Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who Do We Evict This Week?

CAPTION: Whatever Morris thinks he did by saving TK, only God knows

Hi folks,

Up for eviction this week are; Ricco, Sheila, Hazel and Tawana.

Hmmmm so Morris saved TK!!!!! Juju (TK’s sweater)? Temporary insanity? Trying to revenge because Ricco took Latoya? And what was that stupid look on his face as he announced he had changed his mind? Oh lawd!!!

If he had left it as it was, maybe Africa would have pondered on the fact that Thami put his ex Hazel up for eviction or that Sheila and TK had similar voting patterns and of course TK would have been the 4th house mate to be evicted from the house. But no…home boy had to try to be funny!! Who is laughing? Arrrhhhhh*%#$@*

Ok. Now that that’s done, lets hope Africa concentrates on Granma’ Tawana’s behavior last night. Jumping on poor Munya, then crying for TK and having a ‘mini’ cat fight with Sheila over TK…please! It’s between Granma’ and Sheila.

…but we do have a bone to pick with that Kenyan girl remember?

To vote by SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE SHEILA and send to 6626.

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