Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reason for Maureen's joy...

Some people like their eggs scrambled, some like them poached or just plain easy over.
But former Big Brother Africa housemate, Maureen Namatovu’s eggs have been whipped up a little differently.
In fact, they’ve been fertilised.
That’s right folks, our Sherlocks have confirmed Namatovu and her Mzungu fiancée are expecting their first child.
A source, who is also a close pal of Namatovu, said: “Maureen is expecting and the couple is delighted and excited. She’s pregnant with the Mzungu’s baby and not Moses like some press guys have always stated.”
Namatovu fell out with boyfriend Moses after her stint in the BBA 2 house and she eventually decided to move on and recently she introduced her white fiancée to her parents.
Earlier this year Namatovu was overheard saying: “I love kids and I would love to have mine but my first is taking longer than I thought.”
Maybe her wish will soon be granted...

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