Thursday, August 14, 2008

Musumbas’ daughter joins singing

The saying, “Like mother/father like daughter/son…” has lost meaning – in the family of Isaac and Salam Musumba, at least!
Well, the daughter of these two politicians has told us she hates politics, which is her estranged parents’ favourite game.
Isaac and his wife Salam belong to NRM and FDC respectively and they have gone head-to-head several times.
But their daughter Norah Musumba, who is a Senior Six leaver, has instead chosen to do music and we’re glad to have listened to her debut single – it sounds good.
In her plans, Norah wants to release her first album next year though she is also set to join a university abroad.
And on the interesting side, Norah told us she will never become a politician because she believes “it’s a dirty game” which can turn friends into enemies.
Ya-right Norah, see even mummy and daddy were once friends but now...

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