Friday, June 27, 2008

Guess my celeb mum…

Pictures Exclusive:
Some children don’t need to find fame - it finds them.
When it does, it’s in the form of their celebrity parentage.
And this cupid is part of that brood of famous kiddies because he has kept us talking.
So, just who is his mummy?
Well, at one stage in her career she won the Best Female Artist of the Year award and she is always on and off the plane.
Got it yet?
Well, let’s help, she is artist Iryn Namubiru – we know why some of you never thought of her as this baby’s mother. Some tabloids reported that Namubiru’s baby is as black as “charcoal” hence insinuating that her French boyfriend is not the father of her baby but we now hope that the speculation ends with the picture of this light-skinned cherub. And his name is Al Molaire.
Welcome to the world of showbiz, boy.

And here is the picture of the boy and, what a lovely pair, umm

Rasta Rob is back on radio

NB: this story has been extracted from

For some reason, it didn't hit us when we saw him enter Crane chambers and go up the stairs to Sudhir Ruparelia's office for a meeting. It could have been something to do with opening a Crane Bank account, or maybe asking for a place for his 9 year old daughter at Kabira International School. For some reason we didn't think Sanyu. Now seems like it included all of those.
Rasta Rob, who just recently returned from kyeyo in the UK was serious when he said he was here to stay. As if to prove it, he has got a lucrative job at Sanyu FM. After discussions with Sudhir himself and the Betsy Mugamba, the General Manager, Rasta Rob (now actually Master Rob) signed on to join the onair staff and will be joining Krystal (Angela Newman) on the evening drive show 5-8pm week days, the slot that catapulted the former rastaman to stardom both at Sanyu and later at CBS.
And it wasn't easy signing him on. The beefy bait that hooked Rob didn't just stop at a fat paycheck but also included a few juicy bits from Sudhir's other business ventures.
What happens to the fish when the water dries up? Most people don't care but we are concerned for Amarula funny man Irish Kyebandula who has been doing the show with Krystal. We are not sure what his fate will be after Rob's entry. Whether he's to stay (and on what show) or is to be shown the exit remains in the balance but he's been spotted at another radio station. Asking for a job or just visiting friends, we quite can't say.

Bertha’s secret visit

If we went for Big Brother we would make sure we do some showbiz and we would publicise our every visit on this continent.
But former BBA housemate Bertha from Zimbabwe thinks otherwise. And that is probably why she sneaked into Uganda and left without our knowledge.
Bertha was in Kenya and even told EATV that she was coming to Kampala after Nairobi but she didn’t give details of her visit on air. In fact, we even contacted the Multi-choice offices in Uganda and they told us they were unaware of Bertha’s coming.
Then on Monday, last week, someone coincidentally called us saying that he had seen someone who “resembles” Bertha at Hotel Africana but we arrived after she had left.
Multi-choice publicist Helena Mayanja said: “If she came here it was on her own but we don’t know anything about her visit.”
So, if you know you’re the one who brought Bertha, please talk to us.

Uganda Movie Awards set for November

Dream of hitting the red carpet and collect a film accolade?
Uganda Federation of Movie Industry can help but only if you have ever contributed to the big screen.
You see, the Uganda Federation of Movie Industry has launched the Uganda Movie Awards.
The launching took place yesterday at Hotel Africana but the main award-giving event is salted for November this year.
According to the chairman organising committee of the project Prince Jackson Ndawula, the awards are here to appreciate the work of Ugandan filmmakers.
Prince Ndawula also said that the awards have come to encourage quality in filmmaking in Uganda because only the best will be recognised.
So, folks, don’t just make a movie for the sake of having one on your credit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Straka flaunts another “fiancé”

Today let’s forget about Straka Mwezi’s hair and focus on one area of her life – the love stuff.
Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of her life.
However, are the tides turning?
Because tongues are wagging – just who is this chiselled chap Straka’s been spending oodles of time with?
Is he the boyfriend? Bodyguard? Or a wee bit of both?
Well, actions speak louder than words and we have seen the actions suggest they are in love.
In fact the twosome has been on some public nights out together. One such eve was a trip to Mbale where the Pam awards were taking place over the weekend.
And before we asked her who the chap was, Straka herself took the courage to introduce him as her “fiancé.”
We hope that they remain as loved-up as they are now, otherwise a split will mean the young man joins Straka’s eclectic list of ex-boyfriends.

Who needs a second dress?

It’s hard out there on the high street.
The shops get so busy, it can be tempting to just pick up the same dress everyday regardless of what event you’re going for.
Folks, that’s the excuse we’re passing on to songstress Sophie Gombya to use, to help explain away her same dress act.
If anyone asks why you put on the same dress at Chameleone’s wedding on Saturday and at Ekitoobero on Sunday, tell them you didn’t have time to go shopping for another one yet you needed to put on a new dress.
You might also want to just tell them that you got dressed in the dark, with a blindfold on.
If you deviate from our ready-made story, people might start to think your style isn’t up to standard because we saw you in this dress at three different events over the weekend.
We won’t call in the fashion but hope you learn next time that our eyes are always open to see everything on our celebs.

NB: Sorry my readers, there is a problem with my internet so I can't upload photos at the moment, moreover sometimes when I delay to post stories it's because of interruption in my internet but I promise to do everything possible and keep this as the best showbiz blog in the land.

Where have you gone, Kalembe?

We’re not ashamed to admit it – we’re Nancy Kalembe addicts.
Yes, we love watching beautiful people with brilliant brains on TV.
But this latest storyline has had us all confounded.
The former UBC TV news anchor has headed for the bright lights of London after failing to make a mark on the Apprentice Africa show.
A source told us that the heartthrob, who also starred in TV series Hand In Hand, believes that she is now too big for the Ugandan market and so she has decided to look for greener pastures overseas.
And the latest from the Queen’s land states that Kalembe is on the street searching for a job. The source also told us that she is targeting a job at one of the radio stations in north London.
We will miss you but all the same all our prayers for you, dear.

Steak Out DJs arrested

Remember when police made a stern warning to noisy hangouts in Kampala?
Um, in case you need your memories jogging, they vowed to arrest whoever makes noise in the city.
And it seems those people at Steak Out didn’t hear it well because they went ahead and broke that rule and last week they faced the music.
Police raided the popular hangout and arrested all the DJs at place.
They were arrested on Saturday and Monday being a public holiday it meant that they had to stay in the cells for a good three days.
On Tuesday they were granted bail and they would face the judge early next week.
We pray that the magistrate judges them with kindness because they entertain us but it should also be a lesson for them.