Monday, July 21, 2008

Uhuru sponsors Loketo Lee

Ever heard of a quote relating: “Those who have the power to do good, have the responsibility to do good…”
Well, we are at least sure that celebrated chef Salim Uhuru has a clue on that for he is now into humanitarian after managing to make some dime from his two restaurants.
Although he is not like the big donors, the popular pilawo cook has embarked on a mission to help local artists sound out the plight of the people living in the war-ravaged areas of northern and eastern Uganda.
Actually, Uhuru started his project by sponsoring former northern Artiste of the Year and karate maestro Loketo Lee.
Loketo Lee received Shs1.5m from Uhuru on Tuesday to go to the studio and record a peace song. However, Uhuru has vowed to help even more artists who are willing to help divulge the war problem through their music.
Eh, Uhuru, we also have a peace song, so can we…

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