Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the BBA3 Ugandan housemate is

BBAfrica News:

Well, well, all of you know very well that Multi-choice will be baying for my blood if I revealed the person who's going to represent Uganda in the Big Brother Africa III house before Sunday when the show officially starts.
But, hey, do you think I give a damn?
Nope, just watch this space and tomorrow I will be giving you the details of this model who has also featured in Hand in Hand soap...I mean, I don't want to go very far today but tomorrow you will be seeing even the picture of the lad on this blog. In fact, he is a hunk and his face is among the handsomes gracing the billboards in town.
No more clues, Thanks

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muhangi said...

We all know it is Morris. Not asecret.
Cheers Thanks for the TIP