s movie scoops two AMMAs

Indeed the future of the Ugandan film industry is bright, at least if the success Kina-Ugandas are starting to get is anything to go by.
Several local movies have performed tremendously at international film festivals and awards events.
The latest movie to shine on the international scene is Roger Mugisha’s movie Battle of the Souls.
The movie won in two categories at the Africa Movie Academy Awards held in Nigeria on Saturday.
The movie won the Best Achievement in Sound Effects award and its actor Joel Okuyo Prynce scooped the award of Outstanding Male Actor in a supporting role.
Prynce, who acted as the devil in the movie, was in Nigeria to accept his accolade.
The Academy founded on the best film tradition, is geared towards research, training and propagating film making in Africa. Behind it are film producers, directors, designers, writers, critics and scholars who share a similar belief of developing the African film industry.
AMAA is thus conceptualised as an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movie.

Video school for Uganda

LIKE THIS: Mr Fournier speaks to Rafshizzle.

The Abanunule film took him three years to finish and now Alex Fournier is venturing into something quite different.
The Minnesota-based film director, who is working on his second Ugandan film, also plans to open a video school in Uganda by the start of 2010.
We had a natter with the filmmaker and he revealed: “I’ve found a gap in video making. From the camera man to the editor of the picture, everything is second-rate. It’s even embarrassing that most TV camera men don’t know how to capture pictures. These people either didn’t go for training or they went to the wrong institutes. I want to help out.”
He said the school would also train people in acting, filmmaking and production.
“When I got here, I said, ‘what an amazing place’ and up to now I don’t understand why the film industry is not growing,” he said, “But now I’ve realised there’s just lack of quality in filmmaking here but Uganda has some of the best stories, best character and best sites for movie.”
Who knows, maybe the school will open many people’s eyes...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funeral plans for Jade Goody are now underway

CAPTIONS: Jade and her bridesmaids putting on caps as a sign of solidarity; the star lost her hair and had to put on a cap 24/7. LEFT is Shilpa, who said: "I am deeply saddened, but I am glad Jade is out of pain and that she died peacefully with her family around her."

Her mother Jackiey and husband Jack Tweed apparently spent yesterday planning the "perfect send-off".
The reality TV star, who was terminally ill with cancer, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, after her brave battle with the disease.
The date for the funeral has been set for Saturday 4th of April, with thousands of mourners expected to attend.
It will be held at St. John The Baptist church in Buckhurst, Essex with the surrounding roads being closed off as Jade's coffin is driven through the streets in a hearse.
Police are said to have been drafted for the occasion in order to control the massive crowds expected.
Jade's publicist Max Clifford said that the service will be broadcast on large screens to the many mourners outside of the church, which is expected to be over capacity.
The service will be led by Rev Corinne Brixton who also conducted the baptism of Jade, and her two sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, shortly before she died.
"It will be a celebration, but of course there will be a lot of tears," Max told the Daily Mirror.
"In a church it will be friends, family and loved ones, and lots of people will hear it relayed outside."
Meanwhile, it has been reported that Jack's terrified that he may miss his wife's funeral.
He's due to be sentenced this Thursday after he was convicted of drunkenly attacking a taxi driver, and if a Magistrate chooses to sentence him on the day, there's a strong chance he could miss the service.
His lawyers are now expected to apply to the hearing for funeral leave.

Bye-Bye Jade:She died of cancer, you could be next

CAPTIONS: Jade with sons Freddie (in front) and Bobby. Jade playing soccer for charity and Jade arrives at Mumbai Airport. In black with suitcase is Jade as she entered BB UK3 in 2002. More photos to come.

