Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Namatovu Sleeping With Kassim Ouma?

Rafshizzle is a man who loves a good mystery.
Today I’m trying to work out if UBC journalist Alice Namatovu now answers to the name of Kassim Ouma’s new catch/girlfriend!
Firstly, I have collated all the clues I have had so far. They are:

* Namatovu talked to Ouma on phone before he landed at Entebbe airport and he knew she was among the people to receive him on arrival. I mean, this set a common place for the two to get together...

* When he arrived, she shoved off almost everybody and eventually was the person to receive Ouma with a bouquet. Not even Ouma’s formal girlfriend, artiste Juliana Kanyomozi could reach Ouma in Namatovu’s presence---she was just all over the place. She even clashed with former boxer Nyakana who was the initial person supposed to recieve Ouma. She’s single and beautiful. So, the chances are very strong that she is interested in the boxer.

* The rumour mill has had several orders in to produce goss on the two - including one hot story about them feeding each other at Serena Hotel the night Ouma arrived. That night Ouma was supposed to go to Ange Noir as he had said but I hear Namatovu refused him and said he needed to rest. Juliana left the hotel to go and check on her son Keron but I don’t know if she returned and yet she left Namatovu with Ouma at the hotel. What could have happened after she had left…? However, the following day Juliana and Ouma were seen shopping at Uchumi Garden City hence bringing work to a standstill.

For the final clue in the puzzle, I invite you to jump in my Mystery Machine and peer at the images I have of Namatovu and Ouma. NB: Just look for the lady in red/pink, she is the one and of course Ouma is easy to notice.
However, don’t forget this is just speculation and yet Juliana took Ouma to her parents for visitation.
He also later went to her house before they returned together to Serena.
Think and analyse for yourself…as you watch the space!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ragga Dee saw Rasta Rob recently and says...

Rafshizzle broke the news of Uganda’s best DJ ever Rasta Rob MC being sick and now messages have been coming in.
I also talked about it on KFM and it’s probably where his olden friend artiste Ragga Dee heard it.
I met Ragga Dee in town yesterday and before saying anything else, he said he wanted to know who brought the news of Rasta Rob being sick.
He said he had met Rasta Rob in London four months ago and “he was alive and kicking.”
However, Ragga Dee said anything could have happened in the period of four months.
He promised to contact Rasta Rob on his personal address and he would get back to Rafshizzle.
Isn’t that enough reason for you to watch this space!
In the meantime, enjoy a collection of photos of Rasta Rob and Ragga Dee in 1997.

Chameleone: Feud with Bobi Wine ‘went too far’

Jose Chameleone appeared at Blue Africa late last week to apologise for the level that his battle with Bobi Wine dropped to. During his every Wednesday Jam Session at the Restaurant, a fan grabbed the microphone and asked to ask Chameleone just one question.
However, the question ended as a comment when she said she only knew about Bobi Wine because he was in the news for fighting with the star-singer Chameleone and she thought he made a mistake.
“I respect my fans’ suggestions and I think this one is spot on about what made Bobi Wine what he is today,” said Chameleone, “I think I made a mistake by answering him. I should have kept quiet but well all in all, everyone should get someone to help him make it.”
Chameleone added: “But instead of hating me more, I hope he realizes what I did for his career and he should be thankful.”
However, Chameleone said he tried to keep quiet until it reached a level when he could no longer zip his mouth.
“Once again, I apologise. I don’t think it was being I wanted to quarrel a lot but...It was really like, ‘Let me meet your level of disrespect with this level of disrespect. And I thought because I was big I could easily silence him.”
Chameleone said his rivalry with Bobi Wine helped them open up a lyrical battle.
It was those songs that Chameleone used to win the Pam awards back-to-back.
“It was like a football sport,” he said, “Attack me and I attack you and then the most interesting one wins the fans.”
“I wanted respect. I felt like I was on top of my game. I don’t feel you can compare his career to my career, but that’s just my opinion,” he said attracting wild cheers from the audience, “It just pushes everybody to sharpen their skills. That’s what music is about.”
Chameleone said he is a man of seasons but Bobi Wine is fading before he matures.
“But I would like to work with him again and we become friends again.”
Working together with Bobi Wine would to Rafshizzle’s delight too. But we like to see even others like Ragga Dee, Bebe Cool, to mention but a few, jump onto the reconciliation wagon.You know, something like what you are seeing in the pictures!

