Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mega Dee slates Bell Lager

MAYBE A SOFT DRINK: Mega Dee is at war with Bell Lager management

The last time we checked on the list of people beefing we also managed to spot a company and it’s against an individual or vice-versa.
Well, it’s Gen Mega Dee and Bell Lager at war and the whole battle started from sponsorship switching.
We understand that Bell Lager had signed to sponsor Mega Dee’s launch when Bebe Cool moved in hence swaying them to sponsor him instead. Moreover both artistes are holding their concerts on the same day and they have the same target audience.
And now our Sherlocks have discovered that Mega Dee has been exchanging hot words with Bebe Cool and the Bell Lager people.
Of course, you know who can win such a war because who has the money rules but Mega Dee has pushed the company all the way.
We’ve also been told that Mega Dee has been frequenting the Old Port Bell-based company demanding his Shs3m he performed for at the Bell Pam awards launch in Mbale.
Ever wondered why people tend to demand for what belongs to them when they break up?
We’ve no comment for this!

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