Friday, June 27, 2008

Bertha’s secret visit

If we went for Big Brother we would make sure we do some showbiz and we would publicise our every visit on this continent.
But former BBA housemate Bertha from Zimbabwe thinks otherwise. And that is probably why she sneaked into Uganda and left without our knowledge.
Bertha was in Kenya and even told EATV that she was coming to Kampala after Nairobi but she didn’t give details of her visit on air. In fact, we even contacted the Multi-choice offices in Uganda and they told us they were unaware of Bertha’s coming.
Then on Monday, last week, someone coincidentally called us saying that he had seen someone who “resembles” Bertha at Hotel Africana but we arrived after she had left.
Multi-choice publicist Helena Mayanja said: “If she came here it was on her own but we don’t know anything about her visit.”
So, if you know you’re the one who brought Bertha, please talk to us.

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