Cantankerous curses booze!

Allan Mugisha “the cantankerous” was discharged from Nsambya Hospital the other day after an operation on his lungs.
For some of us who went to see him on his bed, we couldn’t imagine seeing him back on the road walking but well God is great and the guy is starting to feel better.
While on his bed Allan asked all of us a question, I swear not even the good answerer like President Museveni would sweat to answer.
On drip and with his entire body operating with the help of machines, Allan looked fragile and had difficult in breathe but then that was not traumatising enough like the question he asked as he looked like he was dying any second: “What is the meaning of life…?”
That question brought tears in our eyes and now it is not surprising that he has decided to quit booze.
When I talked to him, Allan said, “There are things I have decided to avoid because they don’t like me,” he said, “Booze hates me and I think I shouldn’t allow turning the other cheek.”
In the photo: Allan 2 days after leaving the hospital.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rasta Rob MC is very ill!

There have been several contradicting reports on the whereabouts of Uganda’s best DJ ever Rasta Rob MC. Some people have been saying that Rasta Rob is in DR Congo---living with the country’s President Joseph Kabira who is his bosom-buddy.
But Rafshizzle would like to exclusively inform you that Rasta Rob lives in Portsmouth in England and he last visited Kabira in Congo eight months ago.
However, all is not fine for the man who is considered Uganda’s best radio presenter ever, as far as health is concerned.
A source in England told me that Rasta Rob has since February resigned his bouncer job at a London nightclub due to serious sickness.
“He is very ill, and I mean it, because he is on bed in Portsmouth Private Hospital,” said the source, “Anything can happen to him right now but he needs people’s prayers…his health is not fine.”
Recent photos showed a brawny Rasta Rob smiling with nice shades but the source said the “ranting master” has shed pounds in a short period and he is not looking good any more.
Moreover, nobody knows what he is suffering from and the source said it is “a rare sickness.”
As a big fan of Rasta Rob MC “Sambusa Goodie, Goodie Ow’akabi” I would like to publicly wish him all the best and a quick recovery.And for that reason during the B2K Nite, a local music theme night at Club Volts this Friday, there would be a 10-minute play of music as a tribute to Rasta Rob’s contribution to the industry.

Capital’s Hakeem is “a freelance lover”

Capital FM presenter Hakeem Saga’s love life has more swings and roundabouts than your local park.
Today he is loving Miss MUK, tomorrow he is with Miss KIU and don’t expect Miss MUBS to survive him the next day…
You know, when he dated former Miss KIU Elizabeth for some good time we thought that the lad had finally settled and he would finally pop that question with a diamond ring but wapi!
As you read this Hakeem is as single as a nose and he is looking for another girlfriend.
He told me they separated with Eliza because of “irreconcilable differences.”
However, a source told me that the girl caught him pants down cheating on her and he refused to apologise---like many of you guys!
“Man right now I’m a freelancer, I don’t have a permanent girlfriend,” said Hakeem, “I will get another one but at least not tomorrow.”
However, the source said Hakeem has been seen with another young girl called Angel.
Alas, Angel split with her three-year boyfriend Kenneth because he was also in another relationship... ouch.
Watch this space!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Odonga Otto’s Parliamentary family

I was of the opinion that the Parliament is a respected place for only MPs and maybe other VIPs who go there for special programs.
But hell, if even Odonga Otto’s whole family frequents Parliament, then sign me up too.
Otto has at several occasions made an appearance with his wife and daughter in Parliament, accompanied by his younger brother and maybe we are about to see him with his grandpa.
And, as you can guess, it is because sometime back fellow MP Ruth Nankabiirwa abused him and said he was just another “young boy making noise in parliament.”
Since then, Otto has always decided to come with his family in parliament just to remind Nankabiirwa that he has a wife and kids---era amalako!
Rafshizzle would say, it is good for the daughter to attend Parliament because maybe one time we could get another Lukyamuzi-Suzan kind of power transfer but my only worry is; Otto is an opposition member and teargas sometimes comes to Parliament!

