Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moze does Zuena a symphony

Celebrity fights may have dropped out of the paparazzi spotlight recently...
But that doesn’t mean they are not happening – quite the opposite in fact.
It’s hardly two weeks when Moze Radio was sent to the coolers for assaulting Bebe Cool.
And there has been a cold war between the two but at this rate, the whole country is bound to know about it.
When Moze left the police cells he went straight to the studios and did a song which is doubtlessly targeting Bebe Cool.
We all know Zuena Kirema is Bebe Cool’s best thing in life and he has said it several times. So, what do you expect when his nemesis does a song praising her beauty?
“Zuena put me on the scale and see who loves you…On my heart count down, Zuena, you’re number one…” sings Moze.
And when Rafshizzle asked Moze if he had sent Bebe Cool a copy of the song, he replied, “No, I don’t need to, he will get it himself. The song is about another Zuena but I know he’ll be mad.”
Huh, we’re keeping ours ears to the ground.

Akon arrives next week

You can always count on us to bring you the latest from the showbiz shed.
Surely, how many people know that Akon will touch down at Entebbe Airport on the evening of April 30?
Right, we’re the ones to tell you this and we want to add that he is coming with an entourage of around 20 people, mostly men.
Girls, have you heard that?
Well, while here, Akon will visit babies’ homes and Celtel will host a party for him and his fans.
And a reliable source told us that the Africa-American hip-hopper will be staying at Serena Hotel until May 3 when he will leave for South Africa where he is set to perform alongside the likes of Fat Joe.
Meanwhile, five scribes were, on Tuesday, flown around Kampala and Entebbe for them to have a feeling of how the Celtel Live Like A Star promotion winners will be treated when Akon comes to town.
Celtel have also introduced a hotline for all people who have queries about the Akon concert and it’s 0752600222.
And they have also introduced the platinum tickets, each going for Shs250,000.

Collie Buddz for Obsessions anniversary

If you love a sing-along, let’s go: “She rock slow she dip slow, she only dance to reggae and calypso, look how she move fast and a do it slow, My Bonita, My Mamacita…”
Well, well, surely you all know the song, and the artiste is called Collie Buddz, who is a Jamaican-born based in the US.
But the big news is that he will be coming to Uganda for two concerts at KCC Grounds Lugogo and Aero Beach in Entebbe on May 30 and June 1 respectively.
Buddz will feature at the Obsessions’ ninth anniversary where they will also unveil their latest album Beegonza.
At Lugogo, VIPs will part with Shs50,000 whilst the ordinary seating will go for half of that.
MTN Uganda, Silk Events & Fanta Berry, Club Pilsner are the main sponsors whilst Rafshizzle will do the gossip…
Besides Mamacita, Buddz was a hot item on the Billboard charts with his 2007 hit Come Around. He has also featured the likes of Beyonce Knowles and Shaggy.
So, even if the Obsessions missed out on Beenie Man, surely Buddz is a perfect replacement.

Tindatiine is back with Hussein

If Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy Cole can get her “cheating” hubby football star Ashley Cole back into her life then so can local songstress Lady Mariam Tindatiine!
This is no rumour, folks, because we have seen Mariam and once-estranged hubby cum manager Hussein romancing again.
The couple bitterly broke up a few months ago on basis of “infidelity” and they both publicly vowed not to forgive each other but like they say, “Never say never…” the end has been the opposite.
We have even seen them cuddle in public and they are once again staying together.
Actually, Mariam and Hussein went together to Budo to visit the burnt school and he opened the door of the car for her before driving her home.
And they looked like they are having an enjoyable time.
Hmm, this love!

Jaga-Jaga, Goloco singers coming

There’ll be no more carving up the ice for the White Angels.
They are not the original singers of that popular song we love; Kpolongo or rather what we call Goloco.
And after taking us for a ride for all that long, the good news is that the song’s real singers Danfo Travel are coming to town courtesy of Paragon Promotions.
Danfo Travel is made up of Mad Melon and Mountain Black, and according to Paragons chairman Emma Onuoha, the duo are coming here with another Nigeria music heavyweight Eedris Abdulkareem.
In the US Abdulkareem is known for his fight with 50 Cent on a plane two years ago while as in Uganda the Nigerian chap is identified with his hit Nigeria Jaga-Jaga.
Onuoha told us that Eedris will perform in Kampala on June 25 whilst the Danfo Travel duo will be here in September.
For more details, just keep it locked to Rafshizzle.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ex-Obsessions Helen, Brenda start group

Welcome to the HB Toxic…
Well, it sounds like a bomb but wait don't run, instead pass by Club Rouge on Friday and trust me you will get what exactly those two big words stand for.
Well, Rafshizzle can reveal to you that after leaving the Obsessions, Brenda Nabi and Helen Lukoma couldn’t leave their singing and dancing career go to the dogs.
And yes, they are the two ladies behind the new singing-duo called HB Toxic duo and they are set for their first performance at Club Rouge on Friday.
The gorgeous pair has called themselves HB Toxic because they believe the name reflects their “amazing and intoxicating personalities.”
HB stands for the initials of their first names- Helen & Brenda, while they added “toxic” because they believe they are going to “intoxicate all Ugandans, Africans, and music lovers the world over” with their dancing and singing skills.
Well, Brenda also says they will mainly sing in English, Luganda and Swahili.
And the lithe cuties have already recorded three songs, namely, Lovely, All I Need featuring Tanzanian Rapper A-Y and Kyenninawo featuring Gen. Mega Dee.

Mesach starts a music crew

Jose Chameleone owns a singing-crew and Bobi Wine also has one…
So, which previous Artiste of the Year award winner has been left out of this crew-forming fad?
We actually can’t find any because even Mesach Semakula, who was artiste of the year in 2005, has started one.
His is called Kann Crew and unlike Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew and Bobi’s Firebase Crew, Mesach’s is made up of only girls.
However, he told 24-Seven that he would consider recruiting boys in the near future.
“My girls (Kann crew) have finished recording three songs and we are planning to release the first album before June,” he said.
That he also has plans of starting a music academy very soon.
But don’t get taken for a ride that Semakula has left Eagles Productions Band because he, actually, simply owns the crew but doesn’t sing with them.
Huh, Mesach, Kann we get enrolled too?

Nick replaces Katongole on Beat FM

It’s the big boy gone small…
Yep, we’re talking about you, Dennis Katongole Omutongole.
Folks, it’s either that Beat FM is in panic to maintain standards or it’s true of the saying, “No one is indispensable in life…”
Well, Katongole Omutongole who is known for boasting as the “best thing in radio-presenting business” has lost his slot on Beat FM’s breakfast show to Nicholas Nyombi a.k.a Prince Nick.
A source told us that when changes rung at the Kamwokya-based station, the stations programs director Joel Isabirye, targeted the trio of Katongole, Rebecca Jjingo and Kasadda who used to host the breakfast show.
Nick used to host only the weekend morning shows but he has since swapped shows with Katongole.
“Katongole was demoted due to insubordination and the show was not competing well with other breakfast shows on other stations,” said a source.
Jingo and Kasadda were given a second chance but they must please their boss lest they face the knife too.