Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who’s Zhang Zilin?

WHO IS SHE: One doesn't know the other or both don't know each other?

Who knows who Zhang Zilin is?
Fine, whoever has put their hands up should leave the classroom as this lesson is for only those who don’t know this lady.
Huh, we’re surprised that it is only Miss Uganda Dora Mwima left in the classroom and surely we cannot enjoy teaching somebody about something they should know better than us but what’ve we got to do to avoid embarrassment.
Folks, we were flabbergasted when the new Miss Uganda Mwima told us, during an interview, that she doesn’t know Zhang Zilin.
“Zhang Zilin, what is that, I’ve never heard of it…is it a beach in Thailand,” Mwima thought.
Well, Mwima, this Zhang is the reigning Miss World, representing the People’s Republic of China as Miss China World 2007. She is the first Miss World of East Asian origin.
But maybe you know sports: Zhang lent her voice for the recently concluded Summer Olympics soundtrack and also appeared in the music video for the same song entitled Beijing Welcomes You.
Don’t tell us that you’ve clicked as yet?

Hullo, Morris…

Morris Mugisha needs lots of support at this time…
And luckily, we’re giving him enough of it but the BBA III Ugandan housemate is rather demanding for some more.
Mugisha wants our prayers, votes and some calls?
Yes, he wants to be called on phone!
We too wonder how that will happen but, well, that is what he demanded as he bid farewell to his parents before entering the house on Sunday.
He said the words in Luganda and softly so for those who don’t know Luganda or who couldn’t hear him well, 24/7 has offered some assistance.
As he hugged his mother, Mugisha said, “Mummy njagala mikisa,” literally meaning, “I want your blessings, mother.”He then said, “Bwemuba munjagala munkubirangako ku kasimu,” meaning, “Please call me whenever you miss me.”
Surely, we all know whoever enters the BBA house is disconnected from the outside world and last year’s contestants talked to their relatives on phone once.
So, we’re not exactly sure of how Mugisha will cope up with life without talking to his people, especially his four-year-old daughter Hailey Abigail Mugisha.

Mega Dee slates Bell Lager

MAYBE A SOFT DRINK: Mega Dee is at war with Bell Lager management

The last time we checked on the list of people beefing we also managed to spot a company and it’s against an individual or vice-versa.
Well, it’s Gen Mega Dee and Bell Lager at war and the whole battle started from sponsorship switching.
We understand that Bell Lager had signed to sponsor Mega Dee’s launch when Bebe Cool moved in hence swaying them to sponsor him instead. Moreover both artistes are holding their concerts on the same day and they have the same target audience.
And now our Sherlocks have discovered that Mega Dee has been exchanging hot words with Bebe Cool and the Bell Lager people.
Of course, you know who can win such a war because who has the money rules but Mega Dee has pushed the company all the way.
We’ve also been told that Mega Dee has been frequenting the Old Port Bell-based company demanding his Shs3m he performed for at the Bell Pam awards launch in Mbale.
Ever wondered why people tend to demand for what belongs to them when they break up?
We’ve no comment for this!

Bebe for BBA show

FLYING: Bebe is set to perform at BBA 3 eviction party in South Africa

We at the 24/7 Shed are devoted local music fans.
So it’s music to our ears to hear one of our local stars is set to hit the Big Brother Africa stage.
Please join us in congratulating Bebe Cool for clinching a deal to perform at the first BBAfrica III eviction party.
The first evictee will leave the house on September 7 and insiders have informed us that Bebe Cool will be the entertainer of the night.
The reggae maestro, who won three awards at last year’s Channel O music video awards, will leave Uganda on September 5 and return three days later.
“I have prepared myself very well for this show,” said Bebe Cool, “I want to make my people proud so expect a rare Bebe Cool on stage.”
For sure, we can’t wait to see you perform and we will be glad to receive you, Bebe, as long as you return alone – without Morris, we mean.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Know about our BBAfrica III housemate


Of course everybody know that we break the news on most issues in this town so it's really needless to say whoever has written about Morris Mugisha as the Uganda representative in the BBAfrica III house picked it from us.

But then, what are we left to do?

Well, below is the little profile of our housemate just to make sure that by the time Mnet, officially, announces the chap you will be knowing a thing about him:

Age: 29
Gender: MALE
Date of Birth: November 1978

Height: 6FT
Marital/Relationship Status: SINGLE PARENT, daughter called MUGISHA HAILEY ABIGAIL, Four years old.

His dad is a professional athletics trainer/professional videographer and mum is a professional banker.

He’s currently working as photographer at Shutter Speed on Rainbow Arcade along Kampala Road and also lead male model for Sylvia Owori’s Ziper Models agency. He is also an actor and features in the local soap Hand in Hand, which was about craftsmanship.
He is also a professional TV commercial/billboard adverts design and model, in fact, he appears on billboards for Warid Telecom and Air Uganda TV commercial.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the BBA3 Ugandan housemate is

BBAfrica News:

Well, well, all of you know very well that Multi-choice will be baying for my blood if I revealed the person who's going to represent Uganda in the Big Brother Africa III house before Sunday when the show officially starts.
But, hey, do you think I give a damn?
Nope, just watch this space and tomorrow I will be giving you the details of this model who has also featured in Hand in Hand soap...I mean, I don't want to go very far today but tomorrow you will be seeing even the picture of the lad on this blog. In fact, he is a hunk and his face is among the handsomes gracing the billboards in town.
No more clues, Thanks

Monday, August 18, 2008

BBA’s Maureen is preggie!

