Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funeral plans for Jade Goody are now underway

CAPTIONS: Jade and her bridesmaids putting on caps as a sign of solidarity; the star lost her hair and had to put on a cap 24/7. LEFT is Shilpa, who said: "I am deeply saddened, but I am glad Jade is out of pain and that she died peacefully with her family around her."

Her mother Jackiey and husband Jack Tweed apparently spent yesterday planning the "perfect send-off".
The reality TV star, who was terminally ill with cancer, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, after her brave battle with the disease.
The date for the funeral has been set for Saturday 4th of April, with thousands of mourners expected to attend.
It will be held at St. John The Baptist church in Buckhurst, Essex with the surrounding roads being closed off as Jade's coffin is driven through the streets in a hearse.
Police are said to have been drafted for the occasion in order to control the massive crowds expected.
Jade's publicist Max Clifford said that the service will be broadcast on large screens to the many mourners outside of the church, which is expected to be over capacity.
The service will be led by Rev Corinne Brixton who also conducted the baptism of Jade, and her two sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, shortly before she died.
"It will be a celebration, but of course there will be a lot of tears," Max told the Daily Mirror.
"In a church it will be friends, family and loved ones, and lots of people will hear it relayed outside."
Meanwhile, it has been reported that Jack's terrified that he may miss his wife's funeral.
He's due to be sentenced this Thursday after he was convicted of drunkenly attacking a taxi driver, and if a Magistrate chooses to sentence him on the day, there's a strong chance he could miss the service.
His lawyers are now expected to apply to the hearing for funeral leave.

Bye-Bye Jade:She died of cancer, you could be next

CAPTIONS: Jade with sons Freddie (in front) and Bobby. Jade playing soccer for charity and Jade arrives at Mumbai Airport. In black with suitcase is Jade as she entered BB UK3 in 2002. More photos to come.

Jade Goody died on Mother’s Day and she will be sadly missed. But who is she?
Jade entered the Big Brother UK House on May 27 2002 and she captured the hearts of the show’s viewers.
It was Big Brother 3 - back then she was an unknown 21-year-old dental nurse. Her comments inside the BB House, claiming that ‘East Angular’ was abroad (in reference to East Anglia) and that Cambridge was in London, had viewers in stitches.
She, in 2007, returned in the Celebrity Big Brother version where she allegedly attacked fellow housemate Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. Jade and Shilpa’s January 2007 race row in the British Celebrity BB House caused a furore, but the pair made-up and Jade even went to India and apologised to the Indian community saying, “I’m not racist, but I can see why it has had the impact it’s had.”
Jade also went ahead and entered the Indian version of Big Brother called Bigg Boss and Shilpa wished her luck for her time in the Indian House.
Earlier in 2004, Jade had been given the all-clear for ovarian cancer and for bowel cancer but - while taking part in the Big Boss - she was informed that she had cervical cancer. On finding out the tragic news, she left the house immediately – she cried for long in the Dial Room where her doctor delivered the bad news.
At the time, her publicist, Max Clifford said: "She's very upset and frightened, as you can imagine. The most important thing is to get Jade back and get her with the right people so they can take care of her."
Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer in August 2008. She started treatment, but in February 2009 she received the devastating news that her cancer had spread to her liver, bowel and groin.
At the time, doctors hoped a two-month course of the "miracle drug" Hycamtin would help her beat the disease.
In February 2009 she was informed that her cancer was terminal.
Following the devastating news, she announced that she would marry boyfriend Jack Tweed as soon as possible.
She received her Manuel Mota dress as a gift from Harrods' owner, Mohamed al-Fayed.
She and Jack tied the knot at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hatfield Heath, Essex and Clifford confirmed news of her nuptials on February 22 saying: “They are now man and wife. It was lovely. The chapel was absolutely beautiful and I imagine there must be close to 200 people there.”
On January 27 2009, Jade received good news as Jack was released early from HMP Wayland prison in Norfolk.
Jack had been serving time after being convicted of attacking a teenager with a golf club. A condition of Jack's bail was that he was tagged and would live at home with his mum but was allowed to stay at her bedside 24/7 when her condition deteriorated.
In her only interview since finding out that her cancer was terminal, she said: "When they first told me the chemo hadn't worked they said it didn't have to be the end. They said there were lots of other medicines out there and there were other things they could do. I know they've done everything they can to help me and I'm grateful. But I really thought I might be OK."
Jade was brave. In early January 2009, she embarked on promoting the documentary that Living TV made about her. Before her show got underway, she took a well-deserved break abroad in January, with her sons, Bobby and Freddie.
Jade continued to allow cameras to film her, and to undertake interviews, to ensure she could get as much money as possible together for her boys.
She also wrote and promoted her book, Catch A Falling Star. July 2008 Jade was out to promote her perfume called Controversial.
She didn’t only have a great sense of humour but Jade also had a huge heart and did lots of charity work. She even took part in the Celebrity Soccer Six tournament in May 2008.
In October 2007 Jade attended the Pink Ice Ball, in aid of cancer research.
The same year she travelled to New Delhi and donated £25,000 to a children's charity, saying: "I am not giving the money to improve my image. It is to improve the lives of the underprivileged children."
Jade signed up to do the London Marathon in 2006, but she never completed it. She did, however, manage to raise £550 for the NSPCC.
Another of her ventures in 2006 was doing Stars in Their Eyes, where she portrayed Lynn Anderson.
It was a big month for Jade, in August 2005, as she didn’t only start dating Jack Tweed, who was six years her junior, but she also opened her own beauty salon called Ugly’s.
Jade had two sons when she met Jack.
In 2004 she was pregnant with her youngest and second son, Freddie – the eldest is Bobby who was born in June 2003.
Jeff Brazier is the father of the two boys. Brazier and Jade split in 2005.
Brazier brought a bouquet of flowers to Jade ahead of her wedding with Jack.
So lovely! Surely, we will all miss you, Jade!
From the bottom of my heart, bye-bye Jade and May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace – yours Rafshizzle.

