Thursday, June 12, 2008

Straka flaunts another “fiancé”

Today let’s forget about Straka Mwezi’s hair and focus on one area of her life – the love stuff.
Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of her life.
However, are the tides turning?
Because tongues are wagging – just who is this chiselled chap Straka’s been spending oodles of time with?
Is he the boyfriend? Bodyguard? Or a wee bit of both?
Well, actions speak louder than words and we have seen the actions suggest they are in love.
In fact the twosome has been on some public nights out together. One such eve was a trip to Mbale where the Pam awards were taking place over the weekend.
And before we asked her who the chap was, Straka herself took the courage to introduce him as her “fiancé.”
We hope that they remain as loved-up as they are now, otherwise a split will mean the young man joins Straka’s eclectic list of ex-boyfriends.


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normzo said...

Straka, we should really forget about her hairstyle,but whts withy her and young Men....another Demi Moore in our land, we dont mind that, she is a 'celeb'lol.

Okunga said...

Hey Rafshizzle, Manizle, init,
Am assuming this is Rafsanjan Abbey Tatya.
Man, when are u posting a new blog? lots have happened. Esther won TPF, you gave us uptodate infor, how come u don't have it on your blog.
Am called mauryn.
and am flushing u tomoro morning on D'mighty breakfast. Listen out for me.

Okunga said...

oh, by the way, how exactly was the prime minister thrown out of that place?