Jade Goody died on Mother’s Day and she will be sadly missed. But who is she?
Jade entered the Big Brother UK House on May 27 2002 and she captured the hearts of the show’s viewers.
It was Big Brother 3 - back then she was an unknown 21-year-old dental nurse. Her comments inside the BB House, claiming that ‘East Angular’ was abroad (in reference to East Anglia) and that Cambridge was in London, had viewers in stitches.
She, in 2007, returned in the Celebrity Big Brother version where she allegedly attacked fellow housemate Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. Jade and Shilpa’s January 2007 race row in the British Celebrity BB House caused a furore, but the pair made-up and Jade even went to India and apologised to the Indian community saying, “I’m not racist, but I can see why it has had the impact it’s had.”
Jade also went ahead and entered the Indian version of Big Brother called Bigg Boss and Shilpa wished her luck for her time in the Indian House.
Earlier in 2004, Jade had been given the all-clear for ovarian cancer and for bowel cancer but - while taking part in the Big Boss - she was informed that she had cervical cancer. On finding out the tragic news, she left the house immediately – she cried for long in the Dial Room where her doctor delivered the bad news.
At the time, her publicist, Max Clifford said: "She's very upset and frightened, as you can imagine. The most important thing is to get Jade back and get her with the right people so they can take care of her."
Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer in August 2008. She started treatment, but in February 2009 she received the devastating news that her cancer had spread to her liver, bowel and groin.
At the time, doctors hoped a two-month course of the "miracle drug" Hycamtin would help her beat the disease.
In February 2009 she was informed that her cancer was terminal.
Following the devastating news, she announced that she would marry boyfriend Jack Tweed as soon as possible.
She received her Manuel Mota dress as a gift from Harrods' owner, Mohamed al-Fayed.
She and Jack tied the knot at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hatfield Heath, Essex and Clifford confirmed news of her nuptials on February 22 saying: “They are now man and wife. It was lovely. The chapel was absolutely beautiful and I imagine there must be close to 200 people there.”
On January 27 2009, Jade received good news as Jack was released early from HMP Wayland prison in Norfolk.
Jack had been serving time after being convicted of attacking a teenager with a golf club. A condition of Jack's bail was that he was tagged and would live at home with his mum but was allowed to stay at her bedside 24/7 when her condition deteriorated.
In her only interview since finding out that her cancer was terminal, she said: "When they first told me the chemo hadn't worked they said it didn't have to be the end. They said there were lots of other medicines out there and there were other things they could do. I know they've done everything they can to help me and I'm grateful. But I really thought I might be OK."
Jade was brave. In early January 2009, she embarked on promoting the documentary that Living TV made about her. Before her show got underway, she took a well-deserved break abroad in January, with her sons, Bobby and Freddie.
Jade continued to allow cameras to film her, and to undertake interviews, to ensure she could get as much money as possible together for her boys.
She also wrote and promoted her book, Catch A Falling Star. July 2008 Jade was out to promote her perfume called Controversial.
She didn’t only have a great sense of humour but Jade also had a huge heart and did lots of charity work. She even took part in the Celebrity Soccer Six tournament in May 2008.
In October 2007 Jade attended the Pink Ice Ball, in aid of cancer research.
The same year she travelled to New Delhi and donated £25,000 to a children's charity, saying: "I am not giving the money to improve my image. It is to improve the lives of the underprivileged children."
Jade signed up to do the London Marathon in 2006, but she never completed it. She did, however, manage to raise £550 for the NSPCC.
Another of her ventures in 2006 was doing Stars in Their Eyes, where she portrayed Lynn Anderson.
It was a big month for Jade, in August 2005, as she didn’t only start dating Jack Tweed, who was six years her junior, but she also opened her own beauty salon called Ugly’s.
Jade had two sons when she met Jack.
In 2004 she was pregnant with her youngest and second son, Freddie – the eldest is Bobby who was born in June 2003.
Jeff Brazier is the father of the two boys. Brazier and Jade split in 2005.
Brazier brought a bouquet of flowers to Jade ahead of her wedding with Jack.
So lovely! Surely, we will all miss you, Jade!
From the bottom of my heart, bye-bye Jade and May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace – yours Rafshizzle.

