Friday, August 31, 2007

Akon show cancelled

CAPTION: It is still a pull & push affair for Akon show in UG & Kenya

The highly-anticipated Akon concert in Kenya has been cancelled, according to sources in Kenya. The cordinator of the Akon Concert in Kenya Steve Othoro told Rafshizzle that he would consider holding the show later this year.
Meanwhile, Bell Lager Brand Manager Mr Moses Kebba has told Rafshizzle that his company (UBL) is very much interested in the Akon show in Uganda. However, Kebba said, Bell Lager would only sponsor the show if it is scheduled for December 8.
Rafshizzle will keep you posted on the developments

What’s up with the sisters!

Maz-what?: Sisters don't want to see what happens on a double bedThere’s something a little disturbing in the eyes of these sisters who had turned up for Radio Sapientia fete at Nsambya last week.
Can’t quite put your finger on it?
Well, let me help you.
The sisters expected to see only gospel artistes perform at the Sapetia fete but were shocked to see a cluster of secular artistes take on to the stage and do their thing.
Imagine, Mesach Semakula did his First Aid; Mega Dee marched on his Karibu Afande tune and Hilderman told them about Mazongoto! And like it was not disturbing enough, Haruna Mubiru appeared on stage to sing Ekitooke Kifa Nsalira while clad in Muslim attire (talk about looking like a Sheikh going for Friday prayers).
The sisters appreciated the fact that Haruna has his rights to respect his religion but they were left with no option but to turn their heads down after some old woman from the audience joined him on the stage to dance wild. When Haruna tried to get an up-close with her, the crowd got wild. He even did an Arabic song.
But that is not all.
Though it is disturbing to say, after the show some people stayed behind and you would see couples in the darkest of the corners treating themselves to their bodies.
Oh dear!

I meet Juliana on the routine – Amon

Quickly, make sure you’re sitting down.
Because gossipmongers love it when they are settled.
Right, what I’m saying is: Amon Lukwago has admitted he meets with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, singer Juliana Kanyomozi on the routine…
But calm your beating hearts, friends.
It ain’t a turn round of love of sorts, but rather the singer has to collect “support” of their son Keron Lukwago from the father.
Red Pepper alleges that Juliana is seeing Amon “and they have resumed making love on the regular”, and this was after the pair was snapped in the same car at Shoprite Lugogo.
But when Rafshizzle asked him, Amon was frank: “I don’t deny meeting Juliana on the regular but it simply because she is the mother of my son and whenever we meet it is because I have to give her something for my son. Sometimes she has brought my son when I’m missing him. No love issues, all that in the tabloids is nonsense.”
Amon separated with Juliana more than two years ago and he got another girl, but he has been seen several times with Juliana hence prompting speculation that the pair could be only doing friendly fixtures.
Anyways, Rafshizzle is a firm believer in the whole truth and nothing but, so until I see rather I hear either Amon or Juliana confirm the return of their “bed game”, I will remain open-minded.

Maureen needs your support…

“Maureen, please leave the Big Brother House now...”
I’m sure those are not exactly the words the Ugandan representative in the Big Brother house would love to hear after just four weeks in the house...And of course, most Ugandans don’t wish her that neither.
So, what should we do because the reality is that she is up for eviction thanks to Bertha’s nugu
Ugandans have been showing a united front in most competitions.
Yep, you may be rivals with Maureen (in Uganda), but when it comes to the crunch in an outside country you should be behind her all the way.
In a week when everyone seems to have an opinion on her because of her intimacy with Malawian housemate Code, Ugandans are obliged to jump to the defence of the fashion designer.
Oh, guys you might miss her shower hour and Yoga stuff? Alright, there is a cure to that; one just has to send an SMS with the name Jeff (quote me well, send the words “VOTE JEFF”) to UTL: 5626, Celtel: 15626 or MTN: 15626. Remember each SMS costs Shs700 or alternatively one can vote on website for free. Voting ends Sunday evening just before eviction show.Thanks for saving Maureen…you know, there’s a lot about Uganda that she hasn’t told the world yet so we need to give her a chance.