Pictorial of Boys II Men show at Club Volts UK

Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris minus the sick Michael McCary) were in London over the Easter weekend where they entertained among others a Ugandan community.
They performed at Club Volts of UK where Bobi Wine curtain raised for the Boys II Men who did a number of their olden love ballads.
In the pictures you can see the trio rocking the audience and in some images, Ugandans based in UK were craving for hugs, photos opportunities and autographs from the stars.
Take a look!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boys II Men, Bobi Wine rock Volts in London

Much of the Ugandan community in England woke up hoarse and groggy after a night of partying on Easter Monday at Club Volts UK thanks to music performances by Boys II Men and Bobi Wine.
Bobi Wine was in London for the “Fire in the City” concert but ended up curtain-raising for the world’s most successful R&B male vocal group of all time Boys II Men who were on an Easter tour as well.
The big party was attended by mostly Ugandans who are regular patrons of the club.
The American R&B/soul singing group brought down the house and the cheers of revellers could have made some people think something crazy was going on inside the club, which is situated on 169-171 Fore Street in London.
Bobi Wine gave the concert a perfect start with his hits Ladies Wine, Bada, Tolimba and Kabaseke that got Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris of Boys II Men also nodding before they also jumped onto stage minus the sick Michael McCary.
Bobi Wine looked star-struck as the ladies breathlessly responded to the Boys II Men’s love ballads---singing along and craving to touch the guys! Some girls went on stage and danced with the guys.
They crooned some of their old ballads that brought them the big success including I’ll Make Love to You, End of the Road and One Sweet Day featuring Mariah Carey---and although the diva was absent to do her part, the lads replaced her lyrics with some new words.
They also performed new songs off their newest album The Remedy. They also did Morning Love which features UK-based singer/songwriter/producer E-Monie although he was a no-show despite the show being in his country.
The audience referred to the show as “a landmark concert” and during an after party Shawn said the audience was one of the best he has performed for in a while.
After the show revellers started craving for autographs not only from the American superstars but from the local lad Bobi Wine too.
And manager of the club Mr Saad Buwembo said Club Volts UK would host Nathan for another show come May 4 before the launch of Timberland’s new album a week later.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kato sacked, my foot! – Abbey Mukiibi

Rumour had made rounds that Kalisoliso co-presenter Kato Lubwama had been sacked from CBS Radio but his colleague/boss Abbey Mukiibi has come out to defend him.
On April 10, Mukiibi told Rafshizzle that he had heard rumours of Kato’s sacking “but it was impossible.”
“Sacking Kato Lubwama from CSB is as impossible as sacking Abbey Mukiibi or Meddie Nsereko from CBS,” said Mukiibi, And I want to reassure you that it is impossible to sack him. Maybe someone had forgotten to pull it off on Fools Day (April 1) and wanted to compensate today.”

Another East African Carnival?

For you who think the East African Carnival is finished this year, please think again because there is another one coming.
Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that after Jose Chameleone and Ragga Dee were left out of the recently concluded EA Carnival organized by artiste Bebe Cool, the pair has also decided to organize their own carnival to rival with the previous one.
This news was broken by Red San and Mr Nice while at a party organized by Chameleone at Café Cherries in Kabalagala early this week. The funny thing is that Red San (Kenya) and Mr Nice (Tanzania) were among the artistes who featured at the previous carnival of Bebe Cool but they turned against him for what they called discrimination after he left out Chameleone on the performance list.
“How can you ignore an artiste who is the best in the region,” said Red San, “Chameleone is East Africa’s finest and if you leave him out then you have no East African Carnival, actually we are going to organize a better carnival came next month.”
The second carnival is set to take place on May 26 at Munyonyo again but this time they it will have the “real” finest artistes of the region.
They said, Lady Jay Dee, Prezzo, Dudu Baya, Mr Nice, Prof. Jay & Ferooz, Mr Blue, Ray-C, Red San, Nameless, Necessary Noise, Jua Kali and many other local artistes would be invited to perform.
And in other words, Bafudde (they’re dead)!

