Friday, March 21, 2008

Akon concert is on?

This may shock some of you to your very core.
So have yourselves a seat.
But someone from MTN Uganda is organising the Akon Uganda concert and Celtel Uganda are the sponsors of the event. His name starts with an M and ends with…em…mmm…
We had promised not to say this but it’s the truth and we don’t expect anybody to call us because we won’t explain. Thanks.
Back to the safe business: word on the grape vine is that Africa-American hip-hop bigwig Akon is set to perform on April 26 at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.
Despite snubbing Kenya for the third time last week, the Ugandan organisers have told Rafshizzle that the Akon show in Uganda “is on for real.” Actually Akon concert adverts have started today and you can see a centre-spread advert of Celtel Rock With Akon in today’s Daily Monitor. Tickets will go for Shs125,000 (Gold) and Shs30,000 (standard).
A big money name is behind this concert that has been anticipated to attract 32,000 people. Akon was paid $200,000. And it’s a Kenyan agency – with a branch in Uganda – managing the event.
Well, like we said, Akon will be performing in Uganda next month but if anyone can prove us wrong it is Akon.
We can only be sure after the chap has landed at Entebbe Airport or rather after seeing him backstage lest he can heartbreak you…

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