Whose Bumper Butt?

Sometimes I like a sing along, especially when my best song is playing, and this, folks is one of those occasions.
So in the words of Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer Anthony Ray a.k.a Sir Mix-a-Lot in his controversial song Baby Got Back…
“I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung.”
Such tunage could have been written about this certain celebrity fashion designer cum actress.
Let me just say she’s giving J.Lo a serious run for her bottom money.
Step forward, Brenda Nanyonjo – she is the owner of this amazing posterior.
She’s got killer curves, the butt is big, round, and Oh God, what can I say – Brenda’s is one of the best butts in town!
Actually, there have been those who have whispered that it’s not how nature intended.
Not that she gave it a helping hand with butt implants but God had an extra flesh from her tummy moved to the butts.
Huh, how lucky some people are! But I’m waiting for her to show her body’s worth. I mean, Yvonne Chaka Chaka said every woman needs a man and for Brenda…anyways, let me stop here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ganja Planter denies Bebe?

Ganja Planter: Marlon Asher (in shades) performs with Tigan at Sabrinas last Friday

OK, it’s time to own up and tell the truth...
And it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
We all saw that footage of Marlon Asher a.k.a Ganja Planter at the Silk Street Jam as he said, “Hi Uganda, get ready for the Ganja Planter, I will be in Uganda for Bebe Cool’s launch in September. One love…”
And we held our hands up proud and said yes we are ready.
I remember he mentioned the date of the concert and he said the name Bebe Cool but I almost jumped out of my shell yesterday when he told a press conference that he didn’t know about Bebe Cool until he landed in Uganda last week.
He was answering a question by one journalist who wanted to know if he had come specifically for Bebe Cool’s launch or for other artistes as well.
And Marlon said, “I didn’t know about Bebe Cool’s launch or someone else’s launch, all I knew was I was to perform at three concerts in Uganda…”
And on the contrary, Bebe Cool had just told the same conference that he himself contacted Marlon a few months ago “and we agreed he would perform at my launch.”
Hmm, who is fooling who?
You know, the fact is that Marlon arrived in Uganda last week on Wednesday (a week before Bebe Cool expected him) and he performed at Henry Tigan’s album launch at Sabrinas Pub on Friday hence sparking off one of the biggest fights in the industry involving Bebe Cool, KFM’s Bettina and US-based music promoter Suudi. Suudi connected Bebe Cool to Marlon and Bettina is Suudi’s local coordinator.
I had decided never to talk about this fracas due to conflict of interest but I cannot avoid telling the source of the fight.
Moreover, Bettina and Suudi have filed two different assault cases against Bebe Cool who “beat” them up for making Ganja Planter perform before his concert.
The situation is bound to be fierce, but I have every faith in these guys, being adults I hope they solve the matter in the most amicable way.

Celebs Are Just Like You

DIVA?: Juliana

Every now and then, stars slip from their celebrity thrones...
And fall into the embarrassing pit of normality.
By doing things such as over-applying the make-up and they end up looking like those who sell cassava flour in Owino Market. Can’t imagine some even forget smiling for the cameras!
Yes, even the likes of the glamorous (?) Juliana Kanyomozi has fallen into this category.
But she is only human, after all...And it is nice to know stars are just like the rest of us.
Truthfully, it also makes us like them even more.

