Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three BBA top dawgs up for possible mchomo...

Welcome from Idd, ladies and gentlemen, even Rafshizzle your reliable BBA 3 blog is back from Idd so let's shoot!
Our girl has written some more stuff today and it goes like this:

Well done people,
As emotional as it was the girl had to go. But who could have anticipated that reaction from Uti, those crocodile tears from Ricco and that ‘ugly’ cry (as Oprah calls it) from Mimi?...the pacing up and down the corridor from Munya…priceless TV moments…
I could have paid cash dollars to see the look on Latoya’s face when she realized how loved Lucile was by her fellow housemates. Even granma’ Tawana was upset.
This week Uti, Ricco and Munya are up for possible eviction. Some viewers have registered a club to save Munya but me thinks it would be a wrong move for us to join in…Uti and Ricco = ENTERTAINMENT…Munya = ‘my reason for being in the house is gone’ ‘I miss Lucile’ whine moan whine!!!
To vote;
By SMS – subscribers to MTN, ZAIN, UTL & Warid can simply send the name of the housemate they want out of the house to 6626. For example type VOTE MUNYA and send to 6626.
Online – you can vote MUNYA out of the house for free on the official BBA website ( ).
By phone – you can also vote MUNYA out by dialing +27839000000 and selecting the number that corresponds to MUNYA.
Don’t forget that every time you vote, you increase your chances of winning a Sony Playstation 3 gaming console or a Digital Mobile Television handset, courtesy of DStv Mobile.
Grant Munya’s wish…let him go meet Lucile while the feelings are still ‘fresh’…

During the second eviction on Big Brother Africa on Sunday September 28 (last week), Namibia’s Lucille Naobes became the second person to depart the house. She got only one nomination during the normal nomination, however, she hit the final nominees' list when Zambia’s TK (who was nominated) used his Head of House powers to save himself from the nightmare instead replacing himself with the 21-year-old beauty from Windhoek - to hell with her beautigulness, this is a game anways. She was so sad and heartbroken and so was Munya and some viewers but life goes on. Now, it seems the whole world hates TK and Africa is waiting for him to passby the nominees' list. Big Brother Africa is screened on M-Net and 24/7 on DStv channel 198. For more information on the series, log on to

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