NB: Tomorrow we shall have the painful journey of Jade from since she was diagnosed to being bedridden and finally breathing her last. Quite emotional and educational so don’t miss!

Monday, March 23, 2009

'I’m still newsworthy'

STRUT IT MR: Fagil Mandy on the catwalk during fashion night in Club Silk last week

Here at the Showbiz Shed we got super excited to see Mr Fagil Mandy return onto the pin-up pages after his catwalk at the E-Creations Fashion show in Club Silk last week.
And now, the former commissioner of education says he should feature a little more onto our pages. So we want to sing from the rooftops: “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back....Mr Fagil Mandy.”
See, after the fashion show, we chatted with Mr Mandy and he said he would wish to be consulted about many things in the country.
“I have knowledge about several things in this nation and you (journalists) should be seeking some knowledge,” he said, “I’m still newsworthy. You lose nothing by calling me and ask about a few things.”
Actually, Mr Mandy told us the same words when we met him near Hoima town around 2005.
Hope this is a nice one for starters, Mr Mandy?

Ex-Miss Uganda Acom turns to music

Caption: Lillian's poster hanging on one of the streets in New Jersey

Juliana Kanyomozi better be on your guard.
Because someone appears to be ready to take you on for the top female singer position!
The challenger in question is someone who has even ever held a national title - as Miss Uganda way back in the late 90s.
Her name is Lillian Acom Akore, who currently stays in New Jersey, USA.
Our Sherlocks in the US tell us that former Miss Uganda Acom has embarked on a music career, however, in the gospel field and things seem to be moving smoothly for her.
She will, in fact, be launching her maiden album titled Healer Messiah come March 21.
The posters are already up on the streets of New Jersey and Acom is on tense rehearsals ahead of her concert where people will enter for free.
The action will take place at the Hilton Newark Penn Station between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
How unfortunate we feel for not being anywhere near the US as we could make the audience at Acom’s show!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Natasha’s career change

Former Obsessions dancer Natasha Sinayobwe has taken an interesting career u-turn – she’s just driven off dance road and joined singing street.

Yeah, it seems she’s all about the “yee-hars” these days and she has enlisted the help of producer Allan responsible for Juliana and Sweet Kid hit Sirina Mulala - for her debut album.

We even stumbled on her at D-Records while recording her first single.

She didn’t sound bad at all and we wished her a bright future.

Her hubby Michael Kasaijja was waiting with their child from outside and he said: “Natasha wants to try something completely different. She loves and can do music (and) thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go so we contacted Allan and he is going over to work with her on it.”

The jury’s still out on this one - we can’t comment until the tune is out of studio.

Bebe Cool's Hummer

It’s most artistes’ dream to drive a big car – Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee have cruised some of the biggest machines in this country.

And now it’s time for Bebe Cool also to put a stamp on his “big is big” claim.

We can exclusively reveal that his Hummer – the one he has been dreaming about for over three years – is on the ship to Kampala and should hit the road in less than a month.

A reliable source told Rafshizzle that Bebe Cool completed payments for “his dream car.”

Bebe Cool has also been telling whoever cares to listen that he is about to “shock” the town with some “big news.”

And we anticipate the big car could be the big news he’s talking about as he talks in ‘big’ terms.

Meanwhile, the source also revealed to us that Bebe Cool used part of the money he borrowed from the guys who dragged him to court recently, in clearing the Hummer costs.

“He’s done everything possible to have that Hummer here,” said the source.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

“Get off Bebe’s back, Mowzey”

Think showbiz is all about superficiality and back-stabbing?

Nope - just like a fairy story, true friendship does exist in Celebville.

Please join us in congratulating all the artistes who are trying to help Bebe Cool through a troubling time.

Bebe Cool and his model wife Zuena Kirema split some weeks ago and as if that wasn’t enough, the reggae star was dragged to court for default recently.

Since then Bebe Cool has been down and broken and he looked like he was losing it when he started fighting with minnow DJs and singers.