Blu*3 Pull The Plug

MICS ON THE HOLD: Blu*3 are in recess

I have been on the Blu*3’s roller coaster of late and I expect you to ask me what the Three Beautiful Ladies from Uganda are up to of recent.
Well, if you were looking forward to seeing Jackie, Cindy and Lillian perform any time soon you shouldn’t hold your breath.
They have put on hold all their upcoming gigs including this weekend's V Festival.
Their manager Steve Jean said: “Blu*3 is putting performance commitments for a few months on hold until further notice in order to have a good rest.”
Steve who lives his life in an American style said any artiste in the world needs a rest after a busy period and he thinks after launching their album Burn last month, it is high time Blu*3 took a rest.
He added: “You won’t be seeing Blu*3 performing at those group concerts soon. We decided that they need some rest at this time. There will be no further comment.”
The word is that the girls bagged a lot of money at their launch that also saw American star Montell Jordan perform.
And a source said Steve was overheard saying the money on their accounts is enough for now.However, Jackie featured in the Uganda Cranes cheer song that was also recorded at Steve Jean’s Fenon Studio. And actually Steve produced the song that has hit airwaves to motivate the national football team ahead an during the Niger tie where we need a clear win to send Uganda to the Africa Cup of Nations competition in Ghana next year.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Serious health worries for Bobi Wine

FIGHT AGAINST MALARIA: Bobi needs to use the right tools to fight the mosquitoes

It is now official there are health fears growing for the President of “The Ghetto Republic of Uganja…”
We are talking about Bobi Wine.
You know Bobi Wine “launched” his huge house in Magere along Gayaza Road recently and for all his well-wishers this was some nice thing to see.
However, Rafshizzle has learnt that all is not good at Bobi Wine’s home.
Him, his fiancée Barbie and their son Cyrus Kampala are visiting the hospital on a daily basis. Actually, a nurse at SAS Clinic along Bombo Road told Rafshizzle that the couple and their son go for medication on a daily basis.
And Bobi Wine himself also revealed to Rafshizzle: “I’m happy that now I own a house and not just a house but a massive house but my life is in danger because of the many mosquitoes in this place…”
A big bush and thick plants surround Bobi’s house and he has revealed that mosquitoes infect his family with malaria, “like they are on contract.”
The man was right when he sang about the wealthy ones who are miserable for reasons the public never get to know easily…
But on a serious note, Bobi, better find a solution for the mosquitoes ASAP, because remember malaria is Africa’s number one killer.Hope to see you shop for insecticide or mosquito nets soon…

Kabaka Mutebi in the nightclub…

Dream of getting close and or even to kubbonga with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II?
Club Volts of London can help...
But only if you are ready to part with 15 pounds to be part of the Buganda Kingdom fundraising bash at the club this Sunday August 19.
This will be the very first time Kabaka Mutebi will be entering a nightclub and don’t think he is doing it just for fun---he would be meeting the Baganda youth (Nkoba Za Mbogo) in London.
The main cause is to encourage them to love their kingdom and be supportive of it in development.
There will also be some performances by different artistes. And the proceeds will be used to help the streets children and suffering families in Uganda.
The manager of the nightclub Saad Buwembo can hardly wait for Kabaka’s visit and trust, Rafshizzle will keep you posted.

Whose Butt Is On Display?

You’d think, with our bums being situated behind, they’d be less visible.
But some bottoms just can’t help being cheeky.
Take this one, for example.
It belongs to a dancer of a famous artiste, who is also often snapped in the skimpy.
I just keep wondering what is good in flashing a disgusting bottom, maybe these girls’ bottoms just like the limelight.
Or it is case of oops, she did it again?
We need a butt police…

Welcome Tom the king dancer!

He-We-Go-Now...He-We-Go-Down: Mr Mshindi in action

Who knew Tom Mshindi had it in him?
Huh, dancing talent, that is.
Wiggling, twirling, jumping and kicking back while at the Kitante Golf Course, the new managing director of Monitor Publications Limited showed off his talent during the farewell party for his predecessor Conrad Nkutu recently.
Of course everybody can dance but it takes the very brave to not only step out of several other managers, but to also pull those latest dance strokes that most of us can only watch on TV.
I’m talking about the ‘dangerous’ dance strokes that would need a proviso: “Please don’t try this at home” but a toned up Tom didn’t seem to have a care in the world...
And frankly it was good to see him proudly showing off his dance skills, after all one of the company’s values is being CREATIVE! Talk about leading by example because even some people gave up the stage and started cheering Tom.

Who owns the Miss Chogm rights?

