Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Akon coming for real!

READY FOR THIS: Under 18s won't be allowed at Akon concert on Friday to avoid a similar incident

How we love it when we break the news. Huh! It’s really fun-tastic to hear that Akon is, this time around, coming for real.
Folks, you have always trusted Rafshizzle at this Showbiz shed so just sit, relax and watch us do the game we do best – unearthing the latest goss.
Hope you remember that one time I went and visited Akon and even entered his house with Tanzanian promoter Joseph Kusagga who brought him for the Tanzanian Fiesta two years ago. If you doubt just make it a point to ask him when he comes down here (don’t say he won’t come). I’m not a PRO for Celtel but the truth is that I talked to the chap myself and exchanged texts with Jah Robert Carnes, his manager and they confirmed to me that the chart-bursting star will perform in Kampala on Friday. These are people I talk to on personal level. However, Carnes was hesitant on if they would arrive here by Wednesday evening.
Then I got a chance to speak to 50 Cent’s manager who was in Tanzania with the G-Unit lead-singer (Fiddy himself) and he also confirmed that actually Akon had told them he was coming to Uganda this week.
“He (Akon) said he was coming to perform this week in Uganda, a country neighbouring where we’re performing this week,” he told Rafshizzle, “Akon is coming to Uganda, am sure about that.” 50 Cent performed in Tanzania on Sunday and according to popular events organiser and Clouds FM owner Joseph Kusagga, “the concert was remarkable. Cent is such a big entertainer and I want to tell you that he rocked big time, man.”

Well, we hope that something good happens in Uganda too this Friday.


tom said...

i really find that story very encouraging, i have heard about Akon performance in Uganda and i was quite excited. now tell me something do you know a lady called EMILY KIRUGI SAMANTHA TUMUSIIME, i think ENOS TUMUSIIME is the brother, she schooled at immaculate heat rukungiri north kigenzi, before she joined makerere university for law degree, then worked on internship for Kasirye Biryauanga and co. advocates along parliament road. her father is brigadier Tumusiime. now do you know her where abouts?????????????
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Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell the facebook address of this girl..!!!

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