We miss U Gen. Karuhanga, where are U?

Our soldiers who are keeping peace in the at-war nation of Somalia surely need a lot of prayers but there is one who getting more than that! He is Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga.
Karuhanga who is the head of the Africa Union Force in Somalia is greatly missed by the staff and patrons of Body Wise Health Club in Bugolobi.
You know, Karuhanga was a regular at this health club where he used to go for sauna, steam and thereafter a manicure before he retires.
Therefore in a spirit of comradeship, some “stubborn” revellers last Saturday held a short prayer for Karuhanga after hearing news reports that his force had come under fire.
Okay, Bugos people let’s sing together: “we miss you manero (sorry) Karu, where are you, you, you…”

Barbara Yata is my woman---DJ Shiru

When I saw this I was like, ‘Eh, Eh maybe the idea of a TV/radio presenter and a discotheque DJ is an automatic passport to correct coupling…’ but then I remembered that many have failed to stand the test of even the least time.
However, I have to say, KFM and WBS’ Barbara Yata and her new boyf Club Silk’s DJ Shiru Kiberu do look good together.
I met the couple at the East African Carnival in Munyonyo last Sunday and I needed not a love-meter to realise their love was at the highest peak.
As intimate as could imagine. Temperatures rose between them (on such a cold night). They were all over each other; they moved hand-in-hand and Shiru was demoted to carrying Barbara’s microphone, which she was to use to interview the star performers of the night. After a snack, the two decided to go to a dark corner near the lake and lounged on the cold grass, giggling time and again. You could hear their laughter but it was the opposite for the words they said to each other.
Then Shiru told a Weekly Observer journalist to help him keep the seat for his (Shiru’s) wife.
I was also flabbergasted to hear Shiru talk about “my wife” and guess who do I see in a blink of an eye…the real, actually original Barbara, looking cold and ready to be warmed by the king mixer.
Shiru was bold enough and introduced Barbara as his woman.
Shiru then left Barbara to go and spin the discs for the foreign artistes but after the show they were together again.
They left the venue together and after dropping the cameras at WBS/Spear House, the couple left for a destination I could not know…yes, because I stalked them to their home that would be against the law.
After all Shiru confirmed Barbara is his "wife"...but are they married?
Watch the space!

Scarce Naava Nabagesera is pregnant

As others go for bird watching, nowadays I have switched to what I should call “preggie lady watching.”
First was Sylvia Owori with a bulging tummy then Sharon (Obsessions) to Prossy Kankunda, and before I could mention all the other VIP ladies who are pregnant one special one passed by my eyes.
She is called Naava Nabagesera and for her she is more than just pregnant but both happily and heavily pregnant!
How do I see her: I was a Sunday after when I had gone for lunch at The Emin Pasha Hotel in Nakasero. I went somewhat late for lunch (around 3:50 p.m.) as some people started leaving and amongst the guests leaving was a heavy and weary-looking (but smiling) Naava. She was in a glittering blue maternity dress.
In her company was a tall gentleman putting on white pants a long sleeved white shirt, and another lady in a red dress.
They walked slowly to Naava’s pace until they entered a green Corolla Estate registered number UAH 141B, which the man drove.
I know many of you are wondering which lucky man this could be!Wamma mama Naava, I wish you a good time to reap what you sowed!

Minister Suruma jumps on minibus

You could only know how it goes but Dr. Ezra Suruma even employs the saying, “When the going gets tough…”---but we must add, when necessary!
Recently Rafshizzle was gobsmacked to see the minister of finance jump onto a minibus after his Jeep Cherokee collapsed on the way from Kisoro to Kabale.
Dr. Ezra Suruma had travelled to Kisoro to witness the signing of the contract for the construction of Kisoro-Kabale road when he faced this “nightmare.”
And looked extremely relieved when the omnibus, which can best be described as a DMC finally dropped him at the White Horse Inn in Kabale town.
I’m sorry I forgot to ask the driver what word Dr. Suruma used to ask him to park before he got out.
Something like, “Wansi awo; ku Horse awo or nga wakaweta…”
Umm, not quite sure!