WHAT NEXT: Devine Models' Richard Flavour seems to say

Beauty pageants in Uganda have more swings and roundabouts than a sugar plantation…
And this doesn’t seem to end soon…many other funny things continue to happen during these pageants.
And now, just a few days after we had closed the chapter of the controversial Miss Uganda, there is another battle and this time it’s about who should organise Miss Chogm.
I’m sure everyone knows about Chogm and most people are targeting to make a killing during the meeting in November so you can’t blame these guys for bringing up a beauty contest for this. And early this week I saw an advert of a company looking for Miss Chogm contestants. The company claimed they were legally recognised by the Chogm National Organising Committee.
However, just days after that advert, there arose another group and this time the popular Devine Models Company saying that the ones who advertised are “dead fake.”
Describing himself as Project Manager, the Devine Model boss Richard Flavour told Rafshizzle: “We are the only authorised company to organise this event (Miss Chogm), every one who tries to duplicate our original idea will be wasting his/her time because already a number of people are already duplicating the event…”
I don’t know a lot about Chogm but I understand there is a Chogm Organising committee and I would expect someone to come out and save the situation before we get seven Miss Chogms.
But folks, what about having Miss Pre-Chogm, Miss Chogm and then maybe Miss After-Chogm…

Haruna Needs A Shirt in Wardrobe

It’s hard out there on the high street.
To buy a shirt you need to appear yourself for size and colour issues and yet the shops get so busy and people might mob you…
Basically, it can be tempting to just pick up T-shirts for shows, since size is not a big deal.
So that is the excuse I’m passing on to Haruna Mubiru of Kitooke Kifa Nsalira fame to use, to help explain away his usual faux pas.
Do you know that I have never seen this guy in a shirt except when Eagles Production was celebrating nine years at Hotel Equatoria in 2005---and it was a uniform suit for all band members!
And every time he appears in a suit, it is the band uniform.
A source told Rafshizzle that in fact this guy doesn’t have even a single shirt or decent trousers in his wardrobe.
“He has only T-shirts and jeans,” said the source.
Can you imagine when he is going for traditional functions Haruna puts a kanzu to cover the jeans and T-shirts?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Amin’s son jailed over murder in the UK