CAPTION: God has answered Maureen's prayers

It’s the type of thing that gets your tummy gain some extra weight and your heart gets a faster pumping.
Yes, it’s the P thang.
We’re talking PREGNANCY, because according to our Sherlocks, former Big Brother Africa housemate Maureen Namatovu and her once-estranged boyfriend Moses of National Drug Authority have blessed their reunion with a bun. In fact, this bun (or rather baby) is being cooked (read kept) in Momo’s oven (sorry) tummy and very soon she will be delivering it.
We’ve been spying on the couple and that is how we landed on some email where Maureen was telling a friend about the great news she has for her hubby-to-be. She is so excited about the pregnancy and even told a friend, in the mail, that it has always been her prayer that she gets pregnant.
Momo, we also know it and we’ve ordered for that Cool & The Gang song that talks about merrymaking…

Mariam Ndagire completes second film

Surely, we all know Mariam Ndagire is a one greatly talented lady (actress). And recently she switched from stage acting to filmmaking hence making most people wonder if she can maintain her big screen role like she has done on stage over the years.
Well, sit down folks and we bring you up to speed – Ndagire has bounced back onto the movie scene following a successful release of her debut movie Down This Road I Walk last year.
This time around, Ndagire’s movie is sounding something political but she says it’s rather socially, economically and politically motivated.
Well, the movie titled The Strength Of A Stranger revolves around a land dispute story, basically explaining how a “squatter” can turn into an owner because they have stayed in some place for some time. I can see the direction where your minds are running towards but please just save us, because the lady said the movie is not political! Thank you.
Well, the final set of the movie will be shot tomorrow (Tuesday August 19) and Ndagire will then focus on editing the movie, which is set for release come December this year.
The director Mariam Ndagire herself, Abbey Mukiibi and Patricko Mujuuka are part of the cast and so, think now you can picture the stuff you should expect on your screen in December…

Da Twinz are coming home

CAPTION: Da Twinz are set to board a plane heading to Kampala

Dennis Mugagga, one of Da Twinz rang Rafshizzle last week and said they are in talks with a local promoter to start publicizing their concert scheduled for Easter weekend in Kampala. Mugagga said they would stage two shows in Kampala and Jinja during their stay. He also rebuffed reports that the pair can’t return to Uganda because they don’t have proper documents supporting their stay in the UK. In fact, he said, they would return to UK after the concerts.
He also promised to launch new songs while in Uganda and he promised a “super live concert.”
Well, our job is to inform the public about every development so, hope we’ve done this perfectly and now Denis and Dan, the ball is in your court to deliver…

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Developing Stories

Maureen Namatovu, who represented Uganda in Big Brother Africa II (last year), has candidly spoken to Rafshizzle and confirmed that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Moses' son. It is official, however, stick right here for the details.

And UK-based singing duo of Denis and Dan, commonly known as Da Twinz are on their way to Kampala for a concert. It should be on the next Easter Sunday but we're following the developements so keep around this blog again for a detailed story.

Why did Irish leave Sanyu FM?

When Irish Kyebandula left Sanyu FM, we were reeling from the shock.
But we were never exactly clear on why the comedian left the station.
Kyebandula, himself, told us that he left for “personal” reasons that he cannot disclose to the public.
But now a Sanyu FM insider has stepped forward, and says he knows the answer.
He told Rafshizzle: “The Sanyu bosses thought his demands were unreasonable. From a financial point of view, it was absolutely right to say there was no more money despite the fact that he’s talented and they wanted him to stay on.”
According to the source, Kyebandula was reportedly on a salary of Shs300,000 per month and was apparently holding out on a salary rise of Shs800,000.
He first held talks with his bosses and when they failed to agree the comedian tendered his resignation which took effect from August 1 2008.
Kyebandula told us that he will now focus on acting as he waits for another radio opportunity.
Wish you luck!

Musumbas’ daughter joins singing

The saying, “Like mother/father like daughter/son…” has lost meaning – in the family of Isaac and Salam Musumba, at least!
Well, the daughter of these two politicians has told us she hates politics, which is her estranged parents’ favourite game.
Isaac and his wife Salam belong to NRM and FDC respectively and they have gone head-to-head several times.
But their daughter Norah Musumba, who is a Senior Six leaver, has instead chosen to do music and we’re glad to have listened to her debut single – it sounds good.
In her plans, Norah wants to release her first album next year though she is also set to join a university abroad.
And on the interesting side, Norah told us she will never become a politician because she believes “it’s a dirty game” which can turn friends into enemies.
Ya-right Norah, see even mummy and daddy were once friends but now...

Lugogo fee goes up to Shs40m

There’s a shock development in the concert world in Uganda.
And it’s not a very nice one.
Lugogo Cricket Oval hire rates have gone up once again in just a short time.
Back in the days the oval used to be hired at Shs2 million for a concert; when the Pam awards made it popular it went up to Shs3m around 2006 then Shs4m in 2007. But the price has risen thrice in 2008, amazingly climbing from Shs6m to Shs34m and now it’s Shs40m to host a concert there.
The development follows an investment by MTN Uganda who have renovated the place that has become the home of big events holding the biggest concerts of the year including UB40, Akon, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy.
Is there any local artist who would like to hire Lugogo Cricket Oval?
Maybe for an album launch?
We know very few could afford that but those sponsored by MTN should count themselves into the deal.