Friday, March 7, 2008

African Children’s Choir to sing for Queen

African Children’s Choir is one of the best music exports from Uganda.
Yep, take a long reflection.
One of their songs, last year, was used as the soundtrack for Hollywood movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
You still bet your life you can do what they do?
We don’t think so, because the children have got a very big honour now. They have been invited by the Queen of United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II for the second time.
A source told Rafshizzle that African Children’s Choir will sing for Her Majesty at Westminster Abbey on March 10, which is the Commonwealth Day.
The Ugandan group is one of the few who have been invited to entertain one of the world’s most-respected ladies. But this isn’t a new thing to them because they have recently visited the likes of President George W Bush on three different occasions and for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace.
So if you think you’re the best from Uganda, then just eat your heart out!


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POTASH said...

Yeah,... this kids blew my mind when I first saw them in Kampala at the tail tail end of last year. They deserve to go places