JAILED: Idi Amin's son Faisal Wangita

It’s always once in a while that Rafshizzle chooses a sad story and this is one of them…
The world has been hit by yet another horrible story from the Amin family after it has been revealed by a UK court that a man jailed over the killing of a Somali youth is the son of former Ugandan military leader Idi Amin.
On Saturday all UK newspapers run the story of Faisal Wangita, 25, who was one of 13 men convicted over the killing of Mahir Osman in January 2006.
He has been sentenced to five years’ detention, which is the smallest punishment as compared to fellow culprits.
Ismail Mohamed, 20, of Haringey, Liban Elmi, 20, of Wood Green, and Hussein Ali Hussein, 17, Enfield, were found guilty of murder and jailed for 15, 14 and 10 years.
However, Liban Elmi and Ismail Mohamed were guilty of murder and were sentenced to life imprisonment. Mr Osman was stabbed 20 times, attacked with baseball bats, bottles and hammers, punched and kicked, the trial heard.
And according to the Reuters, Wangita “the son of former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was one of a gang of men jailed for stabbing a teenager to death near an underground station in London, a judge revealed on Friday.”
Born in 1981 in Saudi Arabia, where Amin was living in exile, Wangita is believed to be the third child of the dictator’s fifth and favourite wife, Sarah Amin.
And The Guardian reported that Ms Amin nicknamed “Suicide Sarah” after her time as a go-go dancer in the Ugandan Army’s Revolutionary Suicide Mechanised Regiment Band, lives with her two daughters and Wangita in Tottenham, north London.
Prosecutors said the violence was the culmination of a series of incidents between rival Somali gangs, the North London Somalis, of which Wangita supported and the Centric Boys gang, of which Osman was a member.
Closed circuit television footage showed the mechanical engineering student being attacked with knives, bottles, hammers and scaffolding poles in front of horrified onlookers.
In May, Wangita was cleared of murder by an Old Bailey jury but found guilty of conspiracy to wound, conspiracy to possess offensive weapons and violent disorder in connection with the fatal attack.
Described as a fitness instructor, Wangita’s papers said he was born in Uganda but he told police he was born in Saudi Arabia.
His lawyer revealed at an earlier hearing that his father was the former Ugandan dictator, blamed for the murder of tens of thousands of people during his rule between 1971 and 1979.
But Wangita’s relationship to Amin was kept from the jury at London’s Old Bailey criminal court after judge Stephen Kramer decided it would be prejudicial.
It was made public only on Friday after the judge lifted a banning order on the media following the conviction of the final five members of the gang charged over the killing.
Amin had at least four wives and is believed to have had around 43 children.
The most bizarre part of this story is that Idi Amin was Ugandan yet his son joined a Somali gang in England although Wangita and mother Sarah are citizens of Tottenham, north London.
Sarah married Amin at a sumptuous wedding ceremony in Uganda in 1975, which cost an estimated £2 million. The groom’s best man was Yasser Arafat (RIP), the late Palestinian leader.
Amin - who later called himself Field Marshal, King of Scotland and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa - cut the wedding cake with a sword in a ceremony, which attracted international attention. But four years later the dictator’s lavish lifestyle was abruptly brought to an end when he was overthrown by Tanzanian troops and Ugandan exiles after one of the bloodiest rules in African history.
Amin and some of his family fled first to Libya and then on to Saudi Arabia. In 1982, a year after Wangita’s birth, Sarah Amin left her husband, taking her children with her, and sought political asylum in Germany, where she worked as a model.
After moving to London, she supported her children by running a cafe serving African dishes. In 1997 environmental health officials briefly closed down the restaurant in Forest Gate, east London, and Ms Amin was fined for poor kitchen hygiene.
Until his death in 2003, Amin lived in Jeddah, out of reach of human rights groups and the new Ugandan regime, both of which were keen to prosecute him for the deaths of an estimated 300,000 Ugandans.
Wangita grew up in north London, and fell in with a Somali gang known as the Tottenham Somalis. As a member of the gang he clashed with Mr Osman, who was associated with a rival gang known as the Centric Boys of Camden Town.
Wangita stayed at a number of addresses in London. He arrived in England some time ago and was living here legally with his mother.
He had previous criminal convictions for possessing an offensive weapon, theft, fraud and threatening behaviour.
This is no joke matter, otherwise I would be penning another movie titled, “The Last King of Somalia…”

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I present to you the Big Brother housemate…

Here at the Rafshizzle shed, I don’t believe in keeping a secret for more than 24 hours…
Therefore as far as yesterday’s story on Big Brother Ugandan housemate is concerned, I have decided to return with something more detailed...
I’m sure at this time (Sunday August 5, 10 a.m.) Multi-choice can’t claim I’m doing them ‘serious’ harm by revealing the BBA 2 Ugandan housemate. I know you guys always want to take your viewers by surprise but then how does Rafshizzle gain in all this when I’m hiding juicy info from my subscribers (it’s unfair either way…).
But why should I waste a lot of space explaining this…
The Ugandan girl going for Big Brother 2 is called Maureen Namatovu. She is a designer. Actually, I remember she designed a dress for the queen of Buganda Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda in 2004. A month after graduating from Vogue Institute of Fashion Designing in Bangalore, one of the best fashion schools in Southern India, Namatovu was blown away by the Nnabagereka’s request to make her a dress for the 2004 Pearl of Africa Music Awards.
I would have thought that she was lucky because Ambassador William Matovu, her father, work for the Buganda Government at Bulange but then it was a remarkable dress that the Nnabagereka fancied. You see even in India, Namatovu was christened "designer in her own world", after tucking away two of the seven awards vied for by 30 finalists - the Best Accessories and Jury Special Awards in 2004.
Maureen Namatovu contested for Miss Uganda in 2001 alongside the likes of dancer Natasha Sinayobye, Bebe Cool's wife Zuena Kirema, Juliet Epenu, Amina Namalwa, Jane Nambuya, Latifa Mubaraka and Carolyn Rugwira among several others. She was voted Miss Congeniality though Victoria Nabunnya was crowned Miss Uganda that year. Namatovu is not just a designer and dancer but also a photographer and poet. She didn't only participate in three of Namasagali's productions like Great Ceaser and Bazook, but she also performed with Footsteps, a contemporary dance group. In fact she was destined for a dance school in Wolver-hampton, United Kingdom, after her A’levels she needed a career she would lean on for a long time and so she opted for fashion. During the first Big Brother, she was studying in India but she says she knows about all what happened in the previous house.
However, Maureen Namatovu comes from an upright family and so folks, don’t hope to see her doing it Gaetano Way.
The first time I spoke to her was some six months ago when UK-based artistes Da Twinz asked me to connect them to her.
At that time, I only knew her in photos but had never met face to face. Don’t ask me why Denis Mugagga of Da Twinz wanted to talk to her…all I can say is that she is lovely and beautiful so boys, brace yourselves for a bootylicious shower hour. In fact she can sing, dance, play different instruments and most of all she is a brilliant designer.
I believe she is a right candidate.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