NB: Tomorrow we shall have the painful journey of Jade from since she was diagnosed to being bedridden and finally breathing her last. Quite emotional and educational so don’t miss!

Monday, March 23, 2009

'I’m still newsworthy'

STRUT IT MR: Fagil Mandy on the catwalk during fashion night in Club Silk last week

Here at the Showbiz Shed we got super excited to see Mr Fagil Mandy return onto the pin-up pages after his catwalk at the E-Creations Fashion show in Club Silk last week.
And now, the former commissioner of education says he should feature a little more onto our pages. So we want to sing from the rooftops: “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back....Mr Fagil Mandy.”
See, after the fashion show, we chatted with Mr Mandy and he said he would wish to be consulted about many things in the country.
“I have knowledge about several things in this nation and you (journalists) should be seeking some knowledge,” he said, “I’m still newsworthy. You lose nothing by calling me and ask about a few things.”
Actually, Mr Mandy told us the same words when we met him near Hoima town around 2005.
Hope this is a nice one for starters, Mr Mandy?

Ex-Miss Uganda Acom turns to music

Caption: Lillian's poster hanging on one of the streets in New Jersey

Juliana Kanyomozi better be on your guard.
Because someone appears to be ready to take you on for the top female singer position!
The challenger in question is someone who has even ever held a national title - as Miss Uganda way back in the late 90s.
Her name is Lillian Acom Akore, who currently stays in New Jersey, USA.
Our Sherlocks in the US tell us that former Miss Uganda Acom has embarked on a music career, however, in the gospel field and things seem to be moving smoothly for her.
She will, in fact, be launching her maiden album titled Healer Messiah come March 21.
The posters are already up on the streets of New Jersey and Acom is on tense rehearsals ahead of her concert where people will enter for free.
The action will take place at the Hilton Newark Penn Station between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
How unfortunate we feel for not being anywhere near the US as we could make the audience at Acom’s show!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Natasha’s career change

Former Obsessions dancer Natasha Sinayobwe has taken an interesting career u-turn – she’s just driven off dance road and joined singing street.

Yeah, it seems she’s all about the “yee-hars” these days and she has enlisted the help of producer Allan responsible for Juliana and Sweet Kid hit Sirina Mulala - for her debut album.

We even stumbled on her at D-Records while recording her first single.

She didn’t sound bad at all and we wished her a bright future.

Her hubby Michael Kasaijja was waiting with their child from outside and he said: “Natasha wants to try something completely different. She loves and can do music (and) thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go so we contacted Allan and he is going over to work with her on it.”

The jury’s still out on this one - we can’t comment until the tune is out of studio.

Bebe Cool's Hummer

It’s most artistes’ dream to drive a big car – Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee have cruised some of the biggest machines in this country.

And now it’s time for Bebe Cool also to put a stamp on his “big is big” claim.

We can exclusively reveal that his Hummer – the one he has been dreaming about for over three years – is on the ship to Kampala and should hit the road in less than a month.

A reliable source told Rafshizzle that Bebe Cool completed payments for “his dream car.”

Bebe Cool has also been telling whoever cares to listen that he is about to “shock” the town with some “big news.”

And we anticipate the big car could be the big news he’s talking about as he talks in ‘big’ terms.

Meanwhile, the source also revealed to us that Bebe Cool used part of the money he borrowed from the guys who dragged him to court recently, in clearing the Hummer costs.

“He’s done everything possible to have that Hummer here,” said the source.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009