But star songwriter Sylva Kyagulanyi has intervened to save the situation.

Kyagulanyi started with attacking Mowzey and Weasel for concentrating on making songs that “insult” Bebe Cool.

“Why are they singing about a fellow artiste’s private life, that’s not fair at all,” said Kyagulanyi. “I’ve told them that what is happing to him (Bebe Cool) could happen to any of them any time, they’re not immune to marital problems.”

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool has since vacated his house in Kisaasi leaving it for Zuena and their children.

A source told us that Bebe Cool demanded that he wanted to stay near his children but Zuena told him it would only be possible if he left the house for them.

“He’s staying near home but Zuena doesn’t allow him to enter the house,” said the source.

Twists and more twists in this affair!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rasta Rob sings again

It was a happy childhood for most of us as we enjoyed the nursery rhymes of Rasta Rob MC back in the days.

And now we’re happy to announce that Rasta Rob has made a musical return – we’re just unsure how effective will this venture be for him.

Anyways, Rasta Rob, whose real name is Robert Ogwal, has teamed up with promising songwriter cum singer Dennis Rackla on a new single titled Safiina. The song was recorded at Rackla’s Nansana-based studio Neat Studio. They both co-wrote the song which is about an old man (Rasta Rob) bickering with a young boy (Rackla) over a girl.

Rasta has been upbeat about the song calling it his “musical comeback.”

He has even promised to do a complete album before the end of this year.

“This new song is the turning point for my music career,” he said, “I want to release more songs and several albums.”

The song has started playing on Super FM where Rasta Rob is a presenter in the evening and it’s also played in the nightclubs.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

KFM now owns Dembe FM

DONE DEAL: Aisha Alibhai (R) has been part of a sucessful KFM

Everybody will be saying, “Who else could have gotten this news before Rafshizzle” and it’s not because of my relationship with Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) but because stories are on this blog now and soon they’ll be somewhere else.
Well, we can exclusively reveal to you that MPL has bought Dembe FM from Bitature.
MPL is under Aga Khan’s Nairobi-based Nation Media Group of Companies (NMG), who also owns the Daily Monitor newspaper, NTV Uganda and KFM radio in Uganda.
Our Sherlocks have revealed to us that some of the staff at the Nakasero-based Dembe FM will be retained but most of them are bound to lose their jobs as the new owners have a different vision of the station and its running.
“The station will remain in Nakasero for the time being but they will move it to Namuwongo near its sister KFM,” said the source.
The details of the deal, especially how much money was paid to money-man Bitature, are something we can’t release at the moment. But rest assured that we will keep you posted on the developments especially about the staff to be affected.
Bina Baby? We also don’t know!
Anyways, all we know is that the move is part of NMG’s attempt to take over the media field in Uganda.
In fact, KFM will have its signals strengthen all over the country by Friday this week.
Daily Monitor newspaper is in a process to add more magazines into their paper and now NTV Uganda is also on DStv.
Doesn’t that sound quite an improvement?

Jackie hits at Cindy in Mombasa

Cinderella Sanyu has many fans and friends...
But former Blu3 group-mates, especially Jackie Chandiru may not be some of them.
The Blu3 girls have been talking about the breakaway singer in less than favourable terms.
Remember Cindy was replaced by Mya Baganda while she was on holiday with her Spanish boyfriend Mario Brunetta last year.
So when Blu3 was in Mombasa for the East Africa divas beach party, last week, the audience kept asking the whereabouts of Cindy, according to a source at Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation.
Our Kenyan source also told us that the girls tried to dodge the question but the audience kept stubbornly asking, “Where is Cindy” during every break.
Questioned so many times, Jackie replied: “Oh my god. We really, really would have loved to be with her but she was not serious. She left the group for a man. There’s no way we would have worked with such a person.”
After those controversial comments, Jackie went ahead to introduce Cindy and the girls didn’t hold themselves back by putting up an exhilarating performance.