“Mayor is just getting English lessons”

PERFECT COMPANY: Mayor with his date at Miss Ug event

Many of you would agree that Kampala mayor needs some English polishing...
And luckily, he is getting it from more than one source.
Not only are his friends like MP Mike Mabikke helping him out, but a certain amount of love is also doing its bit.
During the Miss Uganda 2007 ceremony at Serena, Al-hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala relied on the accent of his white date to keep up with the accents of other guests who chatted him up.
Some whites greeted the mayor in Rafshizzle’s presence and I can tell you I couldn’t believe what I was hearing---what an accent, I first thought it was a British.
In fact, I was impressed that when the queen comes for Chogm in November, she won’t only talk to a mayor “who acts as he promised” but also a man with a British accent.
And it looks like the two (Mayor and his female friend/teacher, you understand) had quite a fun evening...Well, if appearing cosy in the public is anything to go by.
So, Your Highness The Queen, he’s a mayor with a British vision, British woman and a British accent…anything more you would like him to do, nyabo (sorry, madam)?

Kasyate in trouble!

CAPTION: People, can you help me trace Kasyate in this photo? Oh, I see, he is the guy in specs peeping at Miss Uganda

You see! I’m sure even you guys first thought about the new Miss Uganda Monica Kansiime Kasyate on reading the headline…
Anyways, here is a question for you: If you’re a celeb, and your young siblings also emerge into stardom, do you rally round to help them become bigger or you compete for the limelight?
Well, famous NTV/Monitor journalist Simon Kasyate has answered that little conundrum for you. (Help them but tell them not to try riding on your shoulder especially when it involves using the same name).
The CNN award-winning journalist wasted no time in asking his sister to drop the name Kasyate and stick to Monica Kansiime.
A source told Rafshizzle: “He realised there would be only one Kasyate to talk about in town and he told her that it was not proper for her to use three names…” “Then he explained he really did want to help her become more popular.”
But then I remember at the pageant, Kasyate (sorry, Kansiime) looked confident throughout and she even promised to outshine Simon Kasyate as a public figure once she wins the contest.
So, is Simon’s image under threat? Of course no but maybe yes!
Over to you Simon…

Many sentenced for fashion violation crimes

Yew, yew, yew, Nee-Nah, Nee-Nah...
That is the sound of the fashion police as they close in on their latest victims.
Folks, better take cover now because I can see the fashion police-patrol car heading to Serena Hotel where the Miss Uganda 2007 pageant took place.
Aya! Some people have finally been pulled up for their crimes against fashion. You see, I warned everyone about this and I’m glad that some like Straka---a usual victim---listened to me and she never showed-up for the event.
But now who are these bigheaded citizens who dared to come wearing anyhow at an event they very well know, is all about “good” fashion.
And if you ask me, I don’t know some of them though I’m trying to be very lenient with those I know where they work, so I won’t mention names and companies but of course the pictures are interesting (?) to look at.
I’m giving you the benefit of looking at them and maybe you can have your own comments…
Bannange, there’s only so much sartorial disturbance I can take.
So, I only hope and pray that if you see your photo here, you will learn your lesson…
Check out the gallery:
(Is there any of her things that you can't see? Smile, teeth, boobs,...and...)

(Mumy, they're surely good pants but what happened to things that fit you?)

(Bless yourselves for one of the few Ugandan blondes...)

(Did he want to be one 'man' in a million? No, he knew his destination {prison} & Fashion Police wouldn't struggle getting him prison clothes)

(Oh God, you gave her a very BEAUTIFUL bossom but please remind her of fashion...) Girl, are you preggie?

Chameleone tours US with family

MUST LOVE FAMILY: That's Chameleone's philosophy

Dream of getting into big parties in the US?
Jose Chameleone can help...
But only if you’re “good” friends with him though the obvious ticket to this kind of paradise is being his family member.
You see, Chameleone is currently on a music tour in the US and a source told Rafshizzle that the controversial artiste has been seen around Washington, D.C. with his parents.
Actually the source promised to send me photos of Chameleone in the Voice of America radio studios in Washington, D.C. The source said that Chameleone entered the V.O.A studios with his mother, father, son Abba and brother Weasal on Friday morning (obviously evening in Uganda).
I understand Chameleone has other shows in UK and he would be leaving the US soon but I’m yet to know if he will shift with the family again.
That can be a good ride…
Anyways, I’m muting until I get those photos…

And the Big Brother Ugandan housemate is Ms…

WHO?: The BBA Ugandan housemate is female (Graphics by Henry H. Ssali)

Pssst! Because I know who the Big Brother Africa 2 Ugandan housemate but I’m not allowed to say her (huh, did I say her name…)
Rafshizzle has been whispering about the housemate on KFM for a whole week and it seems I’m now tired…
I know, you would also love to know who is this babe who went to Namasagali for higher studies but finished university in India.
Actually by the time of the first Big Brother Africa, she was still in India.
Bannange, I feel like mentioning the name, but if I did, I’m sure multi-choice guys would come for my throat.
Moreover the Bible says: “When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise…”
Watch this space on Monday morning because the housemate will be revealed on Sunday evening.

Nvannungi set to introduce Handy?

HAPPY WE GO: Nvannungi with hubby-to-be Handy at Nantongo's launch last week

Slow down, Princess, we can’t keep up.
A split from this government official, rumours of dates with that army officer, then a married man and now some Handy-lovin?
Folks, sit down, make yourselves comfortable and allow me to bring you up to speed!
Apparently, Princess Sheila Nvannungi and half-caste businessman Handy, a.k.a Dr. Mzungu, have been spotted having a bit of mouth-to-mouth in Kampala nightspots.
This follows sightings of the pair strolling round Wandegeya holding hands. Huh, is Dr. Mzungu the doctor she was singing about…wait to answer!
This isn’t the first time this gossip has floated Rafshizzle’s way.
Back in February 2007, some one suggested to me Nvannungi was romancing Handy, but she denied everything when I met her at CBS FM.
To make it even more confusing, it was in that very period that the bootylicious princess was said to be enjoying a date or two with a married man whose wife appeared on the front pages of some newspapers vowing to strangle her if she didn’t leave her man alone.
So, I was not sure what to believe until last week when Nvannungi herself broke the news at Sophia Nantongo’s album launch at Hotel Equatoria.
She said, “It’s now safe for me to unveil my fiancĂ© Handy to all of you...”
“Can’t you see,” she said as she showed an engagement ring on her finger, “I will introduce him to the public next month (August) at Mesach Semakula’s launch at Hotel Africana, then the big introduction at my parents’ home (in Kyaggwe) will follow very soon.”
Nvannungi said she is “SERIOU” and I want to believe her for at least one more final time.
Princess, hope there’s no more pick